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Console; Pendant Remote - X10 PA5800 Owner's Manual

Personal assistance system


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Mounting the console
The Personal Assistance Console is designed to be installed free-standing on a table
top or shelf. A wall mounting bracket is also available.
Fitting the backup battery
Slide off the battery compartment cover and clip a 9V battery onto the battery contacts.
Slide the battery into the battery compartment and replace the cover. When AC power is
applied the battery LED on the front panel will go out. It is not necessary to disconnect
power to the console when fitting or replacing batteries.
Attaching cables
A telephone cord terminated at each end in an RJ11 connector is provided for telephone
connection. If possible, the console should be connected to its own telephone line to
ensure that the line cannot be busy when the console attempts to dial out. For
applications where this is not practical, the console may also share a line with an
existing telephone using a "T" adapter.
Note: The X10 Personal Assistance Console is not designed to operate with an
RJ31X type telephone connection.

Pendant Remote

Registering the Pendant Remote with the Console
• Set the slide switch on the Console to INSTALL.
• Press CALL. The console beeps once to confirm that the pendant has been
• Return the console slide switch to the RUN position.
Testing the Pendant Remote
• Set the slide switch on the Console to RUN.
• Press CALL on the remote. The console is triggered and the alarm sounds.
• Press STOP to cancel the alarm.
Note: If the console has already started dialing out, it will finish dialing the current
number before canceling the alarm.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents