Pioneer BDP 320 - Blu-Ray Disc Player Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer BDP 320 - Blu-Ray Disc Player Operating Instructions Manual

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  • Page 1 Blu-ray Disc PLAYER BDP-320 Register Your Product on (US) (Canada) Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2 NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 3: Operating Environment

    Operating environment temperature and humidity: When installing this unit, make sure to leave space +5 °C to +35 °C (+41 °F to +95 °F); less than 85 %RH around the unit for ventilation to improve heat (cooling vents not blocked) radiation (at least 10 cm at top, 10 cm at rear, and 10 cm at each side).
  • Page 4 CAUTION cord. Never make a knot in the cord or tie it with other STANDBY/ON switch on this unit will not cords. The power cords should be routed such that they completely shut off all power from the AC outlet.
  • Page 5 Electronics Group want you to get the most out of Light traffic, normal conversation, quiet office your equipment by playing it at a safe level. One that Air conditioner at 20 feet, sewing machine lets the sound come through loud and clear without...
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Licenses ........50...
  • Page 7: Before You Start

    • Operating instructions (this document) batteries if you do not plan to use the remote control for a long period of time (1 month or more). If the fluid Putting the batteries in the should leak, wipe it carefully off the inside of the case, remote control then insert new batteries.
  • Page 8: Types Of Discs/Files That Can Be Played

    Types of discs/files that can be played Playable discs Discs with the logo marks below indicated on the disc label, package or jacket can be played. Application format Disc type Logo CD-DA BDAV DVD-Video DVD VR BDMV DATA-DISC DTS-CD ...
  • Page 9: Discs That Cannot Be Played

    • Some discs cannot be played, even if one of the logo Association. marks on the previous page is indicated. • To play 8 cm discs, set the disc in the 8 cm disc BD-LIVE functions such as downloading movie depression in the center of the disc tray. No adapter trailers or additional audio and subtitle languages is necessary.
  • Page 10: Playable Files

    This player’s region numbers are: functions during playback. • BD-ROM: A • It may not be possible to play some files, even if they have the extension of a file playable on this player. • DVD-Video: 1 • Files protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) Discs not including these numbers cannot be played.
  • Page 11: Part Names And Functions

    Part Names and VIDEO SELECT – (page 22) HOME MEDIA GALLERY – (page 31) Functions TOP MENU – Press to display the top menu of the BD- ROM or DVD-Video. Remote Control 10 /// – Use to select items, change settings and move the cursor.
  • Page 12: Front Panel

    Press and hold to start reverse scanning (page 25). Disc tray / – Press to skip to the beginning of the next title/chapter/track/file. Press and hold to start forward Blu-ray indicator – Lights when the power is turned scanning (page 25).
  • Page 13: Rear Panel

    CONTROL IN on this player using a mini-plug cord (commercially available). Caution • Be sure to connect cables for outputting the audio and video signals. • When connected via System Control, point the remote control toward the connected component (such as an AV receiver or amplifier).
  • Page 14: Connecting Up

    – Sampling frequency: 32 kHz to 192 kHz This player incorporates High-Definition Multimedia – Number of channels: Up to 8 (up to 6 for a 192 kHz Interface (HDMI™) technology. sampling frequency) For details, see About the audio output settings on page 47.
  • Page 15: About Kuro Link Function

    AV system (AV receiver or amplifier, etc.) when playback amplifier. This eliminates the influence of the jitter is started on the player or the Home Menu or Home Media generated upon transfer which can adversely affect the Gallery is displayed. When the input is switched, the sound quality.
  • Page 16: Connecting A Tv

    • If the output video resolution is switched when playing an audio CD (CD-DA), the PQLS function does Connect to an AV receiver or amplifier in order to enjoy not work. This function will work again after playback the surround sound of Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, stops and restarts.
  • Page 17: Connecting An Av Receiver Or Amplifier Using Audio

    Player’s rear panel displayed properly due to the copy protection when VIDEO COMPONENT VIDEO CENTER SUB WOOFER the player is connected to a TV with a built-in video VIDEO deck. For details, contact the manufacturer of your DIGITAL FRONT SURROUND...
  • Page 18: Connecting The Usb (External Storage) Device

    • Devices may not work if connected to the USB port via a memory card reader or USB hub. AC IN AC IN • Use a USB cable with a length of 2 meters or less. SURROUND SURROUND SURROUND SURROUND...
  • Page 19: Getting Started

    KURO LINK is connected to this player’s HDMI OUT power. terminal, language settings are imported from the • When using a Pioneer Flat Panel TV or front projector Pioneer Flat Panel TV’s language settings before Setup compatible with the KURO LINK function, set KURO Navigator begins.
  • Page 20: Operating The Tv With The Player's Remote Control

    If this happens, the setup returns to step 4 if there is no operation for over 30 seconds. Once Check that the TV can be operated. the setup returns to step 4, redo the settings according to Operate the TV using TV CONTROL.
  • Page 21: Tv Preset Code List

    OSO 41 28, 18 Note GEC 07, 34, 48 OSUME 48 • Items that cannot be changed are displayed in gray. GELOSO 32, 44 OTTO VERSAND 31, 32, 07, 42 GENERAL 29 PALLADIUM 38 The items that can be selected depend on the player’s...
  • Page 22: Switching The Video Output Terminal To Be Viewed

    Resolution the various output terminals (page 22). terminals, the picture may be output with an aspect ratio of 16:9, even if the TV Aspect Ratio is set to 4:3 Switching the video (Standard). • The picture may not be displayed for a while when the output terminal to be resolution is switched.
  • Page 23 1. The video output terminal set at Video in the Setup Navigator (page 19) or the video output terminal selected with VIDEO SELECT (page 22). 2. Depending on the BD, the pictures may not be output. 3. This cannot be selected when the video output terminal is set to COMPONENT/VIDEO.
  • Page 24: Playback

    For the types of discs that can be played, see Playable • DVD-Video discs have parental lock features. Input discs on page 8. For the types of files that can be played, the password registered in the player’s settings to see Playable files on page 10.
  • Page 25: Forward And Reverse Scanning

     Input the number of the title, chapter or track you want to play. • If the angles are not switched when ANGLE is • Use the number buttons (0 to 9) to input the number, pressed, switch them from the menu screen. then press ENTER.
  • Page 26: Switching The Audio And Secondary Audio

     During playback, press AUDIO. information switches each time the button is pressed. • The current audio and total number of recorded audio The information display differs during playback and when streams are displayed on the TV screen and on the playback is stopped.
  • Page 27: Playback Functions

    10. Some discs do not include secondary audio. 11. • In some cases the secondary video may switch or the switching screen provided on the disc may be displayed immediately, without the current secondary video or the total number of secondary video streams recorded on the disc being displayed.
  • Page 28: Using The Play Mode Functions

    Play Mode screen. Use / to move the cursor. The Play Mode screen can also be displayed by selecting • To play from 45 minutes, input 0, 0, 4, 5, 0 and 0, then Play Mode from the TOOLS menu. press ENTER.
  • Page 29: Playing Repeatedly (Repeat Play)

    Use / to select, then press ENTER. Select the type of Repeat Play. Use / to select, then press ENTER. See the table on page 30 for the types of Repeat Play.  To cancel Repeat Play • Select Off from the Repeat/Random screen, then press ENTER.
  • Page 30: En About Play Mode Types

    About Play Mode types The functions that can be used differ according to the type of disc and file. In some cases, some of the functions cannot be used. Check the usable functions on the table below. Disc/file type DVD-R...
  • Page 31: Playing From The Home Media Gallery

    Drama: Blank time Music and us  About Slideshow 10 items Playback starts. A display of the files on the disc or in the folder that switches automatically.  Closing the Home Media Gallery Press HOME MEDIA GALLERY or HOME MENU.
  • Page 32: Playing Audio Files

    Use / to select, then press ENTER. A list of the files and folders in the selected folder is The track or file selected in step 3 is added to the HMG Playlist. displayed. To add more tracks or files, repeat steps 3 to 5.
  • Page 33 Use / to select, then press ENTER. Playback starts from the selected track/file, and continues until the end of the list is reached. Use /  to play the previous or next track/file. The Now Playing screen (shown below) is displayed.
  • Page 34: Adjusting Audio And Video

    • MNR – Reduces the mosquito noise (distortion along Pioneer front projector. the contours of the picture generated upon MPEG • PDP – Select this when connected to a plasma TV of compression). another brand. • Detail – Adjusts the picture’s contours.
  • Page 35: Adjusting The Audio

    Adjusting the Audio DRC Use / to select, / to adjust. The output levels of the L, C, R, SL, SR, SBL, SBR and SW Audio DRC (Dynamic Range Control) has the effect of speakers can be adjusted within the range of –6.0 dB to playing loud sounds softly and soft sounds loudly.
  • Page 36: Adjusting The Audio Delay (Lip Sync)

    Press , then use / to adjust. Lip Sync Manual 100 ms The audio delay can be adjusted from 0 to 250 ms in steps of 5 ms. Note • The Lip Sync adjustment is only applicable to the output terminal set at Output Terminal (page 46).
  • Page 37: Advanced Settings

    • DVD 16:9 Video Out is only valid when TV Aspect Ratio is set to 4:3 (Standard). • DVD 16:9 Video Out is only valid when playing 16:9 pictures of DVD-Video or DVD-R/-RW (VR format) discs. When other 16:9 pictures are played, they are output in the Letter Box mode.
  • Page 38 Speaker Setup When an AV receiver or amplifier, etc., is connected to the player’s AUDIO OUT terminals, set whether or not speakers are connected to an AV receiver or amplifier, etc., their size and their * Only valid for the AUDIO crossover frequency.
  • Page 39 RGB (16 to 235) is selected. Normally it is recommended to set this to Auto. When set to Auto, the optimum video signals for your TV are output. HDMI Audio Out Auto The signals are output with as many audio channels as possible.
  • Page 40 DVD-Video playback. You can select the language name or enter the code number (see on page 49 for the code table). If a language not recorded on the BD/DVD is set, one of the recorded languages is automatically selected and played. Subtitle Language...
  • Page 41 TV screen. Hybrid Disc Playback The BD layer of hybrid discs with two or more layers (BD and DVD or CD) is played. The DVD layer of hybrid discs with two or more layers (BD and DVD) is played.
  • Page 42: Changing The Speaker Setup

    Small, if the subwoofer’s filter is set to be Use / to select, then press ENTER. bypassed, the player’s high precision digital filter is • Fix – The output level of all the speakers is set to the used. In this case, set the crossover frequency to maximum.
  • Page 43 • Server Name – Input the server name. DNS Server (Secondary) Input IP Address or Server Name. Use the number buttons (0 to 9) to input the number if you select IP address by step 3. Use / to move the cursor. • Auto Set IP Address On –...
  • Page 44: Language Setting

    • If you want to enter two characters in succession that Change the language. Use / to change, then press ENTER. are both on the same button (for example a P and an R), press  after inputting the first character then Initial Setup input the second character.
  • Page 45 When Shared Data is selected, all the data Input the password. downloaded with the BD-LIVE function and not Use the number buttons (0 to 9) or / to input the associated to discs is erased. number, then press ENTER to set.
  • Page 46: Software Updating

    Furthermore updating process cannot be canceled. Note • When the front panel display is off, turn it on with FL • After restoring all the settings to the factory default DIMMER. When updating the player’s software with settings, use Setup Navigator to reset the player the front panel display off, do not unplug the power (page 19).
  • Page 47: About The Audio Output Settings

    1. When Audio Output Mode is set to 2 Channel or Multi-channel (page 38). 2. When Dolby Digital Out is set to Dolby Digital  PCM, DTS Out is set to DTS  PCM, or AAC Out is set to AAC  PCM (page 38).
  • Page 48 9. When the output video resolution is set to 480i or 480p, the signals may be output in linear PCM (2 channels) or Dolby Digital bitstream, depending on HDMI High Speed Transmission setting and/or the connected HDMI device (page 14).
  • Page 49: Language Code Table And Country/Area Code

    Language Code Table and Country/Area Code Table  Language Code Table Language name, language code, input code Abkhazian, ab/abk, 0102 French, fr/fra, 0618 Malagasy, mg/mlg, 1307 Slovenian, sl/slv, 1912 Afar, aa/aar, 0101 Galician, gl/glg, 0712 Somali, so/som, 1915 Malay, ms/msa, 1319...
  • Page 50: Additional Information

    Portions of this software are copyright © <year> The subject to the following conditions: the author of the parts of the library used. This can be in the FreeType Project ( All rights reserved. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall form of a textual message at program startup or in Please replace <year>...
  • Page 51 If you are looking for support, start in Glenn Randers-Pehrson have included considerable functionality beyond the bare this list if you haven’t found anything to help you in the glennrp at JPEG coding/decoding capability; for example, the color documentation.
  • Page 52: Gnu General Public License

    WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR know much about data compression in general. The book’s support JPEG. (Quite a few of them use this library to do so.) A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO JPEG sample code is far from industrial-strength, but when...
  • Page 53 License. (Exception: if the to patent issues), conditions are imposed on you If you develop a new program, and you want it to be of the Program itself is interactive but does not normally...
  • Page 54 Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, freedom of use specified in this license. 2. You may modify your copy or copies of the Library or any Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA. Most GNU software, including some libraries, is covered by...
  • Page 55 License. If you develop a new library, and you want it to be of the You must give prominent notice with each copy of the 11.If, as a consequence of a court judgment or allegation of...
  • Page 56: Cautions On Use

    Cleaning the player the unit is connected. Do not place the player on top of a TV or color monitor. Normally, wipe the player with a soft cloth. For tough dirt, Keep it away from cassette decks or other components apply some neutral detergent diluted in 5 to 6 parts water easily affected by magnetism.
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble or malfunction. If you think that there is something wrong with this component, check the points below. Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used.
  • Page 58 • Insert the cable firmly and all the way in. Is the video cable damaged? If the cable is damaged, replace it with a new one. Is the input setting on the Read the operating instructions of the connected components and connected TV or AV receiver switch to the proper input.
  • Page 59 (page 14). connected? • Insert the cable firmly and all the way in. Is the audio cable damaged? If the cable is damaged, replace it with a new one. Are the connected Read the operating instructions of the connected components and check the volume, input, speaker settings, etc.
  • Page 60 Check Remedy 192 kHz or 96 kHz digital It is not possible to output 192 kHz or 96 kHz digital audio signals from audio signals cannot be this player’s DIGITAL OUT terminal. The signals are automatically output from the DIGITAL converted to 48 kHz or less for output.
  • Page 61: Kuro Link

    KURO LINK function, even when connected function? using an HDMI cable. • The KURO LINK function will not work if devices that do not support the KURO LINK function are connected between the KURO LINK- compatible device and the player.
  • Page 62: Others

    The player’s power may turn on together with the power of the TV connected to the HDMI OUT terminal. If you do not want the player’s automatically. power to turn on when the TV’s power is turned on, set KURO LINK to Off (page 39). Player cannot be operated...
  • Page 63: Glossary

     Dolby Digital  BDMV Dolby Digital is an audio format to record the sound in up to 5.1 Of the BD format, the Audio Visual Format Specifications channels with a fraction of the amount of data as compared to designed for pre-packaged high definition (HD) movie contents is linear PCM audio signals.
  • Page 64: Parental Lock

    Dolby TrueHD is an audio format using lossless coding. With BD- The name of a family of standards used to encode video and ROMs, up to 8 channels can be recorded at 96 kHz/24 bits, or up audio signals in a digital compressed format. The video encoding to 6 channels at 192 kHz/24 bits.
  • Page 65: Specifications

    1 set, Minijack (3.5 ø) 1 set, Type A Note • The specifications and design of this product are subject to change without notice. ® • This product includes FontAvenue fonts licenced by NEC Corporation. FontAvenue is a registered trademark of...
  • Page 66 Should this product require service in the U.S.A. and you wish to locate the nearest Pioneer Authorized Independent Service Company, or if you wish to purchase replacement parts, operating instructions, service manuals, or accessories, please call the number shown below.

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