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Helpful Information; Frequently Asked Questions (faqs) - Pioneer Kuro KRP-500M Operating Instructions Manual

Flat panel display.
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Helpful Information

7 Helpful Information
This chapter includes answers to some common questions and provides information about cleaning methods
and troubleshooting/service information. If you need further assistance, please contact us and give us the chance
to correct any issues you are experiencing. Thank you again for buying Pioneer!

7.1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section answers some of the questions received by our Support staff members. If your question is not here
or you would like more information please see the Pioneer website for more FAQs (
about your specific model or our flat panel displays in general.
Why won't the remote control buttons control my flat panel display?
If you select a mode other than MONITOR on the remote control, your flat panel display cannot receive the
commands. Press the SELECT button to toggle the modes until the MONITOR indicator lights.
Why do I have to move closer to the panel to use the remote control?
Weak batteries in the remote control can cause communication to fail. Try moving closer to the panel and attempt
to control the panel with the remote. If the panel responds then change the batteries. If moving closer has no
effect on the panel, check the surroundings for objects that might be blocking the signal. Also consider if other
equipment that use remote controls have been added to the area around the panel. Objects and other IR signals
can disrupt the remote.
How can I protect the remote so it holds up longer?
There are several ways to protect your remote control. Do not leave the remote sitting in direct sunlight as this
can warp or deform the case. Avoid spilling liquids on the remote but if this happens, dry it immediately. If
necessary, remove the batteries and allow the unit to dry completely before attempting to use it again. Areas with
high humidity can also cause damage.
Another issue that can affect the remote control is a leaking battery. The chemicals from a leaky battery can
discolor or damage the remote. If there is visible leakage in a battery, remove both batteries immediately and
carefully wipe the battery compartment clean. Replace both batteries with fresh ones.
Can the signal from my panel's remote mess up other audio/video equipment?
The flat panel display emits very weak infrared rays from its screen. If there is other equipment close by that also
uses a remote control such as a DVR or stereo system, it may not receive commands from its remote control
properly. Try moving the equipment farther away from the flat panel display.
Note: The strength of infrared rays emitted from the panel differs as the picture changes on the screen.
Why does the picture seem to dim when I leave a picture on the screen?
When still images (such as photos and computer images) stay on the screen for an extended period of time, the
screen slightly dims. This function protects the panel from damage by automatically adjusting the screen
brightness. The screen dims when a still image is detected for approximately three minutes.
Why won't my Pioneer flat panel display turn on?
It may be that your remote has failing batteries or has been damaged. Check the power cord connection at the
wall and on the back of the panel. Also try pressing a on you panel.



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