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Troubleshooting; Specifications - RCA WHP150 User Manual

Wireless headphones with 900 mhz transmitter
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WHP150 MANUAL(1J1500 )
No Sound
Ensure the AC adapter is fully inserted into the
AC outlet and into the power connection input on
the transmitter.
Ensure the headphones ON/OFF switch is in
the ON position.
Headphone batteries may be too low. Charge batteries.
Ensure the TV or audio component is on and tuned to a
channel with audio.
Adjust the volume control on the headphone to
turn up the volume.
The connected audio/video equipment is not playing
(CD, Tape, etc...). Check the audio source.
The volume of headphone is turned down, adjust the
volume to an appropriate level.
Ensure the stereo indicator light is on. If not,
adjust the tuning control on the headphones
until the indicator light is on.
Change the position of the FREQ. ADJUST control
to change operating frequency. You must then
adjust the tuning control on the headphone until
the stereo indicator light is on.
Headphone batteries may be too low. Charge the batteries
or replace with new ones if they do not charge.
Ensure the level control wheel is adjusted properly.
The headphone is too far from transmitter,
move closer.
The input level of the audio signal is too low. Turn
up the volume of the audio source equipment.
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Transmission Mode:
UHF Stereo
Carrier Frequency
911.5 - 913.5 MHz
Operating Voltage
Transmitter, 19V 280mA
Receiver, 2.4V (2xAA Ni-Cd Quick Charge Battery)
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20 Khz
Signal Noise Ratio
55 dB
Operation Distance
NOTE: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party
responsible for compliance to the FCC Rules could void the users authority to
operate this equipment