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RCA DSB772WE Quick Start Manual

RCA DSB772WE Quick Start Manual

Wi-fi streaming media player with 1080p hdmi output


Available languages

Available languages

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Quick Start Guide

Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player
with 1080p HDMI output
Step 1
A. Using an HDMI cable
(for best connection)
HDMI cable
(not included)
A/V cable
(not included)
B. Using an A/V cable
Ensure that your TV is switched to correct input.
EN - 1
Step 2
DC IN 5V Jack
Step 3
Take out the plastic sheet.
Step 5
On-screen instructions
Player will display a basic setup
screen which will guide you
though initial setup.
AC Power Adapter
Step 4
Turning on the Unit
POWER button on the
Press the
remote control if Player is not currently
on. Player emits green "glow" when
EN - 2
Connecting to your wireless access
Step 6
point or router
Wireless access point
Go to "Settings --> Network"
menu to configure your Player
for network access.
Ensure that your Player
is within range of your
Wi-Fi network and that
your Wi-Fi network is fully
Settings & Entertainment
The main menu contains Settings & Entertainment options. Press ,
, ,
to highlight an option, press OK/ENTER to confirm your selection,
to return to previous menu.
Entertainment Screen
Settings Screen
EN - 3
Printed in China
810-772295W010 R



Summary of Contents for RCA DSB772WE

  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

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