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Procedure; The First Step - Nokia IP530 - Remote Access Server Installation Manual

Install coreboot
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Install Coreboot on a Nokia IP530 HOWTO.

5 Procedure

5.1 The first step.

When you have obtained the executable for Flashrom ( and a
Coreboot BIOS image ( with SeaBios ( you can
directly start with this procedure. The original Nokia IP530 BIOS will only boot a
FreeBSD disk, on flash or real disk. When using a Flash I suggest use a 1Gb Compact
Flash card in an adaptor in a donor PC, otherwise use a normal HDD in the donor PC.
Setup with a FreeBSD live CD image on the disk.
Adjust the following;
Set the kernel parameters so that the console output is routed to the first serial port
with speed 9600 NONE 1 stopbit.
Set the serial port(2), speed 9600 NONE 1 stopbit in the configuration to accept a
terminal session.
Optionally install ssh.
Copy the Flashrom executable and the Coreboot rom image to the disk. For
example to the /bios directory.
When running Linux compiled executables on a FreeBSD system you need the
following additional steps;
o copy the following libraries from the Linux system to the FreeBSD
system. Place them in the appropriate directory.
Copy the following tools from the Linux system (only required when running into
problems, but that can not predicted). These files can be placed into the /usr/bin or /
bios directory.
o lspci
o superiotool (part of Coreboot)
o getpir (part of Coreboot)
Load the kernel module for running Linux images on the FreeBSD system
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