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RCA DSB778W Quick Start Manual

RCA DSB778W Quick Start Manual

Wi-fi streaming media player with 1080p hdmi output


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Quick Start Guide
Wi-Fi Streaming Media Player
with 1080p HDMI output
Step 1
A. Using an HDMI cable
(for best connection)
HDMI cable
(not included)
A/V cable
(not included)
B. Using an A/V cable
Ensure your TV is switched to correct input.
EN - 1
Step 2
If connecting to a wired network
Step 3
DC IN 5V Jack
Step 4
1. Open the battery door.
Step 5
Turning on the Unit
Press the POWER button on the remote
control if Player is not currently on. Player
emits blue "glow" when on.
LAN cable
(not included)
AC Power Adapter
2. Insert two AAA batteries.
EN - 2
Step 6
On-screen instructions
Player will display a basic setup
screen which will guide you though
initial setup.
Manual setup
If connecting to wireless network or
manually configuring for network
use, go to Settings --> Network"
Settings & Entertainment
The main menu contains Settings & Entertainment options. Press , , ,
to highlight an option, press OK/ENTER to confirm your selection, press
return to previous menu.
Settings Screen
Entertainment Screen
EN - 3
Printed in China



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