HP 117755-003 - ProSignia - 740 Technical White Paper

Hp insight diagnostics online edition featuring survey utility and iml viewer
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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Survey Utility HP Industry June 2004 Standard Servers HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Featuring Survey Utility and IML Viewer Technical White Paper Table of Executive Summary Contents Introduction Importance of Service Tools What is the Insight Diagnostics Online Edition? How Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Works Theory of Operation Online Serviceability: Configuration Capture and Online Reporting Simplified Collection Process...
  • Page 2: Introduction

    Executive In today’s business environment, server availability has become key to the success of many businesses that depend on the uninterrupted operation of its servers. Summary System administrators increasingly rely upon proactive server management tools developed to aid in optimizing the performance of the system and identifying potential problems before they affect users on the system.
  • Page 3 Integrated Management Log Viewer—Allows you to view and manage the Integrated Management Log (IML) system event entries on a local or remote system. This non-volatile log records system events and errors and can be reviewed while the system is online, thus helping system administrators to promptly identify server failures. The information displayed for each log entry includes a description of the event, the location type (class) where the event occurred, the severity of the event, the number of times this specific event has occurred, the time and date the event was last updated, and the initial...
  • Page 4: Importance Of Service Tools

    Importance of Combining today’s complex business environment with shrinking administration budgets and staff means not only must servers be highly available, but tools must be available to Service Tools make system administrators more efficient. Effective service tools are as important as ongoing management tools in meeting this objective.
  • Page 5: Theory Of Operation

    Insight Diagnostics Online Edition agent to identify both hardware and operating system information within the same polling process. When a configuration snapshot is initiated, the Insight Diagnostics Online Edition agent polls all of these sources for the most up-to- date information and view of the system. Theory of The Insight Diagnostics Online Edition captures data in sessions.
  • Page 6 -o FILE Run a new Survey snapshot and output to a file. Default is formed using the current date in this format: 'surveyCCYY-MM-DD-HH-mm-ss.xml' (CC=Century, YY=Year, MM=Month, DD=Day, HH=Hour, mm=minute, ss=second). Overwrite output file if it already exists. NOTE: If no -o option is specified this option is ignored. Starts the HP Insight Diagnostics Web Management daemon.
  • Page 7: Online Serviceability: Configuration Capture And Online Reporting

    Online A key benefit of the Insight Diagnostics Online Edition is that it delivers configuration Serviceability: capture and reporting, while the system is online. Not only can the Insight Diagnostics Configuration Online Edition collect information while the server is online, it can also be installed Capture and without having to reboot the server.
  • Page 8: Collecting And Updating Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Information

    Collecting and Insight Diagnostics Online Edition provides flexibility in the way that the information is Updating Insight captured. It provides maximum assurance that the information available reflects the Diagnostics Online current state of the server and that the audit trail clearly reflects the stages of changes Edition Information that have occurred.
  • Page 9: Accessing From A Browser

    Accessing from a Insight Diagnostics online edition allows you to view information from a Web browser. Browser Insight Diagnostics can also be invoked from the server System Management Homepage, or from Systems Insight Manager. Browser Requirements The requirements are TCP/IP and one of the following browsers: •...
  • Page 10: Creating Reports

    Creating With the comparison feature, several report types are available which enable the system administrator to specify just the particular type and level of information that will be most Reports useful in a particular case. The different report types available are: •...
  • Page 11: Specifications

    Specifications HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition Specifications Supported platforms ProLiant platforms that are supported by SmartStart 6.x and later: ProLiant RBSU-based servers (most G2 models of ProLiant ML/DL 300, 500, 700 and BL servers) For a complete list, view the supported matrices at http://www.hp.com/servers/supportmatrices.
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