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Pioneer BDP-320 Service Manual

Pioneer BDP-320 Service Manual

Blu-ray dis player
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3 7 63 1515 0
Blu-ray Disc PLAYER
L 13942296513
For details, refer to "Important Check Points for good servicing".
PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1760, Long Beach, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A.
PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium
PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936
Power Requirement
AC 120 V
4-1, Meguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8654, Japan
2 9
Region No.
6 7
1 3
1 5
*The Drive assy of this product is subject to change without notice.
9 4
2 8
Region No.
0 5
2 9
9 4
2 8
T-ZZY-001 MAR.
2009 Printed in Japan
9 9
9 9


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Pioneer BDP-320

  • Page 1 PIONEER CORPORATION 4-1, Meguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8654, Japan PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1760, Long Beach, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A. PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    PIONEER u163 Also test with Service Manual. A subscription to, or additional copies plug reversed of, PIONEER Ser vice Manual may be obtained at a (Using AC adapter Earth nominal charge from PIONEER. plug as required)
  • Page 3 Operating output : 1.34 mW CW, Class 1M Maximum output : Class 1M (under fault condition) LABEL CHECK The following caution label appears on your unit. Location: inside of the unit L 13942296513 (Printed on the Rear Panel) DRW2382 - A u163 BDP-320
  • Page 4 To protect products from damages or failures during transit, the shipping mode should be set or the shipping screws should be installed before shipment. Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual. BDP-320
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    10.16 POWER SUPPLY UNIT ............................94 10.17 WAVEFORMS................................96 11. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM ............................98 11.1 SERVICE MAIN ASSY..............................98 11.2 AVJB, FLKB, ICEB, KEYB AND RSJB ASSYS ......................102 11.3 POWER SUPPLY UNIT ............................106 12. PCB PARTS LIST................................110 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 6: Http://Www.xiaoyu163.Com

    The SD card in the MAIN Assy cannot be removed from its slot because it is bonded with adhesive at 2 locations. The SD card is not supplied as a service part, which is, however, scheduled. Slot Bonded SD card u163 Front BDP-320
  • Page 7: Specifications

    • AA/R6 dry cell batteries x 2 • Power cord x 1 (ADG7022) • Warranty card • Operating instructions (VRB1519) 2.2 SPECIFICATIONS Model BDP-320 Type Blu-ray Disc PLAYER Rated voltage AC 120 V Rated frequency 60 Hz Power consumption 32 W Power consumption (standby) 0.3 W...
  • Page 8: Disc/Content Format

    4. Finalize (close) them before playing them on this player. 5. DVD-R for Authoring discs (3.95 and 4.7 GB) cannot be played. 6. Version 1.0 DVD-RW discs cannot be played. “Blu-ray Disc” and are trademarks. u163 is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation. BDP-320
  • Page 9: Qq Contents 3 7 63 1515 0 8 2 9 9 4 2 8 9

    • BDs (BDMV) compatible with the formats below can be played. – Blu-ray Disc Read-Only (ROM) Format Version 2 – Blu-ray Disc Recordable (R) Format Version 2 u163 – Blu-ray Disc Rewritable (RE) Format Version 3 This player supports BD-ROM Profi le 2. BDP-320
  • Page 10 • It may not be possible to play discs recorded using a u163 computer due to the application settings or computer’s environment settings. Record discs in a format playable on this player. For details, contact the dealer. BDP-320
  • Page 11: Panel Facilities

    9 TOP MENU – Press to display the top menu of the BDROM or DVD-Video. – Use to select items, change settings and u163 move the cursor. ENTER – Press to execute the selected item or enter a setting that has been changed, etc. HOME MENU BDP-320
  • Page 12 1080/24p, 1080/60i, 1080/60p or 720/60p. It also lights 8 EXT when a component video cable is connected and video 9 CONTROL signals are being output with a resolution of 1080/60i or 720/60p. 4 LAN 5 PQLS u163 BDP-320
  • Page 13 8 LAN (100) terminal 3 AC IN 4 CONTROL IN terminal – Use to control this player from the remote sensor of another Pioneer component with a CONTROL OUT terminal and bearing the mark. Connect the CONTROL OUT terminal of the other component to CONTROL IN on this player using a mini- plug cord (commercially available).
  • Page 14: Basic Items For Service

    Before shipping out the product, be sure to clean the following positions by using the prescribed cleaning tools. Position to be cleaned Name Part No. Remarks Pickup leneses Cleaning liquid GEM1004 Refer to “7. DISASSEMBLY”. u163 Cleaning paper GED-008 Fans Cleaning paper GED-008 Refer to “9.2 EXTERIOR SECTION”. BDP-320
  • Page 15: Pcb Locations

    Service Remote Control Unit GGF1067 Adjustment, diagnosis DVD Test Disc (DVD-Video) GGV1025 Check of DVD-Video BD-ROM Test Disc GGV1308 Check of BD-ROM ID Data Disc for Blu-ray player GGV1343 Adjustment (ID data setting) Disc Ejection Rod GGF1529 Emergency Disc Ejection u163 BDP-320
  • Page 16: Block Diagram

  • Page 17 3 7 63 1515 0 ICEB ASSY (BDP-320 : YWG1012) (BDP-23FD : YWG1009) 012-B V+3R3A ADATA3 ADATA2 012-B ADATA1 ADATA0 BCKO LRCKO MCLK XAMUTE VKN1419-A CN6801 V+12SW AVJB ASSY V+12SW (YWV1019) AMUTE GNDA L 13942296513 R_OUT GNDA GNDA GNDA...
  • Page 18: Block Diagram

    PH Housing (9P) VMCLK 27MHz P201 AMCLK1 36MHz AMCLK2 33MHz Sub u-com to IC, LC87F5932A AVJB IC201 regulator for IC TUBE FL DRIVER FLKB ASSY 1.25mm CN7001 PH Housing (15P) CP502 u163 SATA<->EH Housing (4P) POWER SUPPLY UNIT BDP-320
  • Page 19: Avjb Assy

    1.0mm RS-232C RSJB ASSY g (15P) u163 BDP-23FD Only PLY UNIT Copyright © 2007 Pioneer Corporation All right reserved. This document may not be copied or distributed in any fashion without the express written permission of Pioneer Corporation. BDP-320
  • Page 20: Power Block Diagram

    4.3 POWER BLOCK DIAGRAM 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 21 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 22: Diagnosis

    The R8A34019BG (IC1001), the core LSI, starts up. {RS-232C connector CN1601, log it to ON} Communication between the R8A34019BG and the DDR2 SDRAM starts. Communication between the R8A34019BG and the FLASH_IC starts. It takes about 1 minute to complete the startup process. L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 23: Trouble Shooting

    • Check in the log that the model number of the drive has been recognized. displayed on Example: “PIONEER BD-** BDV-****, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive” the FL display. If it is not recognized, check the power for the SPATA and ATA signals.
  • Page 24: Reset On Sequence

    Determine if ResetG becomes ”L”, then turn Reset_SKY#, Reset 2#, Reset 3#, Reset 4#, Reset_FL, to ”L”, and Reset 5# ”L” turn to ”H”. [At abnormal end] 1. ACOFF 2. By turning 1.1 V to OFF, ResetG# turns to ”L” by ResetIC. Power_ON 1.1 V Reset u163 (IC4201 OUT) Reset_SKY#,2#,3#, 4#,5#,FL BDP-320
  • Page 25: Service Mode

    Judgment of degradation of the LD for the CD (OK/NG) Temperature inside the writer [ESC]+[DISP]+[4] Results of self-diagnosis Refer to “[5] SELF-DIAGNOSIS RESULT DISPLAY” Version/Revision Nos. of the SKY chip HDMI transmitter IC check Communication check of the submicrocomputer PLL synthesizer check u163 DRIVE check BDP-320
  • Page 26 BD-J Authoring maker Total number of titles BD-R/RE BDMV BDAV AVCHD Authoring maker Total number of titles BDMV AVCHD DVD-Video DVD VR Authoring maker Total number of titles Total number of titles PC-FILES u163 Total number of files BDP-320
  • Page 27 L 13942296513 Elapsed time within a title Navigation data Playback stream format SESF ISDB Video data Video stream data Playlist data (Virtual/Real-PlayList) Playlist No. Resolution Source video aspect ratio Frame rate AACS data Audio data Audio Stream data u163 BDP-320
  • Page 28 Error data of the video decoder Error data of the audio decoder [ESC]+[DISP]+[14] Playback data (CD) Audio data Playback track/all tracks Playback duration of the track Playback duration of the disc Total duration of the track Total duration of the disc u163 BDP-320
  • Page 29 ID has been set. Refer to [ESC]+[CHP/TIM]+[3] Ethernet check mode “[8] ETHERNET CHECK MODE” [ESC]+[REV SCAN]+[6] USB check mode Refer to “[9] USB CHECK MODE” * For details on how to shift screens, see "[2] OUTLINE OF SERVICE MODE". u163 BDP-320
  • Page 30 To exit any screen, press the [ESC] key. u163 *1 Set the OSD Filter to ON when a symptom such as greeking is generated while a monitor from a manufacturer other than Pioneer is connected (initial setting: OFF). For details, see “[4] OSD FILTER SETTING.” BDP-320
  • Page 31 If it has not been set, "?????????" is displayed. 9 MAC ADDRESS : MAC ADDRESS value If it has not been set, "?????????????????" is displayed. u163 • 2nd screen (OSD FILTER SETTING) * For details on the OSD FILTER SCREEN, see the "[4] OSD FILTER SETTING". BDP-320
  • Page 32 [4] OSD FILTER SETTING While a monitor from a manufacturer other than Pioneer is connected, symptoms such as greeking and improper video display may be generated. In such a case, set the OSD FILTER to ON in OSD FILTER SETTING mode then check the video display.
  • Page 33 * The layout for OSD depends on the mounting. * "x.xE-X" in the above table indicates an error rate. E.g.: 3.5E-5 = 3.5X10 u163 OK/NG judgment Disc type Reference value Indication 1.0x10 OK/NG 1.0x10 OK/NG No error rate measurement BDP-320
  • Page 34 4. Press the [ESC], [CHP/TIM], then [3] keys, in that order, to send a ping from the player to the PC. “OK” will be displayed on the terminal software of the PC within 10 seconds if Ethernet communication is properly performed. If “NG” is displayed, improper LAN or RS-232C connection settings, connection error, or failure in the player may be suspected. BDP-320
  • Page 35 3. Press the ESC, Rev SCAN, then 6 keys, in that order. Writing, reading, verifying, then deleting via the USB connector are performed. Then, the check result (OK/NG) will be displayed in the terminal software window of the PC. L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 36: Disassembly

    (2) Remove the four screws. (VBA1112) [1-2] Tray panel section (1) Press the STANDBY/ON button to turn on L 13942296513 the power. (2) Press the OPEN/CLOSE button to open the tray. (3) Remove the tray panel section. u163 Tray panel section BDP-320
  • Page 37 When the tray cannot be opened because the power cannot be turned on, it can be opened using the emergency disc ejection rod (GGF1529). (A long, thin rod about 1 mm in diameter can be used in place of the rod.) u163 Tray panel section Emergency disc ejection rod BDP-320
  • Page 38 [2] Front Panel Section (1) Disconnect the flexible cable. SERVICE MAIN Assy CN4401 (2) Unhook the four hooks. L 13942296513 • Bottom view (3) Remove the front panel section. Front panel section u163 KEYB Assy ICEB Assy FLKB Assy BDP-320
  • Page 39 (1) Release the jumper wire. Binder Drive stay L POWER SUPPLY Unit (2) Disconnect the SATA cable. DRIVE Assy BDV-104 SATA cable L 13942296513 CN5301 SERVICE MAIN Assy (3) Disconnect the connector. (4) Remove the four screws. (BSR30P060FTC) u163 DRIVE Assy BDV-104 BDP-320
  • Page 40 [4-2] SERVICE MAIN and AVJB Assemblies (1) Remove the two screws. (BPZ30P080FTC) • Rear view L 13942296513 (2) Remove the one screw. (VBA1088) • Rear view (3) Remove the 10 screws. (BSR30P060FTC) AVJB Assy SERVICE MAIN Assy u163 BDP-320
  • Page 41 L 13942296513 JA5601 Aluminum Tape 13 x 25 DRIVE Assy BDV-104 (6) Reassembling the DRIVE Assy BDV-104. (7) Reassembling the front panel section. (8) Arrange the unit as shown in the photo below. u163 AVJB Assy SERVICE MAIN Assy BDP-320
  • Page 42 Drive stay L Drive stay R (2) Remove the drive stays L and R. Front [2] Upper case Lower case (1) Remove the six screws. L 13942296513 Front • Bottom view (2) Remove the upper case. Upper case Front u163 BDP-320
  • Page 43 3 7 63 1515 0 Pickup lenses Before shipment, be sure to clean the pickup lenses, using the following cleaning materials: Cleaning liquid : GEM1004 Cleaning paper : GED-008 L 13942296513 Front u163 BDP-320
  • Page 44: Each Setting And Adjustment

    DO NOT unplug the power cable or press the standby button until the unit switches into standby mode. u163 6. Remove the UPDATE disc from the tray. 7. Press the "STANDBY/ON" button to switch the unit on, and check if FL display indicates "DL OK". The update is completed if FL display indicates "DL OK". BDP-320
  • Page 45: Model Setting

    • Once all 4 digits are input, that number is set. -> If a number that is not included on the MODEL Setting screen is input, “MODEL ERR” is displayed on the FL display, and the Normal mode screen will be displayed. u163 BDP-320
  • Page 46 -> From the menu, set the signal for the video output connector to “Video” and that for the audio output connector to “Analog audio.” • FL display While the Model Setting screen is displayed: If the input model number exists: If the input model number does not exist: u163 BDP-320
  • Page 47: Cprm Id Number And Data Setting

    • After the data are read from the ID data disc, the disc will automatically be unloaded. • Each time a key input succeeds, the screen background becomes blue. If a key input fails, the screen background becomes red. u163 BDP-320
  • Page 48 4 After the ID No. is set, the unit awaits ID data input. ("INSERT ID DATA" is displayed on the FL display.) Load the ID data disc in the disc tray. As soon as the tray is closed, reading of the data will start. When writing fails u163 BDP-320
  • Page 49 (The registered ID No. also remains displayed when a wrong ID No. is input [NG].) Before any numeric is input (registered ID: 012345678) [012345678] When the first digit (0) is input u163 BDP-320
  • Page 50: Exploded Views And Parts List

    Screws adjacent to b mark on product are used for disassembly. For the applying amount of lubricants or glue, follow the instructions in this manual. (In the case of no amount instructions, apply as you think it appropriate.) 9.1 PACKING SECTION L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 51 10 Front Pad (PS) YHA1001 11 Rear Pad (PS) YHA1002 12 Packing Case (Paper) YHG1045 13 Nonwoven Cloth Cover VHL1116 NSP 14 Serial Label S VRW2017 15 • • • • • NSP 16 Update Guide (Paper) VRY1182 L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 52: Exterior Section

    9.2 EXTERIOR SECTION 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 Connector (CN3701) SD Card Cleaning paper : GED-008 u163 Refer to “9.3 FRONT PANEL SECTION.” BDP-320
  • Page 53 AMZ30P060FTC 32 Screw BPZ30P080FTC 33 Screw BSR30P060FTC 34 Screw BSZ30P060FTC 35 Screw PBZ30P080FTC 36 Screw M3 x 8 (FE) VBA1088 37 Screw (FE) VBA1112 38 Aluminum Tape 13 x 25 VEF1068 39 Acetate Tape (19 mm) GYH1030 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 54: Front Panel Section

    9.3 FRONT PANEL SECTION 3 7 63 1515 0 (1/3) MAIN (2/3) CN4401 L 13942296513 (3/3) Refer to “1.2 ON REPLACEMENT OF THE ICEB AND KEYB ASSYS.” u163 BDP-320
  • Page 55 1 FLKB Assy YWG1010 2 KEYB Assy YWG1011 3 ICEB Assy YWG1012 4 Flexible Cable (23P) YDA1008 5 Pioneer Name Plate YAM1003 6 FL Filter (PC) YEC1002 7 Front Bridge (FE) YNE1008 8 Key Base (ABS) YNK1063 9 Key Lens (PMMA)
  • Page 56: Schematic Diagram

    SH bus(to FLASH) R1609 factor of the part. Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical TP1001 designation. V+3R3S : The power supply is shown with the marked box. 1/12 BDP-320
  • Page 57 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 1/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) 1/12 SERVICE MAIN ASSY A-a A-b 1/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) V+3R3D NOTE (BDP-320) MDSEL0 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 VXX3355 MDSEL1 MDSEL2 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G)
  • Page 58 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 1/12 BDP-320
  • Page 59 3 7 63 1515 0 DDR2 ch0 4memory L 13942296513 u163 1/12 BDP-320
  • Page 60 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 1/12 BDP-320
  • Page 61 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 1/12 BDP-320
  • Page 62: Service Main Assy (2/12)(Guide Page)

    R2644 DAS0BA2 R2622 DA0BA2 HY5PS1G831CFP-Y5C R2645 DAS0BA1 R2623 DA0BA1 128Mbit x 8bit VSS1 DM/RDQS VDDQ3 VSS2 R2647 R2625 DAS0CKE DA0CKE NU//RDQS VSSQ2 VSSQ4 VREF VDD1 VDDQ2 VDDL VSS3 VDD4 V+1R8ch0-1 IC2661 4/12 RESET2#_ch0 R2661 OUTY R2662 u163 2/12 BDP-320
  • Page 63 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 2/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) SERVICE MAIN ASSY A-a A-b 2/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) 2/12 NOTE (BDP-320) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G)
  • Page 64 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 2/12 BDP-320
  • Page 65 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 2/12 BDP-320
  • Page 66 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 2/12 BDP-320
  • Page 67 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 2/12 BDP-320
  • Page 68: Service Main Assy (3/12)

    82 F 1000p/50 C3201 C3221 DA1CLK0 1000p/50 C3223 0.1u/16 DA1CLK0N DA1WE_N DA1CKE DA1ODT DA1BA1 DA1RAS_N DA1BA0 DA1CAS_N DA1BA2 DA1CS_N DA1A1 DA1A2 DA1A0 DA1A10 DA1A5 C3214 1u/16 DA1A3 DA1A6 DA1A4 DA1A9 DA1A11 DA1A8 DA1A7 DA1A12 DA1A13 C3222 1u/16 u163 3/12 BDP-320
  • Page 69 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 3/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 C3301 C3302 R3333 R3334 R3335 R3153 R3152 C3153 100p C3151 CCG1171-A R3151 ON/OFF VOUT L 13942296513 C3152...
  • Page 70: Service Main Assy (4/12)

    HCS_N3 R3596 RESET2# 5/12 R3504 V+3R3FM V+3R3FNA C3506 1000p/50 R3508 R3601 4.7k 4.7k 2/12 RESET2#_ch0 R3553 V+3R3FM_1 V+3R3FNA_1 V+3R3FNA V+3R3FM L3551 L3651 IC3551 IC3651 CTF1394-A TC7SH08FUS1 R3554 R3655 HCS_N0 HCS_N2 HCS_N1 HCS_N3 R3555 R3656 OUTY OUTY u163 4/12 BDP-320
  • Page 71 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 4/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 Clock Generator V+3R3D F3801 IC3803 DTL1106-A V+3R3CG TP3803 TC7SH08FUS1 SATA_CLK R3822 25.00MHz (guard L=100/S=200) R3823 8/12 OUTY...
  • Page 72: Service Main Assy (5/12)

    0.01u R4020 SCON_RQI 1/12 C4018 R4022 100p P73/ C4019 0.01u RES# TH4001 R4025 XT1/ L 13942296513 C4020 R4356 1000p/50 XT2/ C4005 C4021 0.1u R4024 TP4401 P80/ TP4004 P81/ R4045 R4355 C4358 R4354 220k R4357 R4359 10/12 u163 5/12 BDP-320
  • Page 73 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY NOTE (BDP-320) 5/12 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 R4208 100k R4209 100k R4241 R4210 100k C4001 C4002 R4316 C4003 1000p C4004 R4018 C4016 TP4002 VCG1061-A C4017 0.01u...
  • Page 74: Service Main Assy (6/12)

    ETX_CLK RTL8201CP-LF TPRX- R4514 PWFBIN AGND ERXD7 LED0/PHYAD0 RTSET C4615 LED1/PHYAD1 R4515 DGND1 MDIO TP4615 1000p/50 LED2/PHYAD2 C4614 R4516 1u/16 TP4612 C4611 TP4503 TP4502 for CHECKER V+3R3D R4586 ETXD7 ETX_ER ERXD5 ERXD4 1/12 ETHER F4503 VTL1171-A u163 6/12 BDP-320
  • Page 75 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 6/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 4/12 ETH_CLK for RTL8201 25MHz V+3R3D_2 V+3R3RTLA F4501 VTL1171-A JA4501 VKN2086-A R4502 R4521 C4521 F4506 49.9 0.1u/50...
  • Page 76: Service Main Assy (7/12)

    10.7 SERVICE MAIN ASSY (7/12) 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 7/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 The schematic diagrams around IC5001 and HDMI are not included. L 13942296513...
  • Page 77 3 7 63 1515 0 L 13942296513 u163 7/12 BDP-320
  • Page 78: Service Main Assy (8/12)

    H_DD0 CNFG1 DD14 R5351 H_DD14 CNFG0 R5357 X5301 H_DD1 RST_N C5328 C5303 0.01u/16 R5358 0.01u/16 R5301 C5329 0.01u/16 C5324 R5359 0.01u/16 C5343 C5342 R5352 C5325 0.01u/16 C5330 0.1u/16 +1.8V +3.3V 1/12 R5363 SATA_XRST 5/12 R5346 RESET4# u163 8/12 BDP-320
  • Page 79 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 8/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 1/12 USB_BUS 5/12 V+3R3D V+3R3USB V+5USB R5621 F5601 RESET5# VTL1171-A 1/12 USB_XRST V+1R8SU V+1R8USB F5602 R5625 R5616...
  • Page 80: Service Main Assy (9/12)

    BDP-23FD only RS232C *CN6301 V+3R3E GNDA TP6302 V+3R3E R6010 *C6306 1.2k TP6306 *R6304 232C_RXD 232C_RX C6310 *R6303 TP6305 232C_TXD 232C_TX C6309 CN601 TP6304 *R6302 232C_RTS 232C_RTS C6308 TP6303 *R6301 232C_CTS 232C_CTS C6307 u163 V+5E TP6301 V+5E *C6305 9/12 BDP-320
  • Page 81 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 9/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 V+3R3AO V+3R3AO Audio DAC D6001 V+3R3AO R6022 R6038 V+5AO V+3R3HDAU XAMUTE F6002 VTL1171-A TP6521 D6002 10/12 AMUTE1...
  • Page 82: Service Main Assy (10/12)

    3 7 63 1515 0 from R8A34019BG Video Out V+5AV V+5V F6501 VTL1171-A R6511 R6521 A_VCROUT_S A_VCROUT_S_DAC V+5V R6512 R6522 A_VCBOUT_S A_VCBOUT_S_DAC V+5V L 13942296513 R6513 R6523 A_VYOUT_S 1/12 A_VYOUT_S_DAC V+5V R6514 R6524 A_VVOUT_S A_VVOUT_S_DAC V+5V R6515 R6525 A_VCOUT_S u163 A_VCOUT_S_DAC 10/12 BDP-320
  • Page 83: Audio Digital

    3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 10/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 V+12SW TP6501 V+12SW V+12SW TP6502 R6531 AMUTE1 AMUTE C6516 9/12 GNDA TP6503 R_OUT R OUT 5/12 VIDEO...
  • Page 84: Service Main Assy (11/12)

    V+5SW TP7017 IC7611 V+3R3HD MM3423DR TP7612 V+12SW D7611 TP7015 SW+12V L 13942296513 V+5R8E TP7019 EV+5.8V TP7021 R7611 C7015 TP7012 R7003 1000p 5/12 P_ON P_ON V+5R8E D7601 IC7601 S-1112B50MC-L7J TP7601 from SYPS VOUT R7604 ON/OFF R7601 HDMI_5V_ON u163 11/12 BDP-320
  • Page 85 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 11/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 V+1R8SU V+2R5SW V+1R2HD IC7651 MM3341CR TP7613 TP7855 7651 D7311 IC7311 S-1132B18-U5 for SATA,USB VOUT R7311 ON/OFF for HDMI_Tx_core...
  • Page 86: Service Main Assy (12/12)

    D7501 *D7502 1SS355 1SS355 for RS232C V+3R3VA V+5SW TP7401 IC7401 D7401 V+1R8D R7401 R7402 UMF21N-TLB CTF1306-T BK1608HM102-B ( 200mA) u163 CTF1357-T BK1608HS121-B ( 500mA) CTF1394-T BK2125HS750-B (1000mA) VCG1057-T 1005 YF1uF/6.3V VCG1063-T 1005 CH1000pF/50V CCG1171-T 2125 YB10uF /6.3V 12/12 BDP-320
  • Page 87 3 7 63 1515 0 SERVICE MAIN ASSY 12/12 (BDP-320 : VXX3355) NOTE (BDP-320) 1..SERVICE MAIN ASSY VXX3355 2..MAIN ASSY (BDP3G) VWV2386 V+5SW V+1R7SW R7111 C7115 BIAS V+1R1S C7102 for MAIN LSI TP7103 C7113 1000p V+1R8D V+2R5SW TP7202 L 13942296513...
  • Page 88: Avjb Assy

    4.7k 1.2k 47u/16 IC402 V+12A 2SD2114K(VW) UPC4570G2-A Q403 R433 REF_V Audio LPF u163 R434 IC402 GNDA GNDA Q404 GNDA UPC4570G2-A 2SD2114K(VW) GNDA L ch R424 C418 R435 R437 R405 R407 R410 47u/16 1.2k 4.7k C412 GNDA R414 68p/50 BDP-320
  • Page 89 C716 C715 GNDA R713 R714 R730 R732 R715 R729 R731 GNDA R724 R728 R717 R723 R727 R718 R210 R726 R716 V+5A R211 R212 R725 GND_FAN GNDA GNDA V+3R3A IC701 TC7SZ08FU R706 REF_V MCLK_IN OUTY GNDA GNDA u163 MCLK_OUT BDP-320
  • Page 90: Flkb Assy

    10.14 FLKB ASSY 3 7 63 1515 0 FLKB ASSY (BDP-320 : YWG1010) (BDP-23FD : YWG1006) FUNCTION SIGNAL VOLTAGE KEY0 KEY1 V+12V 0.53 0.59 0.65 PLAY OPEN/CLOSE POWER_ON 0.91 0.99 1.08 PAUSE 1.48 1.57 1.67 STOP 2.06 2.15 2.23...
  • Page 91 SG[12] CF2/XT2 SG[11] VDD1 IC201 SG[10] P00/AN0 PDC182B SG[9] P01/AN1 SG[8] P02/AN2 SG[7] P03/AN3 SG[6] P04/AN4 SG[5] P05/AN5 P70/INT0/T0LCP/RMIN SG[4] P71_INT1/T0HCP P06/AN6 SG[3] P07/AN7 SG[2] SG[1] LED_HDMI V+12V GR[1-12],SG[1-36] FL-23V V+3R3SW JP202 JP203 Q202 R214 LTC114YUB C217 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 92: Iceb, Keyb And Rsjb Assys

    10.15 ICEB, KEYB AND RSJB ASSYS 3 7 63 1515 0 ICEB ASSY (BDP-320 : YWG1012) (BDP-23FD : YWG1009) V+12V YKP1012-1 YKP1012-1 KEY0 KEY0 L412 V+12SW V+12SW LED_ICEBLUE LED_PON LED_PON KEY1 KEY1 V+3R3SE V+3R3SE LED_FL_OFF LED_FL_OFF JP401 JP402 BLUE (REG)
  • Page 93 SLR343BC4T(JKLM) D302 SLR343WBCT(MNPQ) Q301 LTC114YUB Q302 LTC114YUB R311 2.2k R324 KEYB ASSY JP302 JP303 L 13942296513 R325 (BDP-320 : YWG1011) (BDP-23FD : YWG1007) RSJB ASSY (BDP-23FD Only : YWG1008) V+3R3E V+5E V+3R3E IC601 CN601 V+3R3E JA601 OUTY AKP1213-A R601 ST232CN...
  • Page 94: Power Supply Unit

    Shortest connection for large current grounding High-voltage oscillation pattern. Be careful when wiring. L 13942296513 u163 • NOTE FOR FUSE REPLACEMENT CAUTION - FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION AGAINST RISK OF FIRE. REPLACE WITH SAME TYPE AND RATINGS OF FUSE. BDP-320
  • Page 95 3 7 63 1515 0 CP502 L 13942296513 CP503 u163 FIRE. BDP-320
  • Page 96: Waveforms

    33.8688MHz AMCK2 R1141_IC1001 R3816_IC1001 R3817_IC1001 P-ON P-ON P-ON Optical Out LRCK R8003_JA8001 side IC6001_3pin IC6001_1pin 1kHz 2Vrms A1 Disc 2-1 1kHz 2Vrms 1kHz 2Vrms L 13942296513 ADATA0 MCLK LOUT IC6001_2pin IC6001_16pin IC6002_1pin 1kHz 2Vrms 1kHz 2Vrms 1kHz 2Vrms u163 BDP-320
  • Page 97 AVJB ASSY Video Out Component Y Out Pb Out IC101_27pin IC101_23pin IC101_21pin 75% Color-bar A1 Disc 2-20 75% Color-bar A1 Disc 2-20 75% Color-bar A1 Disc 2-20 Pr Out IC101_18pin 75% Color-bar A1 Disc 2-20 L 13942296513 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 98: Pcb Connection Diagram

    1. The parts mounted on this PCB include all necessary parts for several destinations. SIDE A For further information for respective desti- nations, be sure to check with the sche- matic diagram. SIDE B P.C.Board Chip Part BDP-320
  • Page 99 IC3801 D3151 C3202 IC6002 F6001 IC6001 IC7421 CN6801 C7424 CN1601 UPPER F5006 F5003 L 13942296513 F5004 F5005 L5011 Q5005 95 100 Q5004 L5604 Q5002 VA5603 F5601 VA5602 JA5601 JA4501 F4503 C4612 C2302 C4501 C2601 C4504 C2402 (VNP2140-A) u163 BDP-320
  • Page 100 Q6504 Q6503 Q6503 Q6502 Q6502 Q6501 Q6501 C6029 IC6003 F6002 IC4351 IC3361 C7613 D7611 C6009 IC7611 IC1621 F1411 L 13942296513 C1442 F5001 IC7651 IC7651 IC1002 IC7601 IC5006 X5601 IC2191 IC2661 IC4501 F4505 F4506 IC2601 IC3551 IC2401 D2351 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 101 3 7 63 1515 0 SIDE B C3301 C7020 C7022 C7023 D7501 D7502 C7503 C3304 F5301 D4351 IC4351 IC3361 L 13942296513 C2604 IC2601 IC3651 L3551 (VNP2140-A) u163 BDP-320
  • Page 102: Avjb, Flkb, Iceb, Keyb And Rsjb Assys

    CN6801 L 13942296513 FLKB ASSY J205 J206 J218 JP203 J208 FL-23V OPEN/CLOSE J219 J204 J209 C108 S202 V201 J223 FL-23V KN201 FLKB D201 D202 [[ G ]] J221 T101 V+12V J207 PLAY CN201 JP201 CN201 (YNP1016-A) CN4401 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 103 YWG1007- /J J303 YWG1011- /J J304 D301 S301 J305 STANDBY/ON (YNP1016-A) RSJB ASSY IC Q RSJB KN601 JA601 YWG1008- /J J602 J603 IC604 J601 [[ G ]] V+5E CN601 u163 CN601 (YNP1016-A) CN6301 BDP-23FD Only D E F BDP-320
  • Page 104 Q301 JP301 (YNP1016-A) RSJB ASSY IC Q R618 R613 R619 [[ G ]] R614 R611 R616 R612 R607 C610 C611 R608 C612 C609 R603 C608 C605 IC601 IC601 R601 C601 CN601 (YNP1016-A) u163 BDP-23FD Only D E F BDP-320
  • Page 105 R104 YWG1010- /J Q104 C106 YWG1021- /J YWG1022- /J C103 C105 C109 Q103 IC201 IC201 Q202 Q201 Q101 Q101 R109 [[ G ]] C206 C217 C214 C207 C205 R210 R214 R213 C224 C223 C220 C221 CN201 (YNP1016-A) u163 BDP-320
  • Page 106: Power Supply Unit

    DANGER! MAINS VOLTAGE HS501 IC508 TH501 IC507 IC501 IC501 W015 R510 R505 IC509 IC503 D502 IC504 IC504 D512_1 L501 R539 L 13942296513 B501 C516 C504 D504 C502 R507 R501 PRIMARY IC502 SECONDARY J501 To AC POWER CORD u163 BDP-320
  • Page 107 DPH018A NTSC/PAL IC508 IC507 W801 W015 R510 R537 IC509 IC503 D502 IC504 12_1 R539 R514 L 13942296513 W009 L502 HS503 C517 POWER IC502 L503 C518 HS502 W010 W001 A30C5 W007 W002 MADE IN THAILAND ORION F502 D515 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 108 3 7 63 1515 0 SIDE B POWER SUPPLY UNIT CP502 CP503 Q503 Q503 IC506 L 13942296513 IC505 Q504 Q505 Q504 Q505 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 109 3 7 63 1515 0 SIDE B L 13942296513 J501 u163 BDP-320
  • Page 110: Pcb Parts List

    IC 5001 MN864707KT IC 5301 88SA8040B1-TBC1 CN 4401 CONNECTOR 9604S-23C IC 5601 USB3300-EZK CN 5301 SATA PLUG HEADER VKN2063 IC 6001 PCM1742KE CN 6501 34P CONNECTOR VKN1438 CN 6801 15P CONNECTOR VKN1419 IC 6002 UPC4570G2-A CN 7001 CONNECTOR AKM1286 BDP-320
  • Page 111: Ao Y U163

    RAB4CQ330J C 2315,2354,2408,2410 CKSSYB102K50 C 2407,2411,2412,2416 CKSRYB105K16 u163 R 5347,5611 RS1/16SS1202F R 5355,5360,5624,5625 RS1/10SR0R0J C 2409,2414,2417,2418 CKSSYB104K16 R 6009,6010 RN1/16SE1201D C 2413,2415,3108,3110 CKSSYB102K50 R 6011,6012 RN1/16SE1002D C 3103,3107,3114,3115 CKSRYB105K16 R 6017,6020 RN1/16SE2202D C 3104,3109,3112,3117 CKSSYB104K16 C 3111,3113,3116,3118 CKSSYB102K50 BDP-320
  • Page 112 CEVW101M16 C 6022 CKSSYB102K50 u163 R 611,612,623,624 RS1/16SS101J C 6502-6506,8003 VCG1057 R 613,614 RN1/16SE2202D R 701 RS1/16SS682J C 6509,6801 CKSSYB104K16 R 702 RS1/16SS681J C 7003,7006,7651 CKSRYB104K50 R 703 RS1/16SS223J C 7011,7202,7203,7302 VCG1058 C 7015 CCSSCH102J50 R 706 RS1/16SS0R0J BDP-320
  • Page 113 S 201,202 SWITCH VSG1024 T 101 TRANSFORMER VTT1175 CN 201 CONNECTOR 9604S-23C JP 201 HOUSING ASS'Y(9P) YKP1012 RESISTORS All Resistors RS1/10SR###J u163 CAPACITORS C 101,202,203,206 CKSRYB104K50 C 102 CEAL101M16 C 103,104 CKSRYB223K25 C 105 CKSRYB103K25 C 107,204 CEAL101M10 BDP-320

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