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Introduction; Assumptions; Problems - Nokia IP530 - Remote Access Server Installation Manual

Install coreboot
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Install Coreboot on a Nokia IP530 HOWTO.

4 Introduction

The most recent version of this document can always be found at <>
I'd also like to thank all the developers OF and
Please note that this writer is dyslexic. And so forgive me any mistakes.
This HOWTO will go over the basics of how the flash rom of a Nokia IP530 can be
flashed. This HOWTO describes the procedure for replacing the original bios with the
open source BIOS Coreboot.
If you find differences in your packages, please email me and I'll update this HOWTO.

4.1 Assumptions

In this document are the following assumptions made;
1. You have knowledge of OS's like FreeBSD and Linux.
2. You have knowledge of software packages svn, gnu compilers, linkers, libraries
and other development tools.
3. The Coreboot image should at least contain SeaBios and optionally sgabios from This is VGA emulation bios that put the output to the serial port.

4.2 Problems

In the case that you get an error while running Flashrom you need to contact the
#flashrom on IRC and ask the questions there. You need the log of
creates a file pirq_routing.c. These files should be placed on to
the resulting link should be pasted to the IRC room. Or you can send a email to flashrom
mailing list, see Include the files in your mail.
This is for all the following steps. Be aware that you do not switch of the IP530 while in
an error state. When you do so you render the system useless. And then you need and
flash rom adaptor to recover from this.
superiotool > superior.log
lspci -xxxvvv >
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