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Performing A Presentation Using A Wireless Lan (Projecting Computer Screen Contents Over A Wireless Lan); Requirements For Wireless Lan Connection - Casio YW-2L - Wireless LAN For Projector Connecting Manual

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Performing a Presentation using a Wireless LAN
(Projecting Computer Screen Contents Over a Wireless LAN)
Wireless LAN lets you establish a connection between the Data Projector and a computer
without using a cable, and project the computer's display contents with the Data Projector.
Note that only shots of your computer screen can be sent from your computer to the
Data Projector over a wireless LAN connection. Audio data cannot be sent.
The procedure below assumes that the Data Projector's plug-and-play feature is turned
on (which is the initial default setting). If you have turned off plug-and-play, turn it
back on before performing the procedure below. For details about configuring plug-
and-play settings, see "Setup Menu Contents" in the User's Guide that comes with
the Data Projector.
If you are running Wireless Connection 2 under Windows Vista, do not perform any
of the operations that display the "User Account Control" message (such as software
installation, new hardware connection, etc.) while there is no connection between the
computer and Data Projector.

Requirements for Wireless LAN Connection

The following devices and software are required to establish a wireless LAN connection
between the Data Projector and a computer.
Projector..... 1
Prepare a CASIO Data Projector that supports wireless connection* or a CASIO YP-100
Multifunctional Presentation Kit. If you are using the XJ-S35 or YP-100, be sure to read
"Establishing a Wireless LAN Connection between the XJ-S35/YP-100 and a Computer"
(page 7).
* For details about applicable products, visit the website at the following URL:
CASIO YW-2 Wireless Adapter .... 1
A YW-2 Wireless Adapter must be connected to the Data Projector for wireless receipt of
computer display data.
Computer(s) with Wireless LAN Function (IEEE 802.11b Standard).....1 to 4
Either of the following is required.
• Computer(s) with built-in wireless LAN adapter(s)
• Computer(s) with commercially available wireless LAN adapter(s) installed
Wireless Connection 2
Install Wireless Connection 2 on the computer(s) described in
installation, see the YW-2L Wireless Adapter User's Guide.
above. For details about


Table of Contents

Table of Contents