Center EHE0200364, 340009 - RF Thermostat Installation Guide

Center EHE0200364, 340009 - RF Thermostat Installation Guide

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Center EHE0200364, 340009 - RF Thermostat Installation Guide


340009 is an RF thermostat. The Room Unit communicates with the relay Box on an 868MHz Radio Frequency (RF) to control a single heating system component such as a boiler, pump or zone valve. Neither product will communicate with other RF products that use different frequencies or communication protocols.

Note: The RF link between the Room Unit and Relay Box is pre-configured at the factory so these units should be installed together at the same site. If the units become separated or one of them needs replaced, they will need to be bound together – see Binding or Re-Binding Procedure.


Power Supply: 230Vac, 50–60 Hz (Relay Box)
2 x AA Alkaline batteries (Room Unit)

Switch Rating: SPDT, 24 to 230Vac, 50–60 Hz, 5(3)A

Hereby, Wolseley declares that this thermostat complies with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive R.E.D.: 2014/53/EU. Receiver Category 2. Max RF power: 25mW. Operating frequency: 868.3MHz (868.0 to 868.6MHz).

The full text of the EU Declaration of Conformity is available at the following Internet addresses:

Installing the Relay Box

  1. The Relay Box is a RF device. For the best performance install in an open space. Leave at least 30cm distance from any metal objects including wall boxes and boiler housing.
    Do not mount on metal wall boxes.
    EMC compliance considerations

    Keep AC mains supply/load cables separate from signal wiring.
  2. NOTE: The Relay Box contains no user serviceable parts. It should be opened and installed by a qualified installer only.

    Electrostatic sensitive device! Do not touch the circuit board.
  3. Installing the Relay Box - Step 2 Installing the Relay Box - Step 3
  4. NOTE: All wiring must be in accordance with IEE regulations. Relay switching voltage: 24 to 230Vac, 50–60Hz

    Observe ambient temperature and current limits (see product labels).
    Installing the Relay Box - Step 4
    Installing the Relay Box - Step 5
    Installing the Relay Box - Step 6

Testing the Thermostat RF Connection

  1. Apply mains electrical power to the Relay Box
  2. Power up the Room Unit
    1. Remove the cover
    2. Remove and discard the plastic tab inside the battery compartment, illuminating the display
  3. Hold the Room Unit 2-3 metres from the Relay Box
  4. Put the Room Unit into TEST Mode
    1. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds
    2. Press and hold the and buttons together until the screen changes as shown
    3. Press the button once
    4. Press and hold the button until the screen displays tEst. If the green light on the Relay Box does not flash periodically, the units are not Bound together. See Binding or Re-Binding Procedure to re-establish wireless communication
    5. Next test the signal strength to find a suitable location for the Room Unit installation

Testing the RF Signal Strength

  1. While still in TEST mode:
    1. Press and hold the button to enter SIGNAL STRENGTH Mode
    2. The display will show SS and a number from 0 to 5 indicating signal strength. This number will reset to zero every few seconds as a new signal measurement is made
    3. Strength 0, 1, 2 = POOR SIGNAL => move Room Unit to a better location
      Strength 3, 4, 5 = GOOD SIGNAL => ok to install Room Unit in this location
  2. Press and hold button to end the test

Installing the Room Unit

Install where signal strength is good, at least 30cm from any metal objects and at least 1m away from other electrical devices. Avoid proximity to heat sources or draughts.

Installing the Room Unit

Installer Setup

(allows Thermostat to be configured for the application)

  1. Enter Installer Setup Mode
    1. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds
    2. Press and hold the andbuttons together until the screen displays INst
    3. Press button once to show first parameter
  2. Use the andbuttons to scroll around all the available parameters
  3. To change any setting, press the button, then press the or buttons until the correct value is flashing
  4. Press to save the selection, then use the or buttons to select another parameter
  5. To Exit Installer Setup, press and hold for 3 seconds
Parameter Description Default Value Setting options
Ot Minimum boiler on/off time 1 minute 1 to 5 minutes
Cr Boiler cycles per hour 6 cycles per hour 3, 6, 9, 12 cycles
Pb Proportional Band Width 1.5°C 1.5 to 3.0°C
tO Temperature Offset 0 = no offset +3 to -3°C
uL Maximum set temperature limit 35°C 21 to 35°C
LL Minimum set temperature limit 5°C 5 to 21°C
HC Heating/ Cooling changeover enable 0 = no changeover 1 = changeover allowed*
OS Frost Protection temperature 5°C 5 to 16°C
LC Loss of Communications instruction 0 = switch off 0 or 1 = operate 20% on
FS RESET to factory defaults 0 = no change 1 = restore factory settings

* To change from Heating to Cooling Mode, press and hold both andbuttons together for 3 seconds

Binding or Re-Binding Procedure

Only Bind or Re-Bind if the units become separated or one of them needs replaced. No need to re-connect after power cuts or battery replacement.

  1. Put the Relay Box into Binding Mode
    1. Press and hold the Relay Box button for 15 seconds to cancel any prior Binding information
    2. After releasing the button, hold it down again for 5 seconds until the red light flashes evenly
  2. Put the Room Unit into Binding Mode
    1. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds, then hold the andbuttons together until the screen displays Inst
    2. Press the button so the screen displays COnt
    3. Press thebutton repeatedly until the screen displays CLr. Then press to clear any previous binding to other devices
    4. Press the button again to return to Binding Mode, where the screen displays COnt
  3. Press the button to send the Binding signal to the Relay Box. If successful, the red light on the Relay Box will stop flashing and turn off. In a few seconds the Room Unit will return to normal operation, in Standby mode
    Binding or Re-Binding Procedure

For further information telephone 0344 292 7062
Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that the information included in this document was accurate at the time of printing, we reserve the right to change specifications at any time. The photographs reproduced in this publication are within the constraints of the printing process and are NOT to be used for matching purposes. E&OE. Wolseley UK, The Wolseley Center, Harrison Way, Spa Park, Royal Leamington Spa, CV31 3HH

WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU At the end of the product life dispose of the packaging and product in a corresponding recycling centre. Do not dispose of the unit with the usual domestic refuse. Do not burn the product.

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