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Beko 42WP300S Operating Instructions Manual

42" plasma colour tv


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  • Page 1 C O L O U R T E L E V I S I O N S 42WP300PS Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    The contents of this User’s Manual may be altered without prior notification due to technical improvements. Always make sure that you use the latest version of this user’s manual.
  • Page 3: Important Considerations To Follow

    (e.g. a vase) on the Therefore, these faults are not covered by guarantee. device. This is applicable so long as the total of all the faulty Protect the device from heat. Keep away from pixels or pixel elements do not exceed the 0.01% of flames, heating devices, ovens or continuous the total number.
  • Page 4 In such a case, never attempt to continue operating the screen. • In cases of long periods where the TV is not used, or during thunderstorms, disconnect the mains lead from the socket and remove the aerial...
  • Page 5: Safety Warnings

    • Never position your screen on hard or uneven objects. Your plasma TV might be damaged. • If you wish to place the TV on a shelf or a wall unit, leave minimum 10 cm of clearance from the top, sides and back of the TV.
  • Page 6: Product Description

    This makes mounting onto a wall easier. When • Digital noise silencing it is mounted on the wall like a painting, all its You may activate noise silencing adaptable to signal inputs and outputs are easily accessible.
  • Page 7: Special Features

    Thank you for purchasing this television which has been designed to keep you satisfied for a long time. You may already have knowledge about how to use a television; but still spare some time to read the below instructions. These instructions have been prepared to gain you knowledge about many new features of this television and enable you to benefit from your purchase in the best way possible.
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting Started Your plasma screen was tested and packed before Inserting the Connection Line delivery. It is ready to for use after it has been When connecting or inserting the mains lead and unpacked. After unpacking the screen, please check video cable (e.g.
  • Page 9: Connecting The Mains Lead

    The moulded plug incorporates a 5A fuse. Should the fuse need to be replaced an ASTA approved BS 1362 fuse of the same rating must be used. Do not forget to refit the fuse cover. In the event of losing the fuse cover the plug must not be used until a replacement fuse cover which must be the same colour as that visible on the pin face of the plug has been fitted.
  • Page 10: Speaker And Stand Installation

    Stand Installation Note: See Separate stand package for full assembly instructions. Securing screws -11-...
  • Page 11 Speaker Installation -12-...
  • Page 12: Opening The Plasma Screen, Batteries, Operation Modes

    The manufacturer would like to state that during 4, IEC R03 or AAA 1.5V. watching frozen pictures (e.g. computer playback) Do not mix a used, old battery with a new battery or for long durations, the image remains still visible in do not use mixed battery types.
  • Page 13: Control Unit

    10. Video output PHONO connector 22. Program down button Please note • Do not use the Video PHONO and S-Video connections at the same time; otherwise they will affect each other’s image. • RGB inputs from Scart will give you a better image quality.
  • Page 14: Remote Control

    Program down ( 10. Up button ( ) (Menu) 11. Volume down ( VOL- 12. Left button ( ) (Menu) 13. Confirmation and temporary picture freeze ( FREEZE 14. Info/Text page ( 15. Down ( ) (Menu) ZOOM 16. Text Question/Answer button (Revealing Image) ( SWAP 17.
  • Page 15: Initial Power On And Settings Performance

    If you press the button the volume will increase and automatically exit mute. Caution! If you are not going to use your television for a Previous Program Selection Button long period of time, make sure to switch it off (Swap) from the main power button.
  • Page 16: Setting Up The Television

    Channels will be scanned automatically and the channels in which broadcast has been (You can return to TV mode by pressing found will start to be saved in the memory as of () button again. the first program. At the same moment, the Auto-...
  • Page 17: Manual Search

    ) and using the numerical television channels: keys or using the right-left movement keys ( )/( ) , type in the channel number. If the If you already know the Channel number: broadcast viewed on the screen is of your desired quality, select firstly the initial storing tab via the (Press ( ) button.
  • Page 18 Right direction button ( ) and in descending order with the left direction button ( ) . If the channel that has been found is of your desired quality, then select the storing tab. Afterwards, store it in the memory by pressing the button ( ) .
  • Page 19: Program Arrangement

    “Red” buttons ( )/( ) . Press the “GREEN” ( ) ( ) button. The letter “S” in red which is displayed button. The selected program number and on the right side of the program information will name will be in the color green.
  • Page 20: Tv Settings

    Using the press the ( ) button on your remote control. right/left keys ( )/( ) in this menu you can select Select the sound menu tab ( ) using the direction Mono/Stereo or Dual-I/Dual-II language.
  • Page 21: Picture Menu

    Other then 1080i mode, this limitation you may make the Colour Shade setting. The colour does not exist. In 1080i mode, turn off or deselect the “subtitle” and “letterbox” options to avoid this shade option is not seen in the menu when you have not entered such type of a video.
  • Page 22: Features Menu

    Press the ( ) button on your remote sleep timer control option to “0”. c o n t r o l . Select the features menu tab using the direction button ( ) . VCR mode: Using this option, you can prevent...
  • Page 23 If you select the full screen mode, the PIP disappears. In the event that you wish to exit PIP mode for any reason, simply press the key found on your remote control.
  • Page 24: Teletext Features

    Page selection To be able to view the page you would like on the screen, type in the number of that page using the numerical keys. You can see the number you have entered on the left side of the upper title tab.
  • Page 25 For example, on a text of four press the button pages, the pages are indicated with the figures 01, 02, 03 and 04 on the bottom of the Clock page. To view one of these pages longer, press the ( ) button. When you press the same button (The Clock function of the button;...
  • Page 26: External Equipment Connections

    SCART socket input mode will appear on the screen. TV: While in the AV modes, move onto this option and press the ( ) button for switching to the TV Before making the connections, make sure first mode.
  • Page 27 5. Press the PLAY key of the video. 6. You may connect the aerial cable to the aerial input of your video. In that case, it is necessary for your video to be turned on so that you can watch your TV.
  • Page 28 Connecting the DVD Player Via PHONO cable Make sure that both the TV and the DVD Via the SCART socket player are turned off. Make sure that both the TV and the DVD player are turned off. Insert one end of the PHONO cable in the...
  • Page 29 Insert one end of the SCART cable (not supplied) Your television has a DVI-D socket. You may in the back of the decoder and the other end in connect devices with DVI output such as the SCART socket in the back of the TV. Turn computers with a proper cable.
  • Page 30 INPUT Your 42” 16:9 PDP-television equipment has VGA inputs, it may also be used as a PC monitor (Plug&Play). Connecting the Computer: PHASE: You may set the colour and shape by Connect your PC to the PC-IN (computer input) using right/left ( ) buttons.
  • Page 31 Scart socket Scart socket Aerial Aerial input input Aerial socket Connecting the television to a camera Video Input Sound Input (L) Sound Input (R) Sound Input (R) Sound Input (L) Video Input Connecting TV games and PC Video Input...
  • Page 32: Fault Analysis And Recovery

    POSSIBLE CAUSE • Power supply interrupted. Complete screen fault although the mains lead is connected • Faulty fuse and the display is turned on with the mains switch and • Faulty mains lead POSSIBLE RECOVERY PROCEDURE the remote control. • CALL the service support line.
  • Page 33 In the unlikely event of a failure with your plasma Remove the mains lead before cleaning. TV please prov›de the information below to your Cleaning of the plasma screen may be divided service provider. into different areas. 1. Screen Surface 1.
  • Page 34: Technical Specifications Table

    DK / BG and LL’). For further information, see the settings part about your television. WARNING: This is a A class product. This product may cause radio interference in the house environment; in such a case, the user may have to take the necessary measures.
  • Page 35: Transmitter Information

    MAIN UK TRANSMITTER STATIONS UHF CHANNELS STATIONS CT D BBCI BBC2 Regional Main Stations BBCI BBC2 Bluebell Hill Crystal Palace North West Caldbeck Dover Winter Hill Heathfield Douglas (‹OM) Oxford North East Belmont Sandy Heath Emley Moor Sudbury North East...
  • Page 36: Guarantee

  • Page 37: Service

  • Page 38 AJD.801...

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