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Camera Installation - Vizualogic HindSight Chevy Avalanche Installation Manual

Chevy avalanche–2002-2004 chevy/gmc full-size pickup–1999-2004 chevy/gmc suburban/tahoe–2000-2004 gmc sierra–1999-2004 gmc yukon–2000-2004
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Package Contents & System Diagram
• 3.5˝ LCD Monitor w/Mirror Mode Display
• Color CCD Bullet-Type Camera w/Cable
• Angled Controller Rings (3 sizes)
• Fixing Rings
• A/V Control Module
• Monitor Cable

Camera Installation

Fig. 1
1. Attach the 7.98mm spacer to the Camera Body.
2. Attach the desired Angle Controller Ring to the Camera Body.
3. Insert the Camera Body through the car body and attach the
matching Angle Controller Ring and spacer to the Camera Body.
4. Secure the Fixing Rings to the threaded portion of the Camera Body.
5. Locate a suitable camera mounting location on the Car Body
(i.e. rear bumper cover or proceed to step #6).
6. Locate 14mm bolts (2) holding the hitch to the bumper.
7. Remove both 14mm bolts.
A/V Control
Reverse light
8. Slide the wire from the camera over to the right side of the hitch
frame interior.
9. With the right bolt out, you should be able to guide the wire into the
center of the hitch frame.
10. Route the cable to the A/V Control Module location (i.e. under seat
or alternate location).
11. Insert the mounting bracket with camera into the center location
of the hitch frame, and line up the holes for the bolts.
12. Insert the 14mm bolts (2) into the hitch frame mount, camera
mount, and bumper.
13. Tighten the 14mm bolts to 110-120ft. lbs. of torque.
14. Failure to tighten bolts as described may result in fastener loss or
hitch failure.
A/V Control Module Installation
1. Locate suitable A/V Control Module mounting location
(i.e. under seat or alternate location).
2. Attach the A/V Control Module wires as follows:
Wire Color
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Black
3. Secure the A/V Control Module using the provided screws.
+12V Battery
+12V Reverse Light



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