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Is There Song Copy (Buck Up) Function; Will Disc Supply Continue For Years, Like Cassette Tapes; Is The Md4 Compatible With Other Manufacturers' Discs; Are There Any Types Of Md Data - Yamaha MD4 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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36. Is there SONG Copy (buck up) function?

The song Copy function allows you to copy an entire song. You can restore the original song
if you make mistakes during editing.

37. Will disc supply continue for years, like cassette tapes?

Like CDs and 3.5" floppy disks, the standards of the MD format are open to anybody based
on a licensee fee. SONY will support supply for a long period of time due to its responsibility
as licenser.

38. Is the MD4 compatible with other manufacturers' discs?

MD data discs manufactured by SONY and TDK are currently compatible.

39. Are there any types of MD data?

Only one type: 140MB.

40. Where can we buy discs?

Since it is currently difficult to obtain discs, Yamaha will purchase SONY MD data discs to
supply to the MD4 dealers.

41. Why is an MD Data Disc more expensive than an MD Audio Disc?

Due to the relationship between demand and supply, the number of MD Data discs in the
market is still small. That's why they are more expensive than MD Audio discs. However,
the price will go down in the future in accordance with increasing applications with MD data
disc such as digital cameras and computer data.


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