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Update The Flash-Rom; Rebooting The System - Nokia IP530 - Remote Access Server Installation Manual

Install coreboot
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Install Coreboot on a Nokia IP530 HOWTO.

5.5 Update the flash-rom.

Now to flash the flash rom with the Coreboot image, use the following command:
>flashrom -w <imagefile> [enter]
Now the Flashrom program shows information about its self and continues with the
message Erasing the flash rom. And continues with programming the chip. Now the new
Coreboot BIOS is in the Nokia. As an extra step you can check it with the following
>flashrom -V <imagefile> [enter]
It should tell you that the verify has completed and the images matches.
In case of an error see 4.2 Problems.

5.6 Rebooting the system.

Now you can reboot the system by
>reboot [enter]
>shutdown -h now [enter] and switching the power OFF and ON.
Now the system should just reboot and you should be able the login to FreeBSD again.
When it's booted you can setup a new Linux or other OS on a donor PC. Or when using
sgabios you should be able to use a CD-ROM on the secondary IDE controller with live
CD that supports basic text interface or even serial console. I use an image based on
this is a Debian based image.
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