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RCA L32WD26D User Manual

Scenium series hdtv/dvd monitor
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HDTV/DVD Monitor User's Guide


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA L32WD26D

  • Page 1 HDTV/DVD Monitor User’s Guide...
  • Page 2: Important Information

    LASER PRODUCT Product Registration Please fill out the product registration card (packed separately) and return it immediately, or register on-line at Returning the card allows us to contact you if needed. Product Information Keep your sales receipt to obtain warranty parts and service and for proof of purchase. Attach it here and record the serial and model numbers in case you need them.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    If an outside antenna is connected to the TV receiver, be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built up static charges.
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Info Display icons, you can access features including Repeat, Audio, Subtitles, Bookmarks and Camera Angle. Requirements: Put your TV/DVD in DVD mode and insert a disc into the disc tray. Wait for the disc to play, then press INFO to view the Info Display menu.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Cables Needed to Connect Components to Your TV ... 5 Choose Your Connection ... 6 TV/DVD + HD Receiver + VCR ... 7 TV/DVD + Satellite Receiver + VCR ... 8 TV/DVD + VCR ... 9 TV/DVD+ A/V Receiver or Speakers ... 10 Explanation of Jacks ...
  • Page 6 Changing the Player Menus, Disc Menus, Audio or Subtitles Language Preferences ... 31 Glossary ... 32 Code List ... 32 Chapter 6: Using the TV’s Menu System Sound Menu... 33 Picture Menu ... 33 Channel Guide Menu ... 34 Time Menu ... 34 Parental Control Menu ...
  • Page 7: Chapter 1: Connections & Setup

    Position Cables Properly to Avoid Audio Interference • Insert each cable firmly into the designated jack. • If you place components above the TV, route all cables down the side of the back of the TV instead of straight down the middle of the TV.
  • Page 8: Choose Your Connection

    Connections & Setup Choose Your Connection There are several ways to connect your TV/DVD. Please use the following chart to determine which connection is best for you. Proceed to the appropriate page and connect your TV/DVD. Note: If you prefer, we can provide you with the name of an Authorized Service Representative who will visit your home for a fee to install your electronic entertainment system and to instruct you in its operation.
  • Page 9: Tv/Dvd + Hd Receiver + Vcr

    TV/DVD. If your HD Receiver has a DVI output, connect the HD Receiver to your TV /DVD using a DVI cable. Make sure to connect the left and right audio cables to the DVI L/MONO and R jacks on the TV/DVD.
  • Page 10: Tv/Dvd + Satellite Receiver + Vcr

    A. Connect a coaxial cable to the VCR’s antenna output and to the ANTENNA/CABLE Input jack on the TV/DVD. B. Connect the audio (white and red) cables to the VID2 L/MONO and R Audio jacks on the back of the TV/DVD and to the Audio Output jacks on the VCR.
  • Page 11: Tv/Dvd + Vcr

    A. Connect a coaxial cable to the VCR’s antenna output and to the ANTENNA/CABLE Input jack on the TV/DVD. B. Connect the audio (white and red) cables to the VID2 L/MONO and R Audio jacks on the back of the TV/DVD and to the Audio Output jacks on the VCR.
  • Page 12: Tv/Dvd+ A/V Receiver Or Speakers

    1. Connect audio cables to either the FIXED or VARIABLE AUDIO L and R OUTPUT jacks and to the Audio Inputs on the A/V receiver. • FIXED provides fixed-level audio output from the TV/DVD. This audio output is ideal for connecting to an A/V receiver that has its own volume control.
  • Page 13: Explanation Of Jacks

    Explanation of Jacks This section describes the jacks you can use to make connections. There are several ways to connect components to your TV/DVD. DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT Lets you connect a Dolby Digital receiver to your TV/DVD, if your receiver has an optical input.
  • Page 14: The Front Of Your Tv/Dvd

    Press TV on the remote, or press POWER on the TV/DVD’s front panel. Note: Pressing the TV button not only turns on the TV, but puts the remote into TV mode. “TV mode” means that the buttons on the remote control operate the TV’s functions.
  • Page 15: Set The Menu Language

    Complete Auto Channel Search This part of the setup allows the TV to search for all channels viewable through your antenna or cable TV system. This is sometimes called auto programming. Press OK to begin auto channel search. When the channel search is complete, press OK to access the List & Labels screen.
  • Page 16: Chapter 2: Using The Remote Control

    Backlight Lights up some of the buttons in the dark. CH + or CH - In TV mode, scans up or down through the current channel list. Press once to change the channel up or down; press and hold to continue changing channels. In DVD mode while a disc is playing, CH+ advances to the next chapter;...
  • Page 17: Using The Input Button

    TV Turns on the TV and puts the remote in TV mode. Also displays current status. VCR1 Puts the remote in VCR1 mode and, if Autotuning is enabled, will turn on the TV and tune to the correct input channel.
  • Page 18: How To Use The Remote After You've Programmed It

    For example, if you want the remote to control the TV, you would press the TV button to put the remote into TV mode before you could control the TV.
  • Page 19: Using The Remote Control

    Quarter ... 2011 Quartz ... 2011 Quasar ... 2021, 2022, 2125 RCA ... 2000, 2001, 2003, 2013, 2021, 2055, 2056, ... 2082, 2083, 2084, 2085, 2086, 2087, 2088, 2089, ... 2090, 2091, 2107, 2115, 2120, 2125, 2131, 2133 Radioshack/Realistic ... 2011, 2013, 2014, 2021, ...
  • Page 20: Chapter 3: Playing Dvds

    Regional Coding Both the TV/DVD unit and the discs are coded by region. These regional codes must match in order for the disc to play. If the codes don’t match, the disc won’t play. This unit’s code is region 1.
  • Page 21: Time Display

    Time Display Transport mode Time Display This feature displays the audio/video time. For DVD discs, the time displayed refers to the current title time. For Audio CDs, it refers to the current track time. For DVD video discs, the Time Display also acts as a Time Search feature. This lets you go to a particular scene in a movie by entering the time that scene is played.
  • Page 22: Changing The Audio Language

    Playing DVDs Changing the Audio Language If the disc was created with different language tracks (recorded in different languages), you can use the Info Display to temporarily change the DVD’s Audio Language setting. 1. While a disc is playing, press SOUND•ANT on the remote. The current audio language appears in the text box below the row of icons.
  • Page 23: Using Bookmarks

    The bookmark feature lets you mark a point on the disc that you can go to quickly. You can store up to 6 bookmarks per disc. When you turn the TV/DVD off or remove the disc, bookmarks are cleared. Storing a Bookmark 1.
  • Page 24: Chapter 4: Using The Tv's Features

    The autotuning feature automatically tunes the TV to the correct channel for different components you have connected to your TV/DVD (like a VCR) When you set up autotuning in the menu system you don’t have to remember to change your TV to channel 3, for example, when you want to watch the tape in your VCR.
  • Page 25: Parental Controls And V-Chip

    Broadcasters are not required to provide content themes, so programs received with no content themes will only be blocked if you block their age- based rating. You can also block out programs that have been given a rating of “Not Rated,” and programs that are considered “unrated.” The TV age- based ratings and content themes you can block are listed in the following table.
  • Page 26: Blocking Specific Content Themes

    3. Press the right arrow button to move the yellow highlight to a particular content theme status. 4. Press the OK button to change its status to language (L) corresponding with TV-14. The language for TV-MA is blocked as well.) Notes: Broadcasters are not required to provide content themes or age-based ratings.
  • Page 27: Viewing Specific Content Themes

    Once you are in the Movie Ratings menu, follow the same steps described for blocking TV ratings. V-Chip Unrated Program Block This option lets you decide if programs that the V-Chip recognizes as “unrated” can be viewed. “Unrated” TV programs may include news, sports, political, religious, local and weather programs, emergency bulletins, public announcements, and programs without ratings.
  • Page 28: Pip (Picture-In-Picture) And Pop (Picture-Outside-Picture) Operation

    Using the TV’s Features VCR1 ON OFF VCR2 SAT CABLE MUTE SKIP GUIDE GO BACK DISC MENU INFO Arrow buttons MENU CLEAR INPUT SOUND ANT REVERSE PLAY FORWARD RECORD STOP PAUSE SWAP CH - CH + PIP buttons Graphics contained within this publication are for representation only.
  • Page 29: Chapter 5: Using The Dvd Menu

    To get to the DVD’s main menu, press STOP on the remote control. The first item in the main menu is the Play/ Resume Play option. If there isn’t a disc in the TV/DVD, the option reads Play with the prompt Insert Disc to the right.
  • Page 30: Editing A Program

    Using the DVD Menu Editing a Program Deleting Chapters To delete chapters from the playlist: 1. If the disc is playing, press STOP to stop playback (the DVD’s main menu appears). 2. Highlight Play Mode and press OK (the Play Mode menu appears). 3.
  • Page 31: Locking Your Dvd

    DVDs that your family watches. Note: When in DVD mode, the TV/DVD alerts you when you try to play a movie with a rating that exceeds the limit you’ve set. Some discs include a rating override feature. When you play a disc with this feature, the message Override Limit or Cancel Selection appears on the screen.
  • Page 32: Unrated Titles

    3. Press the left arrow key to return to the main menu. The Display Menu The Display menu contains the settings that affect how disc content looks on your TV/DVD. TV Image The TV Image menu adjusts the way a movie appears on your TV/DVD.
  • Page 33: The Sound Menu

    If you don’t want to make any changes, press CLEAR to return to the main menu or GO BACK to return to the Speaker Setup menu. Note: The performance of the Sound Logic feature varies depending on the type of equipment you have connected to your TV/ DVD and the audio format of the disc you’re playing.
  • Page 34: Glossary

    5. Press the left arrow button or press GO BACK to return to the previous menu screen. Note: Remember, your TV/DVD can’t play the disc in the language you have chosen if the disc wasn’t created with that language option.
  • Page 35: Chapter 6: Using The Tv's Menu System

    Second Audio Program (SAP) Plays the program’s audio in a second language, if one is available. The TV/DVD displays the word SAP when you tune to a program that is broadcast with SAP information. SAP audio is broadcast in mono. SAP is also used to broadcast a program’s audio with descriptions of the video for the visually impaired.
  • Page 36: Channel Guide Menu

    Time Lets you enter the current time. If it is eight o’clock, for example, you must first enter the number zero, then number eight. Use the OK button to choose between AM and PM. Wake up timer Lets you set the TV to turn itself on. When you turn on Wake up timer, the following options appear: Wake up time Lets you set the time you want the TV to turn itself on.
  • Page 37: Setup Menu

    Signal Type TV chooses signal type during initial setup. If you change cable after setup, choose Cable if you are using cable or a cable box for TV signals. Choose UHF/VHF Antenna if you are using an off-air antenna for TV signals.
  • Page 38: Chapter 7: Information Displays

    Using the Info Display Your TV/DVD gives you many options when playing different types of discs. You can access these features through the on-screen Info Display. To access the Info Display while a disc is playing, press INFO on the remote. The Info Display appears across the top of the screen. Each of the playback features is represented by an icon.
  • Page 39: Selecting A Specific Index

    Random appears in the text box. The tracks on the disc will now play in random order. Note: The TV/DVD defaults to Standard playback whenever you put a new disc into your TV/DVD. Using the Program Play Feature To use the Program Play feature, you must enter the order in which you want the tracks on the CD or MP3 to play by creating a program.
  • Page 40: Editing A Playlist

    Information Displays Editing a Playlist 1. If the disc is playing, press STOP to stop playback. The DVD’s main menu appears. 2. Highlight Play Mode and press OK (the Play Mode menu appears). 3. Highlight Edit Program and press OK (the Edit Program screen appears). 4.
  • Page 41: Using Introscan

    Using IntroScan (Available only on Audio CDs and MP3s) IntroScan plays the first ten seconds of each track on the CD (similar to the scan feature that’s on many car radios). To use IntroScan: 1. Press INFO on the remote (the Info Display appears). 2.
  • Page 42: Chapter 8: Other Information

    • If the disc is a DTS music CD, it requires a DTS decoder. If you have a DTS receiver hooked up to your TV/DVD and you are still not getting sound, make sure the sound is set correctly (see Chapter 5).
  • Page 43: Other Information

    Check the wall receptacle (or extension cord) to make sure it is “live” by plugging in something else. • Something might be wrong with your remote control. Press the POWER button on the front of the TV. If the TV turns on, check the remote control solutions on page 43.
  • Page 44 If you’re watching your VCR and it’s connected with coaxial cable to the CABLE/ANTENNA jack, tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 (whichever channel is selected on the 3/4 switch on the back of your VCR). Also check to make sure the TV/VCR button on the VCR is in the correct mode (press the TV/VCR button on your VCR).
  • Page 45: Care And Cleaning

    The TV/DVD’s screen may be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth as well. Take care not to scratch or mar the screen. If necessary, you may use a cloth dampened with warm water. Never use strong cleaning agents, such as ammonia-based cleaners, or abrasive powder. These types of cleaners will damage the TV/DVD.
  • Page 46: Limited Warranty

    Other Information Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defects in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • One year from date of purchase for labor. • One year from date of purchase for parts. • Two years from date of purchase for the picture tube. The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental or 45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first.
  • Page 47: Accessories

    VCR or TV. The ends screw onto the connectors for a secure VH81 (3-ft) connection. VH82 (6-ft) Standard Audio/Video cable with RCA-type phono plugs. VH83 S-Video Cable has multi-pin connectors on each end for VH913 connecting S-Video components to your TV.
  • Page 48 Visit the RCA Scenium website at Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson multimedia Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2002 Thomson multimedia Inc.

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