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RCA M2001 User Manual

User manual
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Table of Contents
u s e r
m a n u a l
Guide de l'utilisateur
Manual de usuario
M20 Series
MC20 Series
It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.
Nous vous recommandons de lire ce manuel d'instructions avant d'utiliser votre nouveau produit pour la première fois.
Es importante leer este manual antes de usar por vez primera su euipo.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 u s e r m a n u a l Guide de l’utilisateur Manual de usuario M20 Series MC20 Series It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time. Nous vous recommandons de lire ce manuel d’instructions avant d’utiliser votre nouveau produit pour la première fois. Es importante leer este manual antes de usar por vez primera su euipo.
  • Page 2: Fcc Information

    FCC Information • Consult the dealer or an experienced FCC Information radio / TV technician for help. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following Also, the Federal Communications two conditions: (1) This device may not cause Commission has prepared a helpful booklet, harmful interference, and (2) This device "How To Identify and Resolve Radio TV...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    Please fill out the product registration card and Product: Digital Audio Player return it immediately. Returning this card Brand: RCA Model: M200, M2000, M2001, M201, M2030, allows us to contact you if needed. M2011, M202, M2020, M2021 Brand: RCA Lyra...
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ AND SAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE Some of the following information may • Only use attachments/accessories not apply to your particular product; specified by the manufacturer. • Use only with the cart, stand, tripod, however, as with any electronic product, precautions should be observed during bracket, or table specified by the handling and use.
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • ADDITIONAL SAFETY INFORMATION • IF YOUR PRODUCT OPERATES ON • Apparatus shall not be exposed to BATTERIES, adhere to the following dripping or splashing and no objects precautions: filled with liquids, such as vases, shall A. Any battery may leak electrolyte if be placed on the apparatus.
  • Page 6: End User License Agreement

    Thomson Inc. ("Thomson") for the RCA based upon the Program or (ii) copy the Audio Device application/driver software Program, except as expressly permitted program and associated documentation, if herein.
  • Page 7 End User License Agreement TERM AND TERMINATION under some applicable laws. As a result, the above exclusion may not apply to you, and you a) The license is effective on the date you accept may have other rights depending on the law this Agreement, and remains in effect until that applies to you.
  • Page 8 End User License Agreement LIMITATION OF LIABILITY for use with the RCA/THOMSON Portable Audio Device digital music player under the following a) TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY conditions. By installing and using this version APPLICABLE LAW, IN NO EVENT SHALL...
  • Page 9 End User License Agreement You may transfer your right to use this version of LIABILITY FOR YOUR USE OF THIRD PARTY the Player only as part of a sale or transfer of SOFTWARE. your Portable Audio Device player, on the condition that the recipient agrees to the GOVERNING LAW conditions in this End User License Agreement.
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents FCC Information Playback ....9 Play / pause ....9 Skipping files .
  • Page 11: Before You Begin

    Before You Begin Dear RCA Customer, What’s so special about Thank you for purchasing the RCA this mp3 player? Digital Audio Player. This product will play open mp3 and Windows This player is meant to play mp3 and Media™ audio (WMA) content as Windows Media audio files.
  • Page 12: Precautions For The Unit

    Before You Begin Headset safety Precautions for the Unit Have a Blast- Just Not in • Do not use the unit immediately after Your Eardrums transportation from a cold place to a Make sure you turn down warm place; condensation problem the volume on the unit may result.
  • Page 13: Important Battery Information

    Before You Begin Important Battery Please Respect the Information Environment! • When storing the unit , be sure to Before throwing any remove the battery because they battery away, consult your may leak and damage the unit. distributor who may be able •...
  • Page 14: Inserting Battery Into The Player

    Before You Begin Inserting battery into the Using Headphones player Insert phone plug into the headphone 1. Remove the battery door by applying jack ( ) of the player for listening. thumb pressure. Slide the battery door in the direction of the arrow, Have a Blast - Just Not in Your Ears.
  • Page 15: Inserting A Sd Card/Multimedia Card

    Before You Begin Inserting a SD card / Connecting the Player to MultiMediaCard your computer The player has built-in flash memory. To 1. Lift the cover that is covering the USB extend the playtime, you can use the port on the player. optional SD/MMC card slot.
  • Page 16: General Controls

    General Controls Card Slot 8. Display - SD/MMC card slot - Press and hold to turn on the - Headphone jack - Insert the unit. In music mode, press once to start headphones here. or pause playback. - Hold - Slide the switch to lock or - Press and hold to turn off the unlock the keys of the player player.
  • Page 17: Display

    Display 5 6 7 1. Music mode 7. Player is locked 2. Sequential number of current file and 8. Battery level indicator. the total number of files in the player. 9. Current elapsed playback time and the 3. Repeat mode total time of current file 4.
  • Page 18: Playback

    Playback Adjusting the volume Press and hold to turn on the • To turn up the volume, press +. player. Press to select the The volume level shows briefly to file you want to play. indicate the increase in volume level. •...
  • Page 19: Menu Settings

    Menu Settings Menu operations Press to enter player menu. Press to select options and press again to confirm selection or enter a sub-menu. To exit menus, select Exit or press and hold or press . The menu structure shows as below: Music Audiobooks Navigation...
  • Page 20: Music

    Menu Settings Music Select to return to previous folder Select this option to enter Music mode to level. Press and hold to completely play mp3 and WMA. Press exit the folder menu. to select the file you want to play. Press to begin playback.
  • Page 21: Brightness

    Menu Settings Brightness Language Select this option to change the Select this option to change the display language of the player’s menu. brightness of the display. Press to change the brightness. *Note: Screen Saver M202 does not support multi-language on ID3 tag. Select this option to change the time Yet the player supports multi- before the screen saver turns on.
  • Page 22: Delete

    Menu Settings Delete About Select this option to check memory usage Delete All and firmware version. 1. Select this option to delete unwanted files. Press to select Delete All. 2. Press to select “Yes” and then press to confirm deletion. Delete One 1.
  • Page 23: More Information

    More Information Troubleshooting Tips Cannot playback tracks on the player. • Make sure audio tracks are encoded The player does not turn on when in the mp3 or Windows Media the PLAY button is pressed? formats at supported bitrates. • Battery may be inserted incorrectly.
  • Page 24 More Information ID3 tag displays incorrectly. Note: • Check if the ID3 tag is in English. For better result, we M202 does not support multi- recommend a constant encoded bit rate from 48 language ID3 tag. to 320kbps for mp3 and 48kbps to 192kbps for Windows Media Audio.
  • Page 25 More Information mp3/WMA playback sequence is out of order • Check that the mp3/WMA disc is created with a single folder structure. Refer to the diagram below for playback sequence details on multi-level folder structure. • For example, folders and songs from level 2 are played before moving on to play folders and songs from level 3.
  • Page 26: U.s. Warranty

    U.S. Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defects in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • One year from date of purchase. The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental or 45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first.
  • Page 27 U.S. Warranty Product Registration: • Please complete and mail the Product registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary. The return of the card is not required for warranty coverage. Limitation of Warranty: •...
  • Page 28: Canadian Warranty

    Canadian Warranty Thomson multimedia Ltd. warrants to the purchaser or gift recipient that if any manufacturing defect becomes apparent in this product within 1 year from the original date of purchase, it will be replaced free of charge, including return transportation. This warranty does not include damage to the product resulting from accidents, misuse or leaking batteries.
  • Page 29 Thomson Inc. P.O. Box 1976, Indianapolis, IN 46206-1976 @2006 Thomson Inc. Trademark(s) © Registered Marca(s) © Registrada(s) Marque(s) © Deposée(s) Tocom (v5.0)
  • Page 30: File Transfer

    u s e r m a n u a l Software Installation File Transfer It is important to read this instruction book prior to using your new product for the first time.
  • Page 31 Thomson Inc. jurisdictions in which you use the Program, ("Thomson") for the RCA Audio Device including, but not limited to, applicable application/driver software program and restrictions concerning copyright and other associated documentation, if any ("Program").
  • Page 32 OWNERSHIP RIGHTS Software").The WMA Software is licensed to you All title and intellectual property rights in and to for use with the RCA/THOMSON Portable Audio the Program and any copies thereof are owned Device digital music player under the following by Thomson or its suppliers.
  • Page 33 End User License Agreement The WMA Software is protected by copyright FOR USE AT YOUR OPTION. IF YOU CHOOSE TO and other intellectual property laws. This USE SUCH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE, THEN SUCH protection also extends to documentation for USE SHALL BE GOVERNED BY SUCH THIRD the WMA Software, whether in written or PARTY'S LICENSE AGREEMENT, AN ELECTRONIC electronic form.
  • Page 34 Table of Contents End User License Agreement Profiling (Model Dependent) .10 Table of Contents Disconnecting the Player ..11 Disconnecting Your Player from Before You Begin ...1 the Computer ....11 Computer System Requirements .
  • Page 35: Before You Begin

    Before You Begin Dear RCA Customer, Computer System Thank you for purchasing the RCA Requirements Digital Audio Player. Our products will play open mp3 and Windows • Pentium III 500MHz or higher Media™ audio (WMA) content and recommended for certain models, content •...
  • Page 36: What's So Special About This Mp3

    Before You Begin What’s so special about These components do the following: • to install USB driver (for Windows this mp3 player? 98SE users only), This player is meant to play mp3 and • to use a music management software Windows Media audio files to organize your music collection,...
  • Page 37: Getting Started

    Getting Started 2. If the setup screen does not appear, Inserting the Included CD- double click My Computer, double click ROM into CD-ROM Drive your CD-ROM drive icon, and double 1. Turn on your computer and place the click “Install” to run the installer. Music Management CD that comes with your digital audio player into your computer.
  • Page 38: Connecting To The Computer

    Connecting to the Computer Connecting the Player to Note the Computer It might take several seconds Connect the Digital Audio Player to your for the device (the Digital Audio computer. If a USB connection cable is Player) to be detected, especially in provided, connect it to the player first Windows 2000/XP.
  • Page 39: Transferring Music

    Transferring Music Transferring Files to a Note Digital Audio Player • Secure music download files can be transferred to Depending on the availability of software your player through Windows Media on your Music Management CD specific Player or Yahoo! Music Engine. (Note: to your digital audio player, you can Services and applications must be transfer files to your Digital Audio Player...
  • Page 40: Player

    Transferring Music 4. From a playlist (My Playlists in the left Transferring Files via navigation pane): at the bottom of the Yahoo! Music Engine Yahoo! Music Engine window, click the (Windows XP only) Transfer to Device button and select the drive letter or device name to Yahoo! Music Engine lets you manage where the playlist is to be transferred.
  • Page 41 Transferring Music To subscribe, click Y! Unlimited in the Yahoo! Music Unlimited: left navigation pane then click on the Supercharge the Engine graphic offering you a 7-day free trial. Yahoo! Music Unlimited is a subscription service with access to over 1 million If you have a Yahoo! ID, you will be songs, plus much more.
  • Page 42: Windows Media Player

    Transferring Music 4. Select Sync from the menu bar, a Transferring Files via screen will appear as below: Windows Media Player If you want to take your music collection with you, you can easily synchronize items in your library to your digital audio player.
  • Page 43: Transferring Files Via Windows Explorer

    Transferring Music Transferring Files via Windows Explorer (Drag and Drop) From Windows Explorer, highlight all the files/folders you want to transfer to your Digital Audio Player and drag them to the drive letter that is associated with it. Attention Attention Some wma files may be DRM Make sure all data are protected and they must be...
  • Page 44: Profiling (Model Dependent)

    Transferring Music If your player is in MTP mode: • Device name instead of drive letter will show on the computer. • If computer installed Windows Media Player 10, MTP device will show 2 folders – Data and Media - on top level. mp3 and WMA files could be copied only to Media folder, other types of files could be copied only to Data folder.
  • Page 45: Disconnecting The Player

    Disconnecting the Player Before disconnecting the USB connection Disconnecting Your Player from the computer or the Digital Audio from the Computer Player, be sure the "Safe to Remove For Windows XP, from the System Tray, Hardware" message is displayed. double click the left mouse button on the icon and select Safely Remove Hardware.
  • Page 46: The Computer

    • For more information on the Microsoft PlaysForSure program, visit Cannot access the player via • For more information on RCA Windows 2000 computer. PlaysForSure devices, visit • Install the Service Pack 3 for Windows
  • Page 47 Col. Roma. Delegación Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06700. México, D.F. Telefono: 52-55-11-020360 RFC: CTM-980723-KS5 Thomson Inc. P.O. Box 1976 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1976 © 2006 Thomson Inc. Trademark(s) ® Registered Marca(s) ® Registrada(s) Marque(s) ® Deposée(s) Printed In China / Impreso en China TOCOM (v2.0)

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