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Qt4 series h.264 network dvr.
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QT4 Series
User Manual


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  • Page 1

    User Manual MODEL QT454 QT474 QT428 QT426 QT446 QT4332 QT4 Series H.264 NETWORK DVR...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    We encourage you to visit our website at www.Q-see.com to check for the latest firmware updates and product Be certain to make the most of your warranty by completing the registration form online. In announcements.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    7.2 Calculating the Recording Capacity of a Hard Disk Drive 4.1 Basic Configuration APPENDIX Login Main Menu Troubleshooting Setup Specifications 4.2 Live Configuration Q-SEE PRODUCT WARRANTY 4.3 Record Configuration Questions or Comments? Contact Us 4.4 Schedule Configuration 4.5 Alarm Configuration Sensor Motion Video Loss Other Alarm...

  • Page 4: Introduction, For Your Safety

    CHAPTER 1 FOR YOUR SAFETY To prevent damage to your Q-See product or injury to yourself or to others, read and understand the following safety precautions in their entirety before installing or using this equipment. Keep these safety instructions where all those who use the product will read them.

  • Page 5

    FEATURES ALARM This DVR uses high-performance video processing chips and an embedded Linux operating 1-4 channel alarm output and up to 16-channel (depending on model ) alarm input system for quality image recording and ease of use. It utilizes numerous advanced available technologies including the industry-standard H.264 codec to deliver high-quality, smooth Supports scheduling for motion detection and sensor alarm...

  • Page 6: Connections And Controls

    CONNECTIONS AND CONTROLS CHAPTER 2 QT454 FRONT PANEL REAR PANEL 6 7 8 9 10 ITEM NAME FUNCTION ITEM NAME FUNCTION POWER Power On/Off AUDIO IN 4 Channels of audio input NUMBER Select individual channels and enter data where required VIDEO IN Video input from up to 4 cameras BUTTONS AUDIO OUT...

  • Page 7

    QT474 FRONT PANEL REAR PANEL QT474 Power TV/VGA VIDEO OUT AUDIO OUT AUDIO IN VIDEO IN DC 12V ITEM NAME FUNCTION ITEM NAME FUNCTION INDICATOR Shows the recording, network and power status of the DVR. AUDIO IN 2 Channels of audio input LIGHTS VIDEO IN Video input from up to 4 cameras...

  • Page 8

    QT426 REAR PANEL FRONT PANEL VIDEO OUT ALARM OUT RS485 ALARM IN 9 11 13 15 DC 12V SPOT VIDEO IN 10 12 14 16 ALARM OUT 10 11 ITEM NAME FUNCTION ITEM NAME FUNCTION LED Show status of power, HDD, record, etc. AUDIO Connection for audio output –...

  • Page 9

    QT428 REAR PANEL FRONT PANEL VIDEO IN VIDEO SPOT AUDIO ALARM IN AUDIO IN RS485 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ITEM NAME FUNCTION ITEM NAME FUNCTION RECORD Manually begins recording VIDEO OUT Video output for connecting to TV (BNC) or monitor PLAY Launches PLAYBACK window SPOT...

  • Page 10

    QT446 BACK PANEL FRONT PANEL ITEM NAME FUNCTION ITEM NAME FUNCTION POWER ( Puts the DVR into standby mode or wakes it up from Behind flip-down VIDEO OUT BNC connector for TV or monitor standby mode. panel) VIDEO IN BNC connectors for up to 16 cameras USB PORT Used for external USB backup devices.

  • Page 11

    QT4332 BACK PANEL FRONT PANEL 6 7 8 9 ITEM NAME FUNCTION ITEM NAME FUNCTION BNC connector for TV or monitor VIDEO OUT POWER ( Puts the DVR into standby mode or wakes it up from Behind flip-down standby mode. panel) VIDEO IN BNC connectors for up to 32 cameras USB PORT Used for external USB backup devices.

  • Page 12: Remote Control

    2.2 MOUSE 2.3 REMOTE CONTROL The USB mouse can only be used when connected to the USB port on the rear panel. The The remote control allows you to perform most of the system will not recognize it when connected through the front panel port. The mouse is the day-to-day functions from a convenient distance.

  • Page 13: Basic Functions

    3.2 THE CONTROL BAR BASIC FUNCTIONS CHAPTER 3 When a user is logged in, pressing the ESC button on the DVR or right-clicking on the screen 3.1 POWER ON/OFF with the mouse will display the CONTROL BAR on the bottom of the screen. Before turning on the DVR, ensure that all connections are good.

  • Page 14: Live Viewing And Recording

    3.3 LIVE VIEWING AND RECORDING 3.4 LIVE PLAYBACK SWITCHING VIDEO OUTPUT Pushing the playback buttons on the DVR or remote will enable you to play back what has The DVR is normally configured to output video signal to a 19” or larger monitor through been recorded.

  • Page 15: Main Menu Setup

    MAIN MENU MAIN MENU SETUP CHAPTER 4 Selecting the MENU icon on the left of the CONTROL BAR or pressing the MENU button on the DVR and remote control open the MAIN MENU. 4.1 BASIC CONFIGURATION LOGIN Before configuring the system, a user account needs to be created and a user must be logged in.

  • Page 16: Live Configuration

    VGA Resolution: Chose the configuration that best fits your monitor. Options are: 4.2 LIVE CONFIGURATION VGA800*600, VGA1204*768, VGA1280x1024 and CVBS. NOTE: VGA is for VGA Live configuration includes four submenus: Live, Main Monitor, Spot and Mask. monitors while CVBS is for TV monitors connected using a BNC/RCA adaptor. Live Tab Switching between VGA and CVBS will change the menu output mode.

  • Page 17: Record Configuration

    Spot Tab 4.3 RECORD CONFIGURATION Your DVR is pre-set to record in the CIF format at 30 frames per minute. If you wish, you may This allows select feeds to be viewed on a separate monitor that is connected to the DVR but configure the recording settings for some channels to a higher resolution - D1.

  • Page 18: Schedule Configuration

    Time Tab 4.4 SCHEDULE CONFIGURATION You can set the length of time the DVRs record an event before and after a motion detection Your DVR is configured to record whenever motion is detected. If this is your desired setting or alarm is triggered as well as how long an individual record is preserved. then you will not need to make any changes.

  • Page 19: Alarm Configuration

    4.5 ALARM CONFIGURATION To Record allows you to determine which cameras will begin recording. Cameras can be set to record individually, in blocks, or all cameras can be activated. Alarm configuration allows the DVR to begin recording based on input from other remote sensors such as infrared motion detectors or contact alarms which are connected to it.

  • Page 20

    Click on the icon showing a silhouette of a ALARM OUT person and an illustration of a walking figure Set how the alarms are handled and transmitted in this window. This controls any device will appear on the screen. Test your settings attached to the ALARM OUT port on the back of the DVR.

  • Page 21: Network Configuration

    The port number for data. The default port is 6036 window are presented in the Remote Monitoring Guide which is on the disk that came with your system or which can be downloaded from our website at www.Q-See.com. The four Static IP tabs in this window are Network, Sub-Stream, Email and Other Settings.

  • Page 22

    Google’s Q-See offers DDNS for free at MyQ-See.com. Create a domain name, user name and Gmail service with its higher limit. Similarly, you will want the alert e-mails to go to a different password before proceeding.

  • Page 23: Pan-tilt-zoom (ptz) Configuration

    4.7 USER MANAGEMENT 4.8 PAN-TILT-ZOOM (PTZ) CONFIGURATION You can set up accounts for each individual user and grant them control of select parts of If you are connecting optional Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, the controls are set from this window in the surveillance system. An administrator account is already created on the DVR. Additional the Serial Port and Advanced tabs.

  • Page 24

    And, selecting Setting will bring up the Track camera view along with a control panel to This interface is used to program the tracking routine for the camera. Clicking on the Track program the camera’s motion. button will bring up the live view for that camera plus a control panel: PICTURE 4-45 The dome’s rotation can be controlled vertically, horizontally and diagonally along with its speed.

  • Page 25: Backup

    4.9 ADVANCED 4.10 FILE SEARCH, PLAYBACK AND MANAGEMENT In this set of commands, the user can erase all the settings, import or export data files to Access the recordings on the DVR, play them back and backup the recordings to an external and from the DVR and control who can remotely access the DVR through three submenus: storage device.

  • Page 26

    EVENT SEARCH IMAGE Selecting this tab will bring up a list of recorded events. You can choose whether to display This tab functions much as the Event Search tab by allowing you to search for and view the events triggered by Motion, Sensor or both. still images captured when you click on the Snapshot icon on the Control Bar.

  • Page 27: Dvr Management

    DVR MANAGEMENT BACKUP CHAPTER 6 CHAPTER 5 This DVR supports backing up files to USB flash drives, USB hard drives and USB DVD 6.1 INFORMATION burners through the USB port on the front panel. Remote backups can be performed over the Internet.

  • Page 28: Disk Management

    EVENT INFORMATION ONLINE USER INFORMATION This window lists recorded events. This list can be searched by date, time, type of event and Information on remote users currently connected is displayed in this window. channel. PICTURE 6-4 PICTURE 6-7 LOG INFORMATION Refresh –...

  • Page 29: Upgrade, Logoff, Shut Down

    The DVR MUST be unplugged from all power sources as well as from the cameras before opening the case. Failure to do so can result in Firmware upgrades are available from Q-See at www.Q-See.com and may be found by damage to the DVR or its components as well as injury or death.

  • Page 30: Calculating The Recording Capacity Of A Hard Disk Drive

    STEP 4. Connect the power and data 7.2 CALCULATING THE RECORDING CAPACITY OF A HARD DISK DRIVE cables. Press firmly, but do not force them onto the pins or you may While the physical data capacity of a hard drive is fixed, how much video you can record upon damage them.

  • Page 31: Appendix, Troubleshooting

    10. How do I upgrade the firmware on the DVR? 2. The indicator lights of the DVR are on, but no output. Why? After you download the new firmware from the Q-See website at www.q-see.com, a. The power adapter may have been damaged, or is not providing enough power. Please copy it onto a USB flash drive. Then select Upgrade in the menu.

  • Page 32: Specifications

    A.2 SPECIFICATIONS 14. What are the PC configurations for 16-ch real time access with fully open mainstream channel? Parameter QT454 QT426 QT428 PC MODULE PARAMATERS COMPRESSION Compression Standard H.264 Baseline Intel Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4600 Format MOTHERBOARD G41/P41 chip VIDEO Video In Composite 1.0V Composite 1.0V...

  • Page 33: Q-see Product Warranty

    COMPRESSION Compression Standard H.264 Baseline Format Q-See is proud to back all of our products with a conditional service warranty covering all hardware for 12 months from the date of purchase. Additionally, our products also come with VIDEO Video In Composite 1.0V...

  • Page 34: Questions Or Comments? Contact Us

    QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? CONTACT US PRODUCT SUPPORT, DOWNLOADS, FIRMWARE UPDATES & MANUALS 24/7 Technical Resources Live Chat (M-F, 9-5 PST) www.Q-See.com/Support Digital Peripheral Solutions, Inc. 8015 E. Crystal Drive Anaheim, CA 92807...

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