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Epson AcuLaser Color Station 8600 Quick Reference
Epson AcuLaser Color Station 8600 Quick Reference

Epson AcuLaser Color Station 8600 Quick Reference

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Control Panel Functions
Color/Black button
Switches between color
and monochrome
face-down tray
face-up tray
Copyright© 2002 by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, Nagano, Japan
Touch screen
Memory button
Sets various copy
Selects, saves, or deletes user-
defined memory.
Face Down/Face Up button
Switches between the face-
up tray and face-down tray.
Admin button
Displays the administrator's mode selection screen.
Available settings:
Key Tone
Object Sensor
Set Default Copy Job
Lock Password
Select Language
Quick Reference
Reset button
Sets all copy job settings to default values.
When the Password setting is ON, the Enter Password screen
appears when pressing this button for more than 3 seconds.
Error light
On when an error occurs.
Auto Feed
(See "Error Messages" on
page 4.)
Color Calibration
Admin. Password
Copy Unit Restore Defaults
Numeric key pad
Used to enter the number
of copies, the zoom ratio,
and other values.
Stop button
Stops copying.
Start button
Starts copying.
Power light
On when the printer is on.
Ready light
On when ready to copy.



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Summary of Contents for Epson AcuLaser Color Station 8600

  • Page 1 Auto Feed (See “Error Messages” on Object Sensor Password page 4.) Set Default Copy Job Color Calibration Lock Password Admin. Password face-up tray Adjustment Copy Unit Restore Defaults Select Language Counter 4021301-00 Copyright© 2002 by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, Nagano, Japan...
  • Page 2 Touch Panel Functions The following screen appears when the copy station is ready for copying. Shows the current paper size, document orientation, and paper type. Sets the zoom ratio and displays the current Shows the number of copies. zoom ratio. Selects paper source, size, and Reduces the copy size.
  • Page 3 Document and Paper Source Orientation Place your document on the A 2 ± 1.5 mm both the document table with the side horizontal and vertical to be scanned facing down. rulers will not be scanned. 2 ± 1.5 mm 2 ± 1.5 mm Document corner of the document...
  • Page 4 LCD panel. When an error occurs, see the section about error System Error Restart System. messages in the EPSON AcuLaser Color Copy Station Internal Error (1) Turn off the scanner and the printer.