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Honeywell ACU Quick Installation Manual page 2

Wireless analog converter unit
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2. Add or Edit the ACU(s) in AlarmNet Direct
You will need the following information:
 AlarmNet Direct account with user name and password.
 Customer account number for the AlarmNet communicator or "Video Only" account.
 MAC ID for each ACU. The MAC ID is on the box and the ACU bottom.
1. Log into AlarmNet Direct.
2. Click Show Programmed Devices GSM/I.
3. Determine the type of customer account to add the ACU:
 For customers with no AlarmNet accounts – create a "Video Only" account, and add
the end user. Then go to STEP 4 to add the new ACU.
 For customers with an existing "Video Only" account – go to STEP 4 to add the new
 For customers with an existing AlarmNet GSM or Internet communicator account –
ensure the account number is green (registered) and the Has Remote Service Capabilities
icon is present. Then go to STEP 4 to add the new ACU.
Account number must
be green. (registered)
NOTE: If the account is not properly configured, refer to the online help and configure
the account.
4. In the Actions column, use the drop-down menu to select Video-Configure. Then click GO.
800-08224V2 4/11 Rev. A
Must have.
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5. From this screen you can add an ACU by entering the VIDEO MAC ID (located on the box and
on the bottom of the ACU).
6. In the Video Device Name field, enter a friendly name for the ACU such as; kitchen, porch,
garage, etc.
7. Click Add Video Device.
NOTE: You can also edit an existing ACU camera (or other camera) by clicking Edit/Delete in the
Action column. This will allow you to change the Video Device Name, or simply delete
that camera.
8. Save and close, then log out of AlarmNet Direct.
The ACU cameras are now ready for customer use.
 Have the customer log into their Total Connect account to view the video.
 If their PC does not have QuickTime® and Flash® Player you will be prompted to install or
update these applications.
 If any of the ACU cameras were mounted upside down, there is a setting to upright the image.
 At this time the location of each ACU camera can be adjusted for the desired view.
 When adding, editing, or deleting an ACU, the customer will receive email notification.
 For detailed camera operation refer to the camera manufacturer's documentation.
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P.O. Box 9040, Melville, NY 11747
The last 6 digits of the MAC ID are also
on the bottom of the ACU.
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