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Manage Your Data Usage - LG LUU-2100TI Quick Start Manual

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Manage Your Data Usage

AT&T Communication Manager (ACM) provides the usage meter tool as a way
to easily track your data usage and make sure you don't unknowingly exceed
the data plan maximum. The Real time session meter shows you data usage
for the present mobile broadband session in a numeric readout. The Monthly
usage meter shows the estimated data usage within your monthly billing cycle
as a bar graph. The orange bar is your total usage and grows as your data
grows, the grey background represents your total allowed data for each monthly
billing cycle. Days remaining to the end of your billing cycle is shown below
the bar graph. You can reference your usage and billing plan details by clicking
on the 'Usage Meter' in the Tools menu. Connection to Wi-Fi networks is not
tracked the usage meter feature.
You can also manage your monthly wireless data usage and avoid overage
charges by:
Using your Internet service (DSL, Cable, etc.) and home Wi-Fi networks to
connect while at home and in the office.
Utilizing Wi-Fi hotspots to connect. Access to thousands of AT&T Basic Wi-Fi
Hot Spots is included in qualified data plans. Wi-Fi use is unlimited and does
not apply towards your wireless data plan allowance.
Note: Your ACM usage meter may be different than your usage as reported by
your online myWireless Account for the following reasons:
Any usage within the past 24 hours may not be updated in your online
myWireless account.
Using a DataConnect device on multiple laptops prevents accurate estimates
of usage by the usage meter feature.

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