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Hitachi Director’s UT32X812 Operating Manual

Director’s series 1.5 ultrathin lcd hdtv monitor
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Hitachi Director's Series® HDTV Monitor
1.5™ UltraThin LCD HDTV Monitor
32" Class (31.51" Diagonal)
Black Sapphire Crystal Frame
1366 x 768p 120 Hz, PictureMaster™ V
(1) HDMI
Operating Guide
Record the serial number of your monitor for future reference.
This serial number is located on the back and right side of the monitor.
If you have a question about this product please call 800-Hitachi for assistance
(V.1.3 with CEC) Input; (1) RGB D-sub15 Input with Audio
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  Summary of Contents for Hitachi Director’s UT32X812

  • Page 1 KEEP THIS OPERATING GUIDE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Record the serial number of your monitor for future reference. SERIAL NO. This serial number is located on the back and right side of the monitor. If you have a question about this product please call 800-Hitachi for assistance...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ...02 SETUP OPERATION ........25 INTRODUCTION..........04 How to Use the Remote to Control your About This Manual ............ 04 External Devices ............25 Trademark Credits ............ 04 How to Use the Macro Buttons ......... 29 Software..............04 How to Use the Learning Option of the Features..............
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Hitachi LCD Monitor. Please fill out your warranty card and mail it to Hitachi. This will enable Hitachi to notify you promptly in the improbable event that a safety problem should be discovered in your product model. Model and serial numbers are indicated on back side and right side of the LCD Monitor.
  • Page 4 Modifications The FCC requires the user to be notified that any changes or modifications made to this device that are not expressly approved by Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc. may void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Cables Connections to this device must be made with shielded cables with metallic RFI/EMI connector hoods to maintain compliance with FCC Rules and Regulations.
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Customer Service Center. Before operating the set, please fully understand the prerequisites such as specifications or constraints for the hardware and software. Hitachi is not responsible and accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury as a result of misuse.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    ■ Do not allow liquids or any foreign matter (such as metals or flammable items) to enter the unit. If this does occur, turn off the main power, unplug the power cord, and contact 800-HITACHI immediately. Exercise special caution when young children are around the unit.
  • Page 7 If water or any liquid spills onto the unit, it may cause short-circuiting and result in fire or electric shock. If this occurs, turn off the main power, unplug the power cord, and contact 800-HITACHI immediately. Do not rest anything heavy on top of the unit.
  • Page 8 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) CAUTION ■ Do not place or use the unit in a dusty location. This could cause a malfunction. ■ Do not cover or block any ventilation holes on the product. The unit would overheat and this could cause fire or damage to the product which may shorten its service lifetime. Install the product in accordance with the instructions in this manual.
  • Page 9: Cleaning And Maintenance

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (continued) CAUTION ■ Do not install the unit in locations where it will be subjected to high temperature. This could damage the cabinet or components of the product. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heating grilles, stoves, or other apparatus that produce heat. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight.
  • Page 10: Main Unit Installation

    When installing the main unit, be sure to use the specified mounting units in order to obtain maximum performance and maintain safety. Hitachi assumes no responsibility nor liability for personal injuries or property damage caused by use of other mounting units or improper installation.
  • Page 11: Child Safety Notice

    • Flat Panel displays that are inappropriately situated on dresser, bookcases, shelves, desks, speakers, chest or carts may fall over and cause injury. HITACHI CARES! • The consumer electronics industry is commited to making home entertainment enjoyable and safe.
  • Page 12: Wall Mount Setup

    LCD Monitor. Accordingly, Hitachi accepts no responsability or liability for any injuries or property damage resulting from the use of such third party brackets/devices. Hitachi strongly advises that any installation of this LCD Monitor using wall mounting brackets/devices be performed only by a qualified and experienced television installation technician who has completed a thorough evaluation of: a) the weight-bearing strength and stability of the intended wall mount surface;...
  • Page 13: Floor Stand Setup

    Please make sure screws WARNING are tightened properly. Screws from the tabletop stand. UT32X812 LCD UT Monitor is for use with the Hitachi AS-LSZ0081 or AS-LSZ0082 Floor stand CAUTION only. Use with other floor stands could cause instability and possible injury.
  • Page 14: Quick Start Guide

    QUICK START GUIDE For more information on connecting and using your monitor, please be sure to read all instructions in this user manual. Supplied Accessories (including option) User Manual Remote Control AAA Size Power Cord* Terminal P# HL02561 Battery X 2 Cover HDMI Cable HDMI Cushion...
  • Page 15: Insert The Batteries Into The Remote Control

    QUICK START GUIDE (continued) Insert the Batteries into the Remote Control... Power On... Monitor Rear q Connect the plug into the wall socket after all other Panel Wall connections are completed. Socket CAUTION Ensure that both ends of the power cord are easily accessible.
  • Page 16: Component Names

    COMPONENT NAMES Main Unit Front Panel q Cabinet w Panel e Remote Control Receiver r Indicating Lamp t Speaker y Illumination Lamp u Desktop Stand Control panel (located on the bottom) L/MONO VIDEO AUDIO S-VIDEO INPUT (AV4) MENU/EXIT INPUT/OK i Main Power switch g ▲...
  • Page 17: Remote Control

    Remote Control In addition to controlling all of the functions on your Hitachi UT LCD Monitor, the new remote control is designed to operate different types of devices, such as, DVD players, Cable Boxes, Set-Top-Boxes, Satellite Receivers, VCR's, PVR's and AVR's.
  • Page 18: Preparation

    PREPARATION Handling the Remote Control Remote Control Battery Installation Use the remote control within a distance of The remote control operates on 2 “AAA” batteries. about 5m (16’) from the front of the unit’s 1. Open the battery compartment cover remote control sensor and within an angle of about 30 degrees on both sides.
  • Page 19: Connection

    CONNECTION The unit is suitable for various kinds of connections. Make a connection in the following steps. Be sure to turn off the main power first when connecting external equipment. 1. Connect power cord to the rear panel. 2. Connect your external equipment (if any) to the unit. 3.
  • Page 20: Connecting To Equipment Having Video Output Terminals

    Standby mode. Selecting On will activate AV Center OSD interface, in case AV Center Control you purchased the optional Hitachi A/V Center. NOTE If the HDMI-DVI cable is used, this HDMI-interfaced system is not available.
  • Page 21: Connecting To A Pc

    CONNECTION (continued) 2. Connect your Equipment to the Monitor (continued) Connecting to a PC The PC connection terminal (D-sub 15 pin) + the PC (RGB)/DVI Analog Audio Input terminal are connected to the PC, allowing an analog RGB signal. [Example] AUDIO (Audio) (D-sub 15 Pin)
  • Page 22: Connect The Power Plug Into The Wall Socket

    CONNECTION (continued) 3. Attach Cushion, Secure with Clamps and Fit Terminal Cover (continued) Secure the HDMI cable and power cord with clamps. Clamp Fit the terminal cover onto the monitor. How to remove the cover. Insert the tabs into the slots as shown and fold downward to fit the terminal cover.
  • Page 23: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION Power On/Off Turn On the power of the unit. Illumination Lamp Indicating Lamp To turn On the power to the unit: 1. Press the Main Power switch on the unit. The Indicating Lamp illuminates in Green, and the Illumination Lamp turns Blue.
  • Page 24: Volume Up/Down

    BASIC OPERATION (continued) Volume Up/Down Volume Up/Down 1. To increase the sound volume, press the Volume Up button button on the remote control or control panel. The Volume Indicator value on the screen will shift to the right. 2. To decrease the sound volume, press the Volume Down button on the remote control or control panel.
  • Page 25: Input Switching To Hdmi And Rgb

    BASIC OPERATION (continued) Input Switching to HDMI and RGB Menu button By pressing the Input Select button , you can switch the input to display the image outputting from the external equipment connected to each terminal (HDMI and RGB (/Composite)). Input Select <From Remote Control>...
  • Page 26: Setup Operation

    To reset all programmed codes to factory default place remote control in TV mode, then press and hold TV mode key and enter “9”, “8”, “1” in sequence. See page Learning Setup on the Hitachi Remote Control to see if other device’s Remote codes can be learned by this remote.
  • Page 27 SETUP OPERATION (continued) How to Use the Remote to Control your External Devices Set-Top-Box/ Cable Device Satellite Receiver Button Device Button MY SET-TOP-BOX/SATELLITE RECEIVER MY CABLE BOX CODE IS:____________________ CODE IS:____________________ NOTE NOTE Refer to the operating guide of the Cable Box for Refer to the operating guide of the Set-Top-Box/Satellite operation of the buttons exclusively for the Cable Box.
  • Page 28 SETUP OPERATION (continued) How to Use the Remote to Control your External Devices DVD Device Button VCR/PVR Device Button MY DVD PLAYER CODE IS:___________________ MY VCR/PVR CODE IS:____________________ NOTE NOTE Refer to the operating guide of the DVD Player for Refer to the operating guide of the VCR/PVR for operation of the buttons exclusively for the DVD Player.
  • Page 29 SETUP OPERATION (continued) How to Use the Remote to Control your External Devices MY AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVER (AVR) CODE IS:____________________ AVR Device Button NOTE Refer to the operating guide of the AVR for operation of the buttons exclusively for the AVR. PRECODED AVR buttons These buttons transmit the chosen precoded cable codes : -Input...
  • Page 30: How To Use The Macro Buttons

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) How to Use the Macro Buttons MACRO Buttons This optional feature allows the user to record a sequence of keys conveniently operate multiple devices with one key press. The Macro can only be created on the control’s TV mode.
  • Page 31: How To Use The Learning Option Of The Remote Control

    The Mode LED will come ON indicating that is ready for learning and will remain ON until the process is complete. On the Hitachi R/C press a key that will learn the new code from the other device R/C. The mode LED will blink rapidly and keep blinking for 5 seconds and the LED will turn off and await a different key press.
  • Page 32: Remote Control Codes

    0000,0038,0432 INSTRUMENTS FOSGATE 0276 0067 CANDLE 0037,0038 0739 0775,1775 M ELECTRONIC 0240 0144 CANON 0035 SAMTRON 0240 MAGNASONIC 0037,0240,0000 CAPEHART 0002 HITACHI 0749,0819,1250 SANKY 0048,0039 GENERAL 0476,0810,0276 0072,0278 CARRERA 0240 INSTRUMENT 0003 SANSUI 0240,0000,0067 HOUSTON 0775 MAGNAVOX 0035,0037,0048 CARVER 0035,0081...
  • Page 33 ALCO 1390 0522,0571,0790 DENON 0490,0634 PIONEER 1337 ANAM 1609 0822,1769 TELEVISION CODES DENVER 0778 0880 APEX DIGITAL 1774 REALISTIC 0571 HITACHI 1445,1643,2143 DIGITREX ARCAM 1189 0672 REOC 0752 2243 REPLAY TV 0614,0616 AUDIOTRONIC 1189 DISNEY 0675,1270 0869 SAMSUNG 0739 AUDIOVOX...
  • Page 34: How To Use The On-Screen Display (Osd) System

    SETUP OPERATION How to Use the On-Screen Display (OSD) System You can use the On-Screen Display system to access the various kinds of the features and functions. Basic Operation Picture Audio Function Setup 1. Press the button on the remote control or the Menu button on the Language Select OK Set...
  • Page 35: Main Menu List

    Off (standby mode). Selecting On will activate AV Center OSD interface, in case you purchased the optional AV Center Control Hitachi A/V Center. Video Power Save Save power consumption when no signal can be input in HDMI/Composite input mode.
  • Page 36: Watching Images From Hdmi/Composite Input

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) Watching Images from HDMI/Composite Input 1. Connect to external equipment. (See for details.) 2. Press the button to switch to HDMI mode. Press the button to switch to Composite mode. 3. Press the button. Setting Picture Adjustment You can adjust the display condition such as color settings.
  • Page 37 SETUP OPERATION (continued) Watching Images from HDMI/Composite Input (continued) Setting Picture Adjustment (continued) Selected Items Setup hint It allows you to choose from 3 modes. Dynamic Dynamic: Sharpen the gradation to improve the contrast feeling. Contrast Mode Normal Normal : Improve the contrast feeling to reproduce a faithful gradation.
  • Page 38: Reducing Noise

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) Watching Images from HDMI/Composite Input (continued) Picture Dynamic Reducing Noise Contrast Mode Normal 3D Color Management Black Enhancement You can reduce the unwanted picture noise. MPEG NR Film Mode Select "Picture" from the Menu list. 3D Comb Filter Reset Reset Select...
  • Page 39: Making The Moving Image Smooth

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) Watching Images from HDMI/Composite Input (continued) Picture Dynamic Making the Moving Image Smooth Contrast Mode Normal 3D Color Management Black Enhancement Using this function helps to make the moving image smooth. MPEG NR Select "Picture" from the Menu list. Film Mode 3D Comb Filter Reset...
  • Page 40: Advanced Setting

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) Watching Images from HDMI/Composite Input (continued) Advanced Setting Setup Video Power Save RGB Input Composite Select "Setup" from the Menu list. Color System Auto VCXXX-XXX XX-X Select On/Off Return Selected Items Setup hint Video Power Save for details. RGB Input Select the effective signal.
  • Page 41: Viewing Images From A Pc

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) Viewing Images from a PC 1. Connect to the PC. (See for details of connection to PCs.) 2. Switch to RGB input by pressing the button. 3. If necessary select "RGB" option under "Setup/RGB Input" menu. Picture 4.
  • Page 42: Advanced Setting

    SETUP OPERATION (continued) Viewing Images from a PC (continued) Setup Setting Picture Adjustment (continued) Auto Adjust Adjust Horizontal Position Vertical Position Horizontal Clock –20 w Setup Menu Clock Phase Reset Reset Select “Setup” from the Menu list. Select Return Exit Selected Items Setup hint Adjusts Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Horizontal...
  • Page 43: Function

    FUNCTION Aspect Switching Each time the button of the remote control is pressed, the screen display aspect ASPECT is switched in sequence, and the status will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. HDMI/Composite Signal Input Aspect button Display Aspect Watching Standard Definition Pictures (480i, 480p, Composite) Panoramic 1 Panoramic 2...
  • Page 44: Position Adjustment

    FUNCTION (continued) Aspect Switching (continued) HDMI/Composite Signal Input (continued) Position Adjustment Vertical picture position can be adjusted for Panoramic 1, Zoom 1 and Zoom 2 mode as follows. 1. Press the button while operating the picture aspect display. 2. “Position” display will appear. 3.
  • Page 45: Power Save Mode

    FUNCTION (continued) Power Save Mode When HDMI/Composite Input is Selected You are provided the function to save power consumption when no signal is Setup detected in the HDMI/Composite input. Set to On in “Video Power Save” from the Video Power Save RGB Input Setup Menu, which leads to the power save mode.
  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    Before calling a service technician, check the following tables first. If the problem cannot be solved with the suggested procedures, contact 800-HITACHI. For your safety, NEVER try to repair the product yourself. When the Following Messages Appear on the Screen...
  • Page 47 Remove all obstructions from in front of the sensor window on the unit. Check if the buttons on the control panel are working. Only some buttons work on the remote This is normal, some buttons are intended to use with optional Hitachi Set- Top Box control.
  • Page 48 TROUBLESHOOTING (continued) Symptom and Checklist (continued) Symptoms Checklist Page The image on the screen is moving in Adjust “Horizontal Clock” and “Clock Phase”. an oblique direction. (RGB input mode only) The coarse vertical stripes can be Adjust “Horizontal Clock”. seen in full-display mode. (RGB input mode only) Part of the image is missing.
  • Page 49: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATION 27 5/8 (H) x 15 19/32 (V) in, Approx. 32 inches measured diagonally. Display dimensions 701 (H) x 396 (V) mm, Approx. 801 mm measured diagonally. Panel Resolution 1366 (H) x 768 (V) pixels 120 Hz Pixel Pitch 0.510(H) x 0.510(V) mm.
  • Page 50: Signal Input

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (continued) Signal Input RGB terminal (D-sub 15 pin connector) Input signal G/Composite No connection R.GND G.GND/Composite B.GND No connection [SDA] H.sync V.sync. [SCL] HDMI connector pin specifications Input signal Input signal TMDS Data2+ TMDS Clock Shield TMDS Data2 Shield TMDS Clock- TMDS Data2- TMDS Data1+...
  • Page 51: Recommended Signal List

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (continued) Recommended Signal List With HDMI input Signal mode Horizontal Dot clock frequency frequency Remarks Signal Vertical Resolution (kHz) (MHz) Name frequency (Hz) 640 X 480 59.94 31.47 25.18 CEA-861D 480i 720(1440) X 480 59.94 15.73 27.00 CEA-861D 480p 720 X 480 59.94...
  • Page 52: Dimensions

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS (continued) Dimensions Unit: Inch/(mm) (437.9) (813.7) (35.0) Min 1/32 (103.3) (39.6) Max 1/16 9/16 (701.7) (249) 13/16 (400)
  • Page 53: Service Information

    Please follow the next steps to find this information and then record it in the space provided below for use in case you call 800.HITACHI, they will require this information in order to give you the proper support.
  • Page 54: Limited Warranty

    N. Any Product returned for service that is damaged due to improper packaging, mishandling or shipping. (IMPORTANT: When shipping any Product to a Hitachi Authorized Service Centers, Product owner must package it securely in the original shipping container or its equivalent to prevent damage. The Product must be returned with the shipping charges prepaid and proof of purchases included in the shipping container.
  • Page 55: End User License Agreement

    HITACHI Software (this “Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (“you” and represent that neither the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security nor any or “your”), in your capacity as the owner of a HITACHI brand display product other U.S federal Agency has suspended, revoked, or denied your export (the “Product”), and HITACHI Home Electronics (America), Inc.