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Printer Driver - Xerox 2101 Customer Release Notes

For xerox 2101, software version 2.2
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Page 10
Preview FreeForm Master

Printer driver

Preview does not show the latest FreeForm
master if it is larger than 64KB.
When you preview the FreeForm master, the image is slightly blurry because of the
limitations of black-and-white systems.
PostScript Printer Driver only for Booklet Maker, Folder, Mixed Media
You must use the PostScript driver, rather than the PCL driver, for booklets, folders, and
folding options. However, the PCL driver does include punch options.
The PCL driver allows you to select center staple although this is not an option since
booklets are not supported with this driver.
Mixed Media is not supported for PCL.
The PostScript driver online help files do not cover Mixed Media. For further information,
refer to the Printing Guide.
Sheet Sets in Booklet Maker
For booklets, the number of sheets folded as one set is set at the Xerox 2101 copier.
Changing this setting on your copier requires a Xerox technician. Contact your Xerox
representative for more information.
Copier Icon for Booklet Maker
The copier icon that appears when Booklet Maker is selected does not match the actual
copier options that you have.
Booklet Maker and Paper Sizes
When you select Booklet Maker, the driver prompts you to load 8.5 x 11-SEF. However, in
spite of this message, you can either load the desired, supported paper; or, before selecting
Booklet Maker, select the desired paper size if you do not want 8.5 x 11-SEF. Supported
paper sizes for Booklet Maker are 8.5 x 11-SEF, 11 x 17 or Tabloid, A4-SEF and A3, 8.5 x 14
or Legal, 8.5 x 13, and B4.
For booklets in Microsoft Word, you must select short-edge feed paper. In Microsoft Word
Page Setup, set up Letter as 8.5 x 11-SEF.
Finishing Legal Mixed with Letter
To finish Legal (8.5 x 14) paper mixed with Letter paper, select short-edge feed for Letter,
which is 8.5 x 11-SEF. For Microsoft Word, you must set this in Page Setup.
Face-up Stapling
With face-up stapling, the staples are on the wrong side of the paper. To work around this,
print face-down.
Perfect Binding
Perfect binding prints pages in backwards order. To work around this, set Page Order to



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