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Outdoor Unit; Installation Of Outdoor Unit; Connection Of Pipes - Haier HSU-09LH13 Installation Manual

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Outdoor unit

1.Installation of Outdoor Unit

Install according to

2.Connection of pipes

To bend a pipe, give the roundness as large as possible not to crush the pipe
Connecting the pipe of gas side first makes working easier.
The max vertical distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is 5 m.
Half union
Be careful that matters, such as wastes of sands, etc. shall not enter the pipe.
Use the same method on indoor unit. Loosen the screws on terminal block and insert the plugs fully into
terminal block, then tighten the screws.
Insert the cable according to terminal number in the same manner as the indoor unit.
If wiring is not correct, proper operation can not be carried out and controller may be damaged.
Fix the cable with a clamp.
4.Attaching Drain-Elbow
If the drain-elbow is used, please attach it as
figure. (Note: Only for heat pump unit.)
Outdoor unit
Drawing for the installation of indoor and outdoor units
Flare nut
Torque wrench
Forced fastening without careful centering
may damage the threads and cause a
leakage of gas.
Fastening torque
Pipe Diameter (
Liquid side 6.35mm(1/4")
Gas side 9.52mm(3/8")
Gas side 12.7mm(1/2")


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents