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Set Up For Wireless Modem System - RCA WMJ900 Manual

Rca wmj900: supplementary guide
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Set Up For Wireless Modem System

This automated set up application will set up your Wireless Modem
System. For use with systems running Windows 95 and 98.
1. Prior to launching the software, make sure all connections are complete.
Then turn on both Base Unit and Extension Unit.
2. Make sure the LU (Link Up) lights on the Base Unit and Extension
Unit are lit.
3. Insert the 3.5" Set Up Disk (included) into the corresponding drive on
your computer.
4. Click Start on the Windows menu bar.
Select Run. Type the drive letter for
your 3.5" floppy drive followed by
:/setup (for example a:/setup).
Click OK.
5. The WMJ900 installer software will run. Follow the on screen instructions.
Welcome, click Next
and proceed to the
next window.
Page 6
Set Up For Wireless Modem System Cont.
Make sure everything
is connected and on,
click Next.
Check ports,
then click Next.
Once Wireless Modem has
been found, click Next.



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