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Productivity Kit Supplement; Overview; All Weights Rated Speed - Xerox DocuColor 7000 Manual

Productivity kit supplement
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All Weights Rated Speed

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Productivity Kit Supplement

The DocuColor 7000/8000 adds a new print rate
setting that runs all print jobs at the same
throughput speed regardless of media weight. This
is important for optimum productivity of the digital
The productivity of the digital press relates to the
continuous speed of the media output as measured
in prints per minute (ppm). The continuous speed
is dependent on paper size, paper weight, and
fuser temperature.
The new print rate setting is called All Weights
Rated Speed and is a selectable option that is
contained with the Productivity Setting feature.
All Weights Rated Speed: This setting runs all
jobs at the same speed regardless of the paper
weight. Gloss levels may appear lower on heavier
weight media.
Tip: If a higher level of gloss is required, run the
job at the Single Paper Weight setting.
NOTE: For detailed information and instructions
on the Productivity Settings and how to change
them, refer to your System Administration Guide.



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