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KMC-W (KM24C-3, KM24C-C, KM24C-5)
The colour and the appearance may differ depending on the product, and the content in
the manual is subject to change without prior notice to improve the performance.
Recommended hours of use per day of this product is under 16 hours. If the product is used
for longer than 16 hours a day, the warranty may be void.
An administration fee may be charged in the following situations:
(a) An engineer is called out at your request, but it is found that the product has no
defect (i.e., where the user manual has not been read).
(b) You bring the unit to a repair centre, but it is found that the product has no defect
(i.e., where the user manual has not been read).
You will be informed of the administration fee amount before a technician visits.
© Samsung
Samsung owns the copyright for this manual. Use or reproduction of this manual in parts or entirety without the authorization of Samsung is prohibited.
Trademarks other than Samsung are property of their respective owners.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Samsung KMC-W

  • Page 1 You will be informed of the administration fee amount before a technician visits. © Samsung Samsung owns the copyright for this manual. Use or reproduction of this manual in parts or entirety without the authorization of Samsung is prohibited. Trademarks other than Samsung are property of their respective owners.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

     17 Safety precautions  3 Wall Mount Kit Specifications (VESA)  17 Safety symbols  3 Troubleshooting Guide Electricity and safety  4 Installation  5 Requirements Before Contacting Samsung Basics Operation  7 Customer Service Centre  28 Cleaning  9 Check the followings.  28 Touchscreen  18 Precautions when using the touchscreen  18...
  • Page 3: Before Using The Product

    Chapter 01 Before using the product Safety precautions CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. DO NOT OPEN. The following safety instructions are to ensure your personal safety and prevent property CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). damage.
  • Page 4: Electricity And Safety

    Electricity and safety Insert the power plug all the way in so it is not loose. An unsecure connection may cause a fire. " The following images are for reference only. Real-life situations may differ from what is Clean any dust around the pins of the power plug or the power socket with a dry shown in the images.
  • Page 5: Installation

    An increased internal temperature may cause a fire. Only use the power cable provided with your product by Samsung. Do not use the power cable with other products. Do not install the product in a poorly ventilated space such as An electric shock or fire may result.
  • Page 6 If the product is installed in an unusual location, the surrounding environment may cause a serious quality problem. Therefore, be sure to contact Samsung Customer Service Centre before installation. (Places where many fine dusts are generated, places where chemicals are...
  • Page 7: Operation

    An increased internal temperature may cause a fire. Warning If the product generates a strange noise, a burning smell, or smoke, unplug the power plug immediately and contact your Samsung Customer Service Centre. Do not apply an impact to the product.
  • Page 8 When you do not use the product for a long time, activate power-saving mode or • Contact Samsung Customer Service Centre for repairs. set the screen saver to moving-picture mode. • An electric shock or fire may result.
  • Page 9: Cleaning

    Cleaning Wipe gently with a soft and dry cloth such as superfine fibers or cotton flannels to prevent scratches because the surface of the product and the screen display are vulnerable to scratches. Warning • The product's surface may be damaged, or the markings may be erased.
  • Page 10: Data Precautions

    In addition, the capacity representation in Windows may be even smaller because some programs, such as Samsung Recovery, may reside in a hidden area of the HDD. Samsung shall not be liable for any data loss. Please take care to avoid losing any important Memory capacity representation data and back up your data to prevent any such data loss.
  • Page 11: Preparations

    Chapter 02 Preparations Checking the components Display $ Contact the vendor where you purchased the product if any components are missing. $ The pictures may look different Quick setup guide Warranty card Regulatory guide Power cord from the actual components. $ The provided components may differ depending on the model and the country.
  • Page 12: Connection Box

    Connection Box " Below components are included in the Connection Box which needs to be purchased separately. Power strip OCM cable Screw(M4, L12) x 7 Screw(M3, L5) x 11 Sheet cover x 2 EFT Terminal cover holder Screw(M3, L8) x 2 EFT Terminal holder guide...
  • Page 13: Parts

    An extra space for mounting optional payment module. Optional module • EFT Terminal (Terminal cover holder is provided for this module) mounting space " Samsung does not provide or sell any optional modules.
  • Page 14: Display

    Right Connection Box. Therefore, Use the Main power button on the Connection Box while the display is assembled to the Connection Box. (Refer to page 13) " Force-shutdown and abnormal shutdown may cause data corruption and Samsung Press Down is not liable for such corrupted data.
  • Page 15: Ports

    Ports Ports Description DC20V This port is for connecting the display’s power adapter. TOUCH This port is not a functioning port. Display " It is only used for an operation test during the manufacturing process. Connects to a USB device. (SERVICE) "...
  • Page 16: Before Installing The Product (Installation Guide)

    " When installing the product on a perpendicular wall, allow at least 15 This product can be installed and used with the exclusive Samsung stand sold separately by mm of space between the product and wall surface for ventilation and Samsung Electronics, and also can be wall-mounted.
  • Page 17: Installing The Wall Mount

    We recommend you contact a technician for assistance when installing the wall mount bracket. • Samsung is not responsible for any damage or injury caused to the product, you or other people by installing the product without expert help. Wall Mount Kit Specifications (VESA) Install your wall mount on a solid wall perpendicular to the floor.
  • Page 18: Basics

    Chapter 03 Basics Touchscreen Tips on using the touchscreen • Very light touches on the touchscreen may not be recognized. Use your fingers on the touchscreen to perform actions. • Precisely tap items on the touchscreen for the best results. • When used under some 3-wavelength lamps, the touchscreen could malfunction.
  • Page 19: Touch Screen Gestures

    Touch screen gestures Touch and hold (right-click) To use additional options of an item, touch and hold it on the touch screen. To select menus, options, or applications, tap the touch screen. " It is similar to clicking on a mouse. Drag To move an item to another location, touch and hold it, and then drag it on the touch screen to the desired...
  • Page 20: Entering Text

    Entering text Scrolling To scroll up, down, left, or right, swipe on the touch Use the on-screen keyboard to enter text. screen. To open the on-screen keyboard, select on the taskbar. " Some languages are not supported by the virtual keyboard. To enter text, change the input language to one of the supported languages.
  • Page 21 Entering uppercase Select ↑ before entering a character. For all caps, tap it twice. Changing language keyboards Add keyboards to enter text in other languages. Select → , select Add a language under Preferred languages, and then select a language. You can change the input language by selecting the input language key on the on-screen keyboard.
  • Page 22: Window

    Window Action Center The Windows 10 action centre allows you to receive system notifications, such as updates, Microsoft Windows is an operating system that is used to control this product. and push notifications, such as emails and social media updates. You can also adjust settings "...
  • Page 23: Settings & Upgrade

    Entering the BIOS Drag the adjustment bar to the desired volume. Turn on the product. Before the Samsung logo appears, press the F2 key several times. • If the product is password-protected, press the F2 key several times before the password screen appears.
  • Page 24: The Bios Screen

    Change the boot priority from the BIOS setup. You can change BIOS settings using the keyboard or mouse. Turn on the product. Before the Samsung logo appears, press the F2 key several times. Access the Boot menu. Select Boot Device Priority.
  • Page 25: Menu

    Chapter 04 Menu Function Key Guide → Picture Description Picture Mode Set to an optimum picture quality suitable for the working environment. • Custom: Customize the contrast and brightness as required. • Standard: Sets the picture quality suitable for standard use. Brightness Adjust the brightness level.
  • Page 26: Onscreen Display

    Onscreen Display Description Transparency Configure the transparency of the menu windows. Language Set the menu language. • Selected language only applies to the menu. Display Time Set how long the menu window will remain on screen for when it is not in use.
  • Page 27: Support

    Update software using an update file on a USB device. The USB device should be connected to the USB port labelled SERVICE. Save the update file (in .bin format) that you downloaded from the Samsung website ( to a USB device.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting Guide

    The brightness and colour do not look normal. Reset the screen settings to the default settings. (page 27) This issue may happen when the panel of the product is defective. Contact a Samsung I see red, green, and blue. Service Centre to resolve the issue.
  • Page 29 Screen issues In Windows display settings, change the display orientation to “Portrait”. You can access the display settings in following ways: The screen is landscape oriented. • Touch and hold the desktop, and then tap Display Settings. • Select the Windows START button ( ) →...
  • Page 30 Payment module issue Printer is not working. Make sure there is enough receipt paper in the printer. Make sure the receipt paper is properly inserted into the printer. Make sure the cover of the receipt paper is closed. Check the power and signal cable connection status, and restart the product. Press the Self Test button to check if the printer works.
  • Page 31: Windows Recovery Function

    Windows recovery function If the Samsung Recovery application is not supported by the product, reinstall Windows using the recovery function of Windows. Reinstalling Windows will erase all data saved on the product. Back up applications and personal data to an external storage device before reinstalling Windows.
  • Page 32: Specifications

    " For detailed device specifications, visit the Samsung website. Temperature: 0 °C ~ 40 °C (32 °F ~ 104 °F) * For installing the enclosure, keep the Operating internal temperature at 35 °C or below.
  • Page 33: Appendix

    External impact or drop. service technician in the following cases. • Use of supplies or separately sold product unspecified by Samsung. • Repair from a person besides an engineer of outsourcing service company or partner of Not a product defect Samsung Electronics Co.,LTD.
  • Page 34: Prevention Of Afterimage Burn-In

    TIME FLIGHT TIME pixels that control the liquid crystals. Such a voltage difference between electrodes increases with time and makes the liquid 20:30 20:30 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG crystals thinner. 21:10 21:10 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG When this occurs, a previous image can remain on the screen when the pattern changes.
  • Page 35: License

    License Open Source License Notice Open Source used in this product can be found on the following webpage (

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