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AKG C 414 Brochure & Specs page 5

1-inch large-diaphragm pressure gradient microphone
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C 414
– Always Top of the Range
How a legendary product evolved
1953 – C 12
The brand-new C 12 Model AKG has set a new
benchmark. Besides excellent sound quality it
was the first Large Diaphragm Microphone with
a remote control unit for changing the pickup
pattern. One of the first customers was the BBC.
Meanwhile the AKG C 12 has become one of the
most sought-after microphones of all time.
1962 – C 12 A
The introduction of the C 12 A, the forerunner
of the now-classic C 414 design. The C 12 A
had a Nuvistor tube in its preamp section and
its miniaturised housing became a trademark of
AKG's large-diaphragm microphones. This model
was marketed until 1976.
1971 – C 414 comb
The launch of the first C 414 model, the C 414
comb. This model had a special module with
a permanently-attached cable, but was a solid-
state design that allowed upgrades as technology
improved and also permitted phantom powering
instead of requiring an external supply.
1976 – C 414 EB
In response to the emergence of 3-pin XLR-type
connectors as the world standard, AKG introduces
the C 414 EB with this connector integrated into
the microphone. The integral connector eliminates
the need for the cable module, so that the micro-
phone can be easily used with different cables to
meet application requirements.
1980 – C 414 EB-P48
The launch of the C 414 EB-P48: the first model
with black housing. This model featured certain
technical improvements that lowered self-noise
and improved sensitivity and headroom made
possible by standardising on 48 V phantom power,
which was becoming standard, especially in
the U.S.
1986 – C 414 B-ULS
Introduction of the C 414 B-ULS, a model that
combined several milestones in the development
of the C 414:
1. ULS technology in its electronic circuitry
that achieved maximum signal linearity.
2. The C 414 B-TL, the first transformerless
version of the C 414.
3. High SPL capability and low noise made
the C 414 B-ULS the most popular, longest-lived
C 414 model. It was in production for 18 years.
AKG became the world's first manufacturer of freely-vibrating,
edge-terminated one-inch diaphragms more than 50 years ago
1993 – C 414 B-TL II
The C 414 B-TL II, the first sonic alternative to
the C 414 B-ULS, was introduced. This microphone
was designed to meet customer demands for a
microphone with more "presence" to ist sound. Its
capsule was developed with the sonic signature
of the original capsules used from the 1950s.
2004 – C 414 B-XLS / C 414 B-XL II
With the introduction of the Next Generation
C 414 B-XL models, AKG sets new benchmarks
for useful features, improved technical specifica-
tions, ease of use and available accessories. All
of these improvements are answers to requests
from ever-demanding recording studios, broad-
cast stations and concert engineers, but with the
basic sonic character of the legendary C 414
2009 – C 414 XLS / C 414 XL II
The new C 414 XLS and the C 414 XLII are AKG's
answer to customer demand. Nine pickup patterns
that enable it to choose the perfect setting for
every application. In addition, gain-before-feed-
back can be maximised and signal-bleeding from
other sources can be minimised. For live-sound
applications and fixed installations the new Lock
Mode disables all controls on the microphone, so
that the settings you selected for a specific appli-
cation cannot be changed unintentionally. The
peak hold LED displays even the shortest over-
load peaks.



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