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D-Link DSL-302G User Manual

D-link systems adsl ethernet / usb modem user's guide dsl-302g
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ADSL Ethernet/USB Modem
User's Guide
First Edition (February 2002)
Printed In Taiwan



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  Summary of Contents for D-Link DSL-302G

  • Page 1 DSL-302G ADSL Ethernet/USB Modem User’s Guide First Edition (February 2002) 6DSL302G..01 Printed In Taiwan...
  • Page 3: Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise

    Wichtige Sicherheitshinweise 1. Bitte lesen Sie sich diese Hinweise sorgfältig durch. 2. Heben Sie diese Anleitung für den spätern Gebrauch auf. 3. Vor jedem Reinigen ist das Gerät vom Stromnetz zu trennen. Vervenden Sie keine Flüssig- oder Aerosolreiniger. Am besten dient ein angefeuchtetes Tuch zur Reinigung. 4.
  • Page 4 FCC Warning This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Installing the PC (Ethernet Client) Driver ONFIGURING THE THERNET ... 17 ODEM IAGNOSTICS Advanced Diagnostics ... 18 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ... 20 FACTORY RESET... 19 DSL-302G FIRMWARE UPGRADE UTILITY... 21 ... 1 ... 5 TILITY ... 15 LIENT DRIVER TABLE OF CONTENTS...
  • Page 7 DSL-302G ADSL Ethernet Modem User’s Guide About This User’s Guide This user’s guide provides instructions on how to install the DSL-302G ADSL Modem and use it to connect a computer (or two computers) to the Internet. If you are using a computer with a functioning Ethernet port, you can use the Quick Installation Guide to quickly establish your ADSL connection and access the Internet.
  • Page 9: Introduction

    Modem Description and Operation The DSL-302G ADSL Ethernet Modem is easy to install and use. You can use the Modem to connect one computer using its Ethernet interface, and another computer using the USB interface. The Modem can be managed through either interface.
  • Page 10: Front Panel

    Front Panel Place the Modem in a location that allows a view of the LED indicators. To save space you can use the feet to stand the device on either its right or left side. Front Panel Rear Panel All cable connections to the Modem are made at the rear panel. The factory reset button is located here as well. Rear Panel...
  • Page 11: About This User's Guide

    Open the shipping carton and carefully remove all items. In addition to this User's Guide, ascertain that you have: 1. One DSL-302G ADSL Ethernet Modem 2. One DSL-302G tool kit on CD-ROM containing The User’s Guide, the DSL- 300 Family Configuration Utility and the DSL-300 Family Firmware Upgrade Utility 3.
  • Page 12: Hardware Installation

    Hardware Installation This chapter describes the various network cable and power connections required to use the Modem. Modem Location When selecting the location for the Modem be sure to allow room to access the connections on the rear panel. You will want to place the Modem so that you will be able to see the LED indicators on the front panel. Allow some space above the Modem for ventilation to avoid problems with overheating.
  • Page 13: Software Installation

    In order to install the software driver for the Modem, you first need to install the DSL-300 Configuration Utility, D-Link’s GUI based management software. This software can later be used to monitor the device or change its settings. Install the Configuration Utility software on the PC directly connected to the device via either the Ethernet or USB interface.
  • Page 14 5. The Select Program Folder window asks you to select a different folder or you can rename the D-Link DSL Family folder that has been created for the program icon. You can rename the folder by typing in a new...
  • Page 15 6. The Start Copying Files window provides an opportunity to review the information you have just entered. If you are satisfied with the information as it is listed, click Next. If you need to change any of the information click Back to go to the previous window(s) to make the changes. 7.
  • Page 16 A Configuration Utility icon should now be seen on your desktop screen.
  • Page 17: Configure The Modem

    Modem on your LAN. 1. If the DSL-302G and corresponding MAC address does not appear in the Device List of the Configuration Utility window, click the Discover button on the bottom of the window. The DSL-302G should appear in the Device Name column preceded by the MAC Address of the device.
  • Page 18 Type in these numbers in the ADSL Setting field and click Finish. 4. The Save configuration and restart system window will appear. You will be asked if you would like to save the changes you have made (the VPI and VCI numbers) and restart the Modem. Click Yes if you have correctly entered the necessary information.
  • Page 19: Install The Usb Driver

    To install the USB driver for a computer-attached configuration with a computer running a Windows operating system, follow the procedure below. 1. Plug the USB connector to the DSL-302G, then the Add New Hardware Wizard dialog box is displayed showing the type of USB device that has booted up: 2.
  • Page 20 4. Insert the PC Driver install disk. 5. Check the Floppy disk drive option and click on Next. The following dialog box is displayed which confirms that a suitable driver has been found on the floppy disk which will now be installed: 6.
  • Page 21: Installing The Pc (Ethernet Client) Driver

    Note: If you have just installed the PC (USB) driver for a PC-attached Modem configuration, this procedure will automatically follow on from either of these procedures. The PC having initially detected the DSL-302G as a PC-attached USB device will now detect the DSL-302G as an Ethernet device.
  • Page 22 Insert the PC Driver install disk. Check the Floppy disk drive option and click on Next. The following dialog box is displayed which confirms that a suitable driver has been found on the floppy disk which will now be installed: Click on Next to begin the installation of the driver.
  • Page 23: Configuring The Ethernet Client Driver

    Click on the Finish button to complete the installation. The PC driver for the VVB Ethernet port is now installed. You will be asked to restart your computer. Click on Yes to restart the computer. After the reboot, the PC Driver for the Ethernet port will be fully installed. Refer to the next section to configure the driver.
  • Page 24 Click on the Internet Protocol item in the list box. Click on the Properties button. The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window is displayed: Enter the details of the DSL-302G in the Use the following IP address group box: IP address...
  • Page 25: Modem Diagnostics

    Modem Diagnostics The Configuration Utility can be used to monitor the activity and performance of the Modem. The four status windows are read-only with the exception of the General ADSL Information. Once you have set the VCI and VPI values there should not be any need to change them. You can choose the interval in which the statistics are refreshed from the pull-down menu on the bottom of the window.
  • Page 26: Advanced Diagnostics

    The General ADSL Information menu displays information on packets received and transmitted via the ADSL line as well as the ADSL settings. This is where you can change the VCI and VPI values, as described in the previous section. The Ethernet Information menu provides information about packets received and transmitted via the Ethernet interface.
  • Page 27: Factory Reset

    The Advanced ADSL Information menu lists information about errors, signal characteristics and loop distance. The data provided in the Advanced ADSL Information window includes: ♦ Re_training – number of attempts to establish the ADSL connection ♦ CRC – Cyclic Redundancy Checking, number of CRC errors since ADSL connection established ♦...
  • Page 28: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Standards: Protocol: Data Transfer Rate: Media Interface Exchange: DC inputs: Power Adapter: Power Consumption: Operating Temperature: Humidity: Dimensions: Weight: EMI: Safety: General ITU G.992.1 (G.dmt) ITU G.992.2 (G.lite) ITU G.994.1 (G.Hs) ANSI T1.413 (Issue 2) TCP/IP G.dmt full rate: Downstream up to 8 Mbps Upstream up to 640 Kbps G.lite: Downstream up to 1.5 Mbps Upstream up to 512 Kbps...
  • Page 29: Dsl-302G Firmware Upgrade Utility

    LAN from a remote host. You also need to download the latest firmware version file from the D-Link web site to the PC on which you will use the Upgrade Utility. Instructions for downloading the firmware are located on the web site at
  • Page 30 In the new window, you will see the MAC address of the Modem and the IP address of the PC you are using. The PC and the Modem must be on the same subnet for the upgrade to be completed. The upgrade utility will suggest a new IP address to be temporarily assigned to the device during the firmware upgrade procedure.
  • Page 31 D-Link for the Software. The Warranty Period shall extend for an additional ninety (90) days after any replacement Software is delivered. If a material non-conformance is incapable of correction, or if D-Link determines in its sole discretion that it is not practical to replace the non-conforming Software, the price paid by the original licensee for the non-conforming Software will be refunded by D-Link;...
  • Page 32 This limited warranty provides specific legal rights and the product owner may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Trademarks: Copyright 2001 D-Link Corporation. Contents subject to change without prior notice. D-Link is a registered trademark of D- Link Corporation/D-Link Systems, Inc.