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Safety Light Curtain
Suitable for
Detecting Human
Bodies in a
Dangerous Area
• The F3S-B is a type 2 Safety Light curtain intended to be
used as or with the safety related parts of the control system
of a machine to category 2, 1 or B as defined in the Europe-
an standard EN954-1.
• Compliance with IEC 61496-2, EN 61496-1 standards and
machine and EMC directive.
• Received certificates from Notified Bodies as Type 2 ESPE
• UL/CSA approved.
• Pursuing safety with high level of safety design and FMEA.
• Series configuration of two units is possible.
• Units available with an axis pitch of 25 mm (hand protec-
tion), 50 mm (arm protection) or 75 mm (body protection) in
protective height ranging from 300 mm to 1650 mm.
• Human body detection system without a dedicated control
• M12 Connector
Safety Design for Category 2.


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    • The F3S-B is a type 2 Safety Light curtain intended to be used as or with the safety related parts of the control system of a machine to category 2, 1 or B as defined in the Europe- an standard EN954-1.

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    Stand-alone or slave unit No. of optical axis of the connected slave unit 25 mm optical pitch for 25 mm optical pitch type: 12, 18, 24, or 30 50 mm optical pitch for 50 mm optical pitch type: 06, 09, 12, or 15...

  • Page 3

    Optical-axis line mark above the indicator area” to ”the end of mary detection zone, the F3S-B may be connected in series. the yellow metal case”. The system consists of a master unit, a slave unit, and a se- ries connection cable, type F39-JB1B. Optical-axis line mark The series connection allows up to 96 axes and 2.4 m of pro-...

  • Page 4

    Light source Infrared LED (880 nm wavelength). Lifetime: 50,000 hrs. at 25 °C. Effective aperture angle Within ± 5° for the emitter and receiver at a detection distance of at least 3 m according to IEC 61496-2 Operating mode Light ON Control output Two PNP transistor outputs, load current 200 mA max., residual voltage 2 V max.

  • Page 5

    Note: 1 . For detailed type names and optical specifications, see „Type Naming Rule“ 2 . Nominal value (set time). The accuracy is -0 ... +70% of the ON to OFF response time. 3 . Only with F3S-B###2P and BM###2P##.

  • Page 6

    F3S-B227P Series connection types The following chart shows the response time of combinations of a master unit and a slave unit connected in series. For example, the response time of the combination of F3S-BM122P30 and F3S-BS302 is 30 ms. Response time [ms]...

  • Page 7

    Characteristic data Operating Range F3S-B122P Parapendicular to Center Line of Lenses Parallel to Center Line of Lenses -100 -100 -200 -200 -300 -300 Distance X (m) Distance X (m) F3S-B662P Parapendicular to Center Line of Lenses Parallel to Center Line of Lenses...

  • Page 8

    Relay monitoring input Yellow Interlock selection input Blue ON-state OFF-state Instability indicator indicator indicator Brown Green Pink Control output 1 Load Main receiver circuit White Grey Control output 2 Load Yellow Instability Load output Blue G-38 Safety Sensors / Components...

  • Page 9

    Note:All units are in Millimeters unless otherwise indicated. 40.3 M12 connector Accessoires Mounting Bracket (Top and Bottom) Mounting Plate Only supplied with types which have a protective height of 1050 mm or longer (Including inter- mediate brackets). Only needed for rear mounting R2.75 16 12 42.74 20˚...

  • Page 10

    R o u n d v in y l- in s u la te d c o r d 5 .7 m m d ia . ( 3 2 /0 .1 m m d ia .) 8 c o r e s...

  • Page 11

    · Connect the 0 V line of the power supply directly to protec- gray color plastic caps.) tive earth (PE). Note: Note:Be sure to wire correctly. Failure to do so may damage the F3S-B. Signal Name Wire Color Front View Pin No.

  • Page 12

    - 133MHz Pentium® processor or better 1.2 Component Names and Functions of the F39-E1 Interface Unit - 32MB RAM or higher for Windows® 95 and Windows® 98 SEND to RS-485 indicator (Red) - 64MB RAM or higher for Windows NT®...

  • Page 13

    RS- 485(B) (White 2) must meet the formula below. 2 . ON delay time Allowed relay delay time + 20 ms After the Relay mon- Note 1: See the instruction manual of F3S-B for wiring itoring function is set, if the ON delay time does not meet the above formula, the ON delay time will be changed automatically into ”Allowed...

  • Page 14

    Normal operation: 150 m/s [15 G], ±X, ±Y and ±Z directions: 3 times Vibration resistance Normal operation: 10 to 55 Hz, double-amplitude: 0.3mm, X, Y and Z directions: 10 sweeps Cable length RS-485 cable: 5 m (4 pin 0.25 mm...

  • Page 15

    4. Install protective structures around a machine so that you must pass through the detection zone to reach a hazardous part of the machine. 5. Install F3S-B so that some parts of the operator’s body remain in the detection zone at all times when the operator works in the hazardous area.

  • Page 16

    WARNING When using multiple sets of the F3S-B, install them so that mutual interference is not incurred. (Incorrect) (Incorrect) RS-485 RS-485 (Incorrect) Emitter 1 Receiver 1 RS-485 Emitter 2 Receiver 2 Alternate emitters and receivers Correct installations are shown below to prevent mutual interference.

  • Page 17

    (7.) The power supply must have output characterisitics re- 3. Do not short the output lines to the +24 V line. Doing so will quired for the power source for Class 2 Circuit or Lim- cause the output to be always ON, creating a hazardous sit- ited Voltage / Current Circuit as defined in UL508.

  • Page 18

    ALL DIMENSIONS SHOWN ARE IN MILLIMETERS. To convert millimeters into inches, multiply by 0.03937. To convert grams into ounces, multiply by 0.03527. Cat. No. E503-E2-01-X In the interest of product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice. G-48 Safety Sensors / Components...

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