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Humidity Display And Control; Shelving - Haier HVA037-5S - 08-03 User Manual

Aficionado series wine cellar
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• There will be a 3 degree variance +/- between the temperature you
select and the temperature indicated on the LED readout. This occurs
because the wine cellar activates and deactivates trying to maintain
your desired temperature. There is often a 10˚ variance between the top
and bottom shelves of the wine cooler. Therefore, if you have set the
wine cellar for 50˚ and have a mix of red and white wines, you may
want to put the white wine on the bottom shelf where the temperature
will be 45˚ F, and place the red wine on the top shelf where the
temperature will be 55˚ F.
Note: The temperature displayed is the current internal temperature.

Humidity Display and Control

• The LED screen displays the percentage of humidity in the wine cellar.
• The humidity control located at the rear of the unit helps in air circula-
tion and to adjust humidity level in the wine cellar.
• To have all the air holes open simply adjust the humidity control so as
all the holes are on the top. (see fig. #2)
Note: Unit internal humidity is relevant to outside temperature.


(Type and number of shelves will vary per model)
• The shelves are designed for appearance and easy cleaning. Larger
bottles or Magnums can be more easily accommodated at the cross
shelves at the bottom of the cellar.
• Your wine cellar comes with wine shelves which glide out. This number
depends on the model purchased.
• To remove the glide out shelves, pull out the shelf completely, carefully
lift the shelf from the securing hooks on the tracks and remove.
To replace the shelf make sure that the securing hooks on each track are
in between the shelf stoppers on the shelf.
See fig. # 2
fig. # 2

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