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Auto Brightness - NEC MultiSync EA231WMi User Manual

User manual
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OFF: No function.
1: Adjusts the brightness automatically, by detecting the brightness level of your environment and adjusting the
monitor with the best BRIGHTNESS setting*
2: Adjusts the brightness automatically for the best BRIGHTNESS setting based on the white display area.
The environmental brightness sensor (Ambibright sensor) has no function.
3: Adjusts the brightness automatically for the best brightness setting by detecting the brightness level of your
environment using the brightness sensor (Ambibright sensor) and based on the white display area.
*1: Please refer to Page 17 for full "Auto Brightness" information.
This function can't work when DV mode is set for Dynamic.
This function force mode 3 when ECO Mode is set for 1 or 2.
Dynamic Visual Mode allows you to select setting for Movie, Photo, Dynamic and etc.
Auto Adjust (Analog input only)
Automatically adjusts the Image Position, H. Size and Fine settings.
Image Controls (Analog input only)
Controls Horizontal Image Position within the display area of the LCD.
Controls Vertical Image Position within the display area of the LCD.
Adjusts the horizontal size by increasing or decreasing this setting.
Improves focus, clarity and image stability by increasing or decreasing this setting.
INPUT RESOLUTION (Analog Input Only)
Selects resolution's priority of input signal to one of the following pair: 1360 x 768 or 1280 x 768 or 1024 x 768
(vertical resolution 768), 1680 x 1050 or 1400 x 1050 (vertical resolution 1050).
Colour Control System
Colour Control System: Six colour presets select the desired colour setting (sRGB and NATIVE colour presets are
standard and cannot be changed).
R,G,B: Increases or decreases Red, Green or Blue colour depending upon which is selected. The change in colour
will appear on screen and the direction (increase or decrease) will be shown by the bars.
NATIVE: Original colour presented by the LCD panel that is unadjustable.
sRGB: sRGB mode dramatically improves the colour fidelity in the desktop environment by a single standard RGB
colour space. With this colour supported environment, the operator could easily and confidently communicate colour
without further colour management overhead in the most common situations.
NOTE: When MOVIE, GAMING, or PHOTO is selected as the DV MODE, NATIVE is selected automatically as the
six colour preset and cannot be changed.
VOLUME: Controls the volume of the speakers or headphones.
To mute the speaker output, press the "RESET/ECO MODE" button.
SOUND INPUT (DisplayPort only): This function selects Audio Input or DisplayPort.
VIDEO DETECT: Selects the method of video detection when more than one computer is connected.
FIRST: The video input has to be switched to "FIRST" mode. When current video input signal is not present, then
he monitor searches for a video signal from the other video input port. If the video signal is present in the other port,
then the monitor switches the video source input port to the new found video source automatically. The monitor will
not look for other video signals while the current video source is present.
NONE: The Monitor will not search the other video input port unless the monitor is turned on.
EXPANSION: Selects the zoom mode.
FULL: The image is expanded to 1920 x 1080, regardless of the resolution.
ASPECT: The image is expanded without changing the aspect ratio.

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Table of Contents

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