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HP 117755-003 - ProSignia - 740 Implementation Manual: Feature Implementation

Implementing microsoft windows 2000 with service pack 4 on proliant servers.
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Issue 11
Using the F6 key to install HP drivers
Issue 12
Special installation procedures for HP storage drivers

Feature implementation

A few system configurations may require additional user action to complete the installation. Some
value-added features are implemented differently under Windows 2000 than they were under
Windows NT 4.0
Table 10. Windows 2000 feature implementation issues
Issue 13
COM 3 might display as a not supported device
Press the F6 key to interrupt the text mode setup and install OEM-supplied
drivers at the prompt:
Press F6 to install a third-party SCSI or RAID driver.
However, HP drivers loaded through this procedure will be replaced with the
drivers on the Windows 2000 CD during installation.
Unless otherwise instructed, continue using the driver versions on the Windows
2000 CD during the setup process, then upgrade to the latest HP drivers
supplied on PSP for Windows 2000. The manufacturer should address third-
party hardware drivers and their installation.
After the system has been rebooted following the initial installation of the PSP
for Windows 2000, event notification drivers for storage devices are installed
by performing a second PSP installation.
Check the hardware documentation to determine which driver is required for
operation of the controller.
The HP ProLiant Storage System Plug and Play device (for SCSI event reporting),
the Drive Array Event Notification device (for array event reporting), and the HP
Smart Array 5x Notification device are not visible under Device Manager until
all HP SCSI and RAID (miniport) drivers are installed. The first pass installs the
HP drivers CPQ32FS2.SYS or ADPU160M.SYS (for SCSI), CPQARRAY.SYS (for
older array controllers) or CPQARRY2.SYS or CPQCISSM.SYS (for newer array
To complete the install, run the PSP a second time, during which the drivers
PRLNTSS.SYS, CPQDAEN.SYS, and CPQCISSE.SYS will be properly loaded.
After Windows 2000 is installed on a server with the HP 56K Netelligent ISA
internal modem installed, COM 3 might be displayed as an unsupported device
in Device Manager. The Device Status message says:
This device cannot start. (Code 10)
This also shows up as a problem device under the Computer Management
snap-in, under System Information | Components | Problem Devices.
The modem functions, when set to Plug and Play Mode, even if Windows 2000
displays COM 3 as unsupported.


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