Canon imageFORMULA R10 - Scanner Setup Guide

Canon imageFORMULA R10 - Scanner Setup Guide

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Canon imageFORMULA R10 - Scanner Setup Guide

Check the included items

There is no need to install any software or scanner driver.

How to Scan

  1. Connect the scanner and computer.
    How to Scan - Step 1 - Connecting to a computer
  2. Open the feed tray to turn on the scanner.
    Press the release lever while raising the feed tray
    How to Scan - Step 2 - Turning on

    Start button lights up blue and the scanner turns on.
  3. Open the built in software (CaptureOnTouch Lite).
  • A pop-up screen will be displayed with the software icon.
    How to Scan - Step 3 - Open the built-in software
    Double-click the [CaptureOnTouch Lite Launcher] icon.
  • Pressing the scanner start button does not start CaptureOnTouch Lite.

If CaptureOnTouch Lite does not start, take the following measures.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.
  • If the scanner and computer are connected via a USB hub, remove the USB hub and connect them directly with a USB cable.
  • Check whether access to USB devices is prohibited by security software, and allow access if it is prohibited.
  • In Windows, AutoPlay for USB memory devices may be off. In that case, open Explorer and run the [CaptureOnTouch Lite] icon in [Devices and drives].
  1. Raise the document guide.
    How to Scan - Step 4 - Raise the document guide
  2. Load the document.
    1. Turn the document upside down with the back side facing you, and load it into the feed tray.
      How to Scan - Step 5 - Load the document
    2. Align the document guides with both edges of the loaded document.
  • Press the document beneath the tabs of the document guides.
    How to Scan - Step 6
  1. Select the document type and scanned image storage location.
    How to Scan - Step 7 - Select the document type
  • Clicking allows you to change the scan type and select a location to save your document.
  • Clicking [New Document] allows you to add new settings.
  • Clicking [New output] allows you to add new storage locations.
  1. Click the [SCAN] button.
    How to Scan - Step 8 - Click the scan button
  • When the software is open, you can also start scanning with pressing the start button on the scanner.
  1. After confirming the scanned image, click the [Finish] button.
    How to Scan - Step 9 - Click the finish button

More Information

For detailed explanations on the scanner and CaptureOnTouch Lite, refer to the user manual.
The user manual can also be displayed by double-clicking the [manual] icon on the original pop-up screen. See "How to Scan".

When the Software Update Notice Screen Appears

  1. Click the [Yes] button.
    Operating the Software Update Notice Screen
    The Web browser appears and downloading of the update file begins.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the update.


  • When scanning a card
    Turn the card face up, and insert the card straight into the card slot.
    Tip for scanning a card

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Download manual

Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

Download Canon imageFORMULA R10 - Scanner Setup Guide


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