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D-Link VisualStream 330K Pixel User Manual

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D-Link VisualStream
330K Pixel PC Camera
Ver. 1.00


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  • Page 1 D-Link VisualStream ™ 330K Pixel PC Camera Manual Ver. 1.00...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Getting To Know Your VisualStreamTM PC Camera-----------------------------------2 Features and Benefits------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 How to Use Your D-Link VisualStreamTM Camera ---------------------------- 2 How to Install MSN Messenger -------------------------------------------------------- ----3 Using Your PC Camera with MSN Messenger---------------------------------------------4 How to Install VP –EYE4.0------------------------------------------------------------------4...
  • Page 3: Package Contents

    Windows compatible sound card and speakers (full duplex sound card recommended) Introduction Thank you for purchasing the D-Link DSB-C320 PC Camera. The DSB-C320 is a complete audiovisual solution for all of your e-communications. colleagues face-to-face over the Internet, create videos, digital photo albums, and more, all the software needed to start creating digital content and enabling video communication is included.
  • Page 4: Getting To Know Your Visualstreamtm Pc Camera

    Add Video Messages to Your Email Create Digital Photo Albums & Photo Greeting Card Video Monitor Security How to Use Your D-Link VisualStreamTM Camera Press the snapshot button located on top of the camera to call out the device of D-Link DSB-C320.
  • Page 5: How To Install Msn Messenger

    Choose the proper image application to preview image. Choose the mode of “50Hz” or “60Hz” according to your power source environment or video output signal system to avoid the blurry image. Amcap Option Video Capture Filter Turn the manual focus ring to adjust the image. Press the snapshot button to capture a single frame.
  • Page 6: Using Your Pc Camera With Msn Messenger

    Using Your PC Camera with MSN Messenger Plug the PC camera into your PC first. For Windows 98Second Edition/Me/2000 Users Click “Messenger” to go to the main screen. You are now ready to have a Video Conversation with MSN Messenger. For Windows XP Users Click “Messenger”...
  • Page 7: Application Panel Settings

    Click Install VP-EYE 4.0 Software Click Click Finish Application Panel settings Click Settings button to access the Application Panel settings. Use the Settings dialog to change the video driver, language, sound, start menu and auto-run options. Managing video data Click Browser button to start the Browser. Use the Browser to view, arrange, remove, drag and drop, capture and sort video data within your video folders.
  • Page 8: Recording A Video (Video E-Mail)

    • Close– close the Video Monitor • Message indicator – show whether you have new messages • Security indicator – show whether security mode is working • Minimize– minimize the Video Monitor window to an icon on the toolbar • On top/Not on top– force Video Monitor always on top of the desktop or not. •...
  • Page 9: Playing With Your Camera (Video Games)

    • Pause– pause current video, press play to resume • Stop– stop playing video or cutting process. • Record– start recording captured video • Save– save video in the file • Email– send compressed video to email • Setting– set options for video source, recording time limit and compression Well, this is very important! First, we really like compressed files, right? Compressed files take up less room and are easy to copy and email.
  • Page 10: Black Jack

    Black Jack Requires a camera to play. Object of the game is to get 21 or less. Be careful, you have to have more points than the dealer to win. Same rules as Las Vegas 21. Fishing Requires a camera and a mouse to play. Object of the game is to find matching photo cards. Use the camera to make your own photo cards, and then send your game to a friend.
  • Page 11: Sending A Greeting Card (Photo Greeting Cards)

    Search will look for all photos matching your search criteria. In addition, you can apply basic and special effects to your photos. Sending a greeting card (Photo Greeting Cards) Use Photo Greeting Cards to create electronic cards. Photo Greeting Cards has 20 categories containing over 100 different cards.
  • Page 12: Video Movie Studio

    • Volume control–control the volume level of microphone and speaker. Digital Movie Producer It is a powerful and easy-to-use program for editing and converting video data. The user interface is simple. It may convert the photos acquired by digital camera into a video file. You may also add...
  • Page 13 photo in the video stream or put two video streams into one. It allows you to add music and record the sound into the video file. Anyone can enjoy the fun of making video file by a few steps of this program! •...

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