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Troubleshooting; Common Problems - RCA WMJ900 Manual

Rca wmj900: supplementary guide
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General Troubleshooting
Always perform the following General Troubleshooting Steps
before performing any of the other procedures in this section.
• Make sure that all of your Wireless Modem adapters are firmly
plugged directly into electrical outlets and that the green LED lights
are on or flickering
• Make sure that the parallel or USB cable connections on all your
Wireless Modem adapters and computers are firmly attached
• Make sure that the power cords of all computers or power
strip/surge protectors are properly plugged in

Common Problems

Wireless Modem Does Not Show Up in Wireless Modem Administrator
1. Perform the General Troubleshooting steps
2. Run Wireless Modem Administrator
3. Press the F5 key to refresh the Wireless Modem Administrator screen
and rebuild Wireless Modem Administrator's device information table
4. Exit Wireless Modem Administrator, restart your computer, and then
restart Wireless Modem Administrator
5. Restart the computer connected to the problem Wireless Modem adapter
6. Call RCA Customer Support at 1-800-421-3896 for more information
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If you need any additional set-up help, please call the Helpline at:
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