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Plug & Play - Samsung PS-42C91HD Owner's Instructions Manual

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Plug & Play
When the TV is initially powered on, several basic settings
proceed automatically and subsequently. The following
settings are available.
1. Press the POWER
The message "Start Plug & Play" is displayed with "OK" selected.
Then press ENTER/OK button. The message "Select Home
Mode When installing this TV at home" is displayed with
"Shop" or "Home" selected.
2. Press the ◄ or ► buttons to select "Shop" or "Home", then
the ENTER/OK button.
We recommend setting the TV to Home mode for the best picture in your home envronment.
Shop mode is only intended for use in retail environments.
If the unit is accidentally set to Shop mode and you want to return to Dynamic (Home) mode,
press the Volume button and then hold down the MENU button for five seconds on the side
panel of the TV.
. The message "Check antenna input." is displayed with "OK" selected.
Press the ENTER/OK button.
Please check that the area cable is connected correctly.
4. The message "Some DTV functions may not be available. Digital Scan?"is displayed with "Yes"
or "No" selected. Press ◄ or ► buttons to select .Then press ENTER/OK button.
Yes : First an ATV search is performed and then a DTV ch. auto search is performed.
No : Only an ATV search is performed.
5. The "Auto Store" menu is displayed with the "Start" selected. Press the ENTER/OK button.
The channel search will start and end automatically.
The DTV channel scan menu appears and the DTV channel is automatically updated.
If the DTV channel is updated, the Source in the source list of the Input menu is automatically
changed to DTV. After all the available channels are stored, the "Clock Set" menu appears.
Press the ENTER/OK button at any time to interrupt the memorization process.
For detailed descriptions about DTV channel update, refer to page 33 of this manual.
After all the available digital channels are stored, the screen to Clock Set is displayed
depending on the country.
. Press the ◄ or ► buttons to move to the "Month" , "Day" , "Year", "Hour", "Minute",
Set the "Month" , "Day" , "Year", "Hour", "Minute", or by pressing the ▲ or ▼ button.
You can also set the hour and minute by pressing the number buttons on the remote control.
When you have finished, press the ENTER/OK button.
The message "Enjoy your viewing." is displayed.
. Press the ENTER/OK button to confirm your setting.
 Auto Store: Automatically scans for and stores channels
available in the local area.
 Clock Set: Sets the current time for the TV clock.
If you want to reset this feature...
1. Press the MENU button to display the menu.
Press the ▲ or ▼ button to select "Setup", then press the
ENTER/OK button.
2. Press the ENTER/OK button again, to select "Plug & Play".
. The message to "Start Plug & Play" is displayed.
button on the remote control.
English - 10
Plug & Play
Start Plug & Play.
Plug & Play
: English
game Mode
: Off
blue Screen
: Off
: Off
Home Theatre PC
: Off
Light Effect
: Off
Plug & Play
Start Plug & Play.


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