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Changing Your Dial-Up Network Settings - RCA WMJ900 Manual

Rca wmj900: supplementary guide
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Changing Your Dial-Up Network Settings

1. Double-click on My Computer
icon on your PC's main window
screen and select Dial-Up network.
2. Right click your Internet Service
Provider (AOL, Prodigy, etc.).
Click Properties from the
Connect Using dialog box.
3. For Windows 95 and 98 select
WMJ900 Wireless Modem.
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Changing Your Dial-Up Network Settings Cont.
4. Click on Configure, the WMJ900
Shark Modem properties window
will appear. Click on the
Connection tab.
5. Under Call Preferences, check
wait for Dial Tone before dialing.
Under Data Bits, select 8.
Under Parity, select None.
Under Stop, select 1.
Under Call Preferences,
check only Wait for dial
tone before dialing.
Click OK.
6. Close the Modem Properties
screen to complete the
Dial-Up setting.
Your properties are now config-
ured on your computer system
and you are ready to use your
WMJ900 Wireless Modem.



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