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RCA CA1000 User Manual

Audio-on-demand receiver.
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   Summary of Contents for RCA CA1000

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  • Page 2: Federal Communications Commission Information

    Name of Store _________________ EID# ___________________________ Trademarks Command Audio is a trademark of Command Audio Corporation. RCA is a trademark of Thomson Consumer Electronics America, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Patent Information The Command Audio Receiver is manufactured in part under one or more of the following U.S.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Editing Stocks ... 21 Removing Stocks ... 22 Personalized Traffic ... 22 CHAPTER 5: USING THE RECEIVER IN YOUR CAR . 23 Hearing Command Audio on Your Car Radio . 23 CHAPTER 6: HOW TO INSTALL THE CAR KIT ... 25 Using the Holster with the Belt Clip ...

  • Page 4: Warning And Safeguards

    Using Your Receiver in a Plane The Command Audio Receiver contains an FM receiver and a low power FM transmitter that can interfere with aircraft navigation systems if not properly handled. You must turn off the Command Audio receiver before boarding an aircraft.

  • Page 5: Welcome To Command Audio

    Welcome to Command Audio! Your RCA CA1000 receiver is designed for discriminating users who wish to gather, customize, and listen to a broad range of information never before available from a single source. Whether it’s news, sports, weather, or lifestyle programming, information is at your command at the press of a button, once information is stored and updated.

  • Page 6: Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Chapter 1: Getting Started Make sure your package contains the following items: • Receiver • AC Power Supply • Four Rechargeable Alkaline “AA” Batteries • A Quick Start Guide • Belt Clip • Car DC Power Supply • Cassette Adapter •...

  • Page 7: Before You Begin

    —always slide the switch to ON or STANDBY so that the receiver can gather and store new programs. If you switch the receiver to OFF, it will NOT receive and update programs. Your receiver is programmed at the factory with...

  • Page 8: Connecting The Power

    • Using a car’s lighter plug for DC power • Using the batteries Using an AC power source To use the AC power adapter, plug the receiver into a wall outlet: 1. Plug one end of the AC adapter into the receiver.

  • Page 9: Low Battery Indicator

    Low BATTERY Indicator When the batteries are low, the receiver will sound an alert signal, and the low battery indicator (red) light on the front panel will blink. Note: • We recommend using alkaline or rechargeable batteries. • Rechargeable batteries may result in shorter playing time.

  • Page 10: Chapter 2: Getting To Know Your Receiver

    When not listening switch to standby. We can not update a program that is paused or playing. • Select the OFF position to turn the receiver functions off. Remember, only choose off when in an aircraft or when you will not use the receiver for an extended period of time.

  • Page 11

    Red LED indicator will blink when receiver cannot receive Command Audio signal due to antenna Indicator placement or if receiver is out of geographic reception range. Stored programs can still be played back. Program Guide Mode Presents Topic on 1st line and available programs on 2nd line.

  • Page 12

    Option Settings. Standby Receive new programs. All other functions are off. Powers down the receiver. This mode is intended for use in non-coverage areas or when use of an FM radio is not permitted, such as on an aircraft.

  • Page 13: Chapter 3: Operating Your Receiver

    Activated the program service by calling Command Audio Once you have accomplished these tasks, you’re ready to enjoy all that your CA1000 has to offer. Note: It may take as long as twenty-four hours (or more) before any new programs have been completely stored into your receiver’s memory.

  • Page 14: My Programs

    PLAYLIST 1 for your morning commute. Or, if more than one person uses the receiver, that person might choose to store his or her programs in PLAYLIST 1. You can reorder the programs on PLAYLIST 1 in any sequence you wish.

  • Page 15: Playing Programs

    PROGRAMS, PLAYLIST 1 and PLAYLIST 2 will announce when the next edition will be available. After you have listened to a program, the receiver marks it to be deleted or replaced when a new program edition is received unless you save it to “SAVED SHOWS.”...

  • Page 16: Reordering Playlist

    3. Press ADD. You will hear an audible prompt, “Add To.” 4. Press PLAYLIST 1 or PLAYLIST 2. You will hear an audible prompt “Added.” As you add programs, they will be placed at the end of the playlist. The display shows the number of programs on a playlist and the position of the current program.

  • Page 17: Saving Programs

    4. Press SAVED SHOWS. You will hear an audible prompt “Added, Saved Shows.” There is approximately eight hours of memory available for storing programs. If you save too many shows, you will affect the receiver’s ability to update new programs. Saving Programs with Time Limits Some programs have a time limit on how long you may save them.

  • Page 18: Chapter 4: Using The Options

    When turning your receiver ON, the receiver will automatically play back the list you have selected. Additionally, your receiver will automatically turn on and off with your car’s ignition, if the receiver is plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter. BULLETIN There are three setting choices.

  • Page 19

    Press the SCAN FWD or SCAN BACK button to match the FM (non- broadcasting)station on your stereo to receive the transmission from your CA1000. Note: Please see page 24 in Chapter 5: “Using the Receiver in Your Car” for more details.

  • Page 20: System Info

    1. Battery. 2. Diagnostics. This option provides you with information about your receiver’s battery status and a troubleshooting code for Listener Care. Use either SCAN button to select the battery setting choice you desire. Then press the ADD button. If you selected “Battery” setting, the unit will indicate the power source (External) or the percentage of battery life remaining.

  • Page 21: Stock Alerts

    STOCK ALERTS There are four automatic stock alerts. 1. High Price Alert. 2. Low Price Alert. 3. 52 Week High/Low Alert. 4. High Volume Alert. The “High Price Alert” allows you to enter (using either of the SCAN buttons) a specific dollar amount. When the stock surpasses this price, you will be notified via an Instant Bulletin.

  • Page 22: Removing Stocks

    Removing Stocks 1. Choose the OPTIONS mode. 3. Select Portfolio by advancing among the options, using the NEXT button. 4. Select Remove by pressing the SCAN FWD button twice. 5. Press the ADD button. (This option will only appear if a ticker has been entered already.) 6.

  • Page 23: Chapter 5: Using The Receiver In Your Car

    If your car’s cigarette lighter jack does not supply power when the car is turned off, it will be necessary to take your receiver with you and plug it into an AC power source when parking for periods of time exceeding the battery’s “standby mode”...

  • Page 24

    1. Insert the cord from the cassette adapter into the earphone jack. 2. Insert the cassette portion into your car’s cassette deck. Adjust the volume on your CA1000 and your car to the desired levels. Using the FM transmitter To use the FM transmitter: 1.

  • Page 25: Chapter 6: How To Install The Car Kit

    Snap the leg onto the ball assembly. The larger leg has three different snap-on positions so that you can adjust the height of the receiver. If your car has a tall and narrow vent, mount the leg horizontally and snap the ball assembly vertically.

  • Page 26

    STEP: 4 Slide the straight ends of the straps from back to front into the clip portion of the ball assembly. Step: 5 Attach the hooked side of both straps to the air vent. Step: 6 Pull both straps simultaneously, to tighten the assembly onto your dash.

  • Page 27: Using The Holster With The Belt Clip

    STep: 9 Insert the RCA receiver into the holster. STep: 10 Plug in the power cord and fully extend the antenna. There is a swivel joint at the bottom of the antenna. The best antenna position is usually behind the rear view mirror.

  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    PLAYBACK position. Does not play the programs chosen • Check to see if the receiver has power first. • Check that the Power mode switch is in the ON position. And the Mode switch is in the PLAYBACK position.

  • Page 29: General Care

    General Care To keep your unit working and looking good, follow these guidelines: • Avoid putting the unit near heating appliances and devices that generate electrical noise (for example, motors or fluorescent lamps). • Avoid dropping the unit, as well as other rough treatment.

  • Page 30: Limited Warranty

    45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first. What we will do: Exchange your defective receiver with a new or, at our option, refurbished unit. How you get service: Call 1-800-755-4570 and have your unit’s activation code and model/serial number ready.

  • Page 31

    Thomson assumes no responsibility for warranty shipments from the customer to the factory if not shipped in the manner prescribed by Thomson. To receive a replacement receiver after we have received your unit: Write the RA number on the outside of the carton used to return the unit.

  • Page 32: Ca1000a Parts

    DOOR, DISPLAY ... 244049 ANTENNA, ROD ... 244050 CLIP, BELT ... 244051 ADAPTER, AC/DC ... 244052 ADAPTER, DC/DC ... 244053 CRADLE, RECEIVER ... 244054 (HOLSTER) KIT, CAR MOUNT ... 244055 MOUNT, BALL ... 246943 LEG, SMALL ... 246944 LEG, MEDIUM ... 246945 FOOT ...

  • Page 33: Accessory Order Form

    Accessory Order Form DESCRIPTION For credit card purchases Your complete charge card number, its expiration date and your signature are necessary to process all charge card orders. Copy your complete account number from your VISA card. My card expires: Copy your complete account number from your MasterCard. Copy the number above your name on the MasterCard My card expires:...

  • Page 35: Index


  • Page 36

    How you get service: Call 1-800-755-4570 and have your unit’s activation code and model/serial number ready. The activation code and model/serial number information is on the bottom of your receiver. A representative will troubleshoot your problem over the phone. THOMPSON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 10330 N.

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