Craftsman 149.236321 Owner's Manual
Craftsman 149.236321 Owner's Manual

Craftsman 149.236321 Owner's Manual

5 1/8-inch jointer-- planer


and code
found on the back of the base.
You should
both model and
code number
and retain
in a safe
place for future
a unique
serial code number
is stamped
the underside
of the machine,
Read All Instructions
Carefully Before Start-
ing Assembly and Use.
Save This Manual For
Future Reference.
• assembly
• operating
• repair parts
CO., Dept.
IL 60195
Part No. 4551-252.00


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 149.236321

  • Page 1 MODEL NO. 149.236321 SERIAL OR CODE NUMBER: Model and code number found on the back of the base. You should record both model and code number and retain in a safe place for future use. CALIFORNIA OWNERS: a unique...
  • Page 2 Sears Catalog Repair or replace damaged or worn cord immediately. I:RFIFTSMRNo this Craftsman Sears will repair it, free of charge. BY CONTACTING THE NEAREST SEARS STORE OR SERVICE legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from Estates, B.
  • Page 3 Make sure switch is in "OFF" position cord. GENERAL SAFETY RULES FOR POWER TOOLS ... UNPACKING AND CHECKING CONTENT'_ SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTER-PLANER ASSEMBLY Depth of Cut Hand Knob ... Chip Deflector Cutter Guard Assembly Fence ... Fence Extension Checking Cutter Blades ...
  • Page 4 UNPACKING Model 149.236321 Jointer-Planer is shipped carton. Separate all parts from packing materials with the illustration and the list of loose parts to make certain all items are accounted for, before discarding material. If any parts missing, do not attempt...
  • Page 5 SAFETY RULES FOR JOINTER--PLANER Safety is a combination of operator used. Study these rules and general safety rules before operating 1. WEAR EYE PROTECTION. 2. NEVER MAKE JOINTING OR PLANING 1/8 INCH -- PER PASS. 3. FEED WORKPIECE AGAINST ROTATION 4.
  • Page 6 FENCE From among the loose parts "find the following: (1) Fence (2) Fence Brackets (2) Fence Segments (2) Tilt Indicators (2) Lock Knobs (4) 114-20 x 3/4" Hex Cap Screws (4) 1/4 Lock Washers (4) 9132 ID x 9/16 OD x 1t16 Thick Washers (2) 9t32 ID x 17/32 OD x 1t8 Thick Washers (6) #8-32 x 1t2 Flat Head Machine Screws...
  • Page 7 A= 11/16 T hick x2"Wide x 10"Long The 11/16 t hickness canbeobtained byplaning t he board onthejointer-planer. B= 112" t o3t4"Thick x 3-112" Wide x 10" Long This piece may also be made out of plywood. ,.C= 3/4" Thick x 2.112" Wide x 19-1/2"...
  • Page 8 INSTALLING If the Jointer-Planer is to be used in a permanent should be fastened securely to a firm supporting as a workbench. Holes should be drilled surface of the workbench as illustrated. Each foot of the Jointer- Planer should be bolted securely using 5/16"...
  • Page 9 Open the cutter guard all the way until it stops and release it several times. It should always position. 4. GUARD STOP The Craftsman Jointer/Planer comes stop assembly to improve safety and reduce risk of injury. Be sure to read and understand all instructions JOINTER/PLANER...
  • Page 10 BASIC JOINTER--PLANER For your safety do not exceed a 1t16" deep cut on a planing operation for work pieces wider than 1-112'". For work pieces a 118" cut can be taken at a slow feed rate. This Jointer-Planer is designed...
  • Page 11 SLIP WHILE FEEDING, CLEAN RUBBER SURFACE CAUTION: IF THE HOLD DOWN/PUSH ATELY WITH SANDPAPER. BEVELING AND CHAMFERING The fence on your jointer-planer is adjustable 45 ° outboard. Adjust the fence to desired knobs. BEVELING is the cutting...
  • Page 12 2-1!2 inch hose. A 2-1/2 in. to 1-1/4 in. hose adapter is supplied with the machine hose connections. Attaching a Craftsman your work area cleaner. Craftsman Wet-Dry Vacs are available Sears Catalog and Retail Stores. IF VACUUM HOSE REMAINS...
  • Page 13 1. Unplug your Jointer-Ptaner and put switch DANGER: Failure to unplug your Jointer-Planer in accidental starting causing serious 2. Block the cutter guard open. 3. Using the 5132" hex key (Allen wrench), blade lock screws...
  • Page 14 • Never exceed a 118 _ deep m an,/ oper,li_on • Aiway,s hold-downfpuP*h b_ocks joh_t_ng m_er_a_ n_rrowe_ than 3 _n, or planing material thinner _han 3 _n. MODEL No. 149.236321 5 / 6 / 69-_ 71 ._...
  • Page 15 5-1/8 INCH JOINTL._-PLANER PARTS LIST REF. QTY. Ref 14-18 Head Screw Ref Nos 28-31 Belt "Standard Hardware Item - May Be Purchased Lecally. MODEL No. 149.236321 PART NO. DESCRIPTION 4550-120-70 Guard Return Spring 2292-036-00 Guard Spacer 4550-039-70 Cutterguard 2292-034-00 Danger Plate (Order for Label Only) 2292-051-00 .260 ID x .440 OD Wave Washer...
  • Page 16 1. Work feed speed too fast. during operation 2. Attempting to remove too much material SE/A, I RS owners manual Service MODELNO. 149.236321 How To Order Repair Parts SEARS, ROEBUCK PROBABLE CAUSE 1. Re-adjust blades, 2. Contact your nearest Searsstore 1.

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