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Midi Specification; Midi Program Changes And Bank Select - Novation KS Rack User Manual

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MIDI Specification - MIDI Program Changes and Bank Select

MIDI Specification

Program Mode
In Program Mode, the keyboard notes, front panel controls, mod & pitch
bend wheels and menu parameters all transmit on the Global MIDI
Channel. This is set from page 2 of the Global Menu (see page 50)
In Program Mode, all MIDI messages are only accepted if they are
received on the Global MIDI Channel.
Performance Mode
Each Part may be set to use its own MIDI channel. Any number of Parts
may share and use the same MIDI channel (resulting in layered Parts).
The Part selected for editing (it's RED edit light on) will determine which
MIDI channel will be used for transmission when the keyboard is played.
the mod or pitch bend wheels moved, the front panel controls moved or a
menu parameter changed. This MIDI channel can be changed in thePart
Some controls (such as the TEMPO knob) are not Part-specific and apply
to the mahcine as a whole. In these cases, the Global MIDI Channel is
always used for MIDI transmission. It is possible that the Global MIDI
channel will be a different channel to those used by any of the Parts in
the currently selected Performance. For MIDI reception of these non Part-
specific controls, they may either be received on the Global MIDI
Channel or on the MIDI channel used by any Part - providing of course
that Part is 'active'.
This feature allows these messages to always be accepted regardless of
which sequencer track is currently selected since sequencers 're-chan-
nelise' the incoming MIDI data.
When receiving MIDI information in Performance Mode, each Part will
only respond to MIDI on its own MIDI channel (as defined in the Part Edit
Menu). A Part will only respond to incoming MIDI if it is 'active' (ie its
Part Active button LED is lit).
In Performance Mode, it is possible to utilise the Part Active buttons as
'mute' buttons. A 'muted' Part will not respond to or transmit MIDI.

MIDI Program Changes and Bank Select

Whenever a new Program or Performance is selected, a Bank Select
Message followed immediately by a Program Change message will be
transmitted. If these messages are played back into the machine from a
sequencer, the appropriate Program or Performance will be selected.
The Bank Select MIDI message consists of a single controller message.
Continuous Controller Number (CC32) (Bank Select LSB) is used. The
machine does not transmit or respond to CC 0 (Bank Select MSB).
Sending a CC 0 message from a sequencer does no harm. The message
will be ignored and the machine will behave as if the CC 0 had contained
a data value of zero.
As well as determining which Program or Performance bank the Program
Change Message will select from, the value of the Bank Select Message
also determines whether Program Mode will be selected or the current
playing mode retained. The following table lists the CC 32 values used.
32 Bank Select messages
Program 100 - 199 (Mode Unchanged)
Program 200 - 299 (Mode Unchanged)
Program 300 - 399 (Mode Unchanged)
Program 400 - 499 (Mode Unchanged)
Drum Map 500 - 549 (Mode Unchanged)
Drum Map 600 - 649 (Mode Unchanged)
Drum Map 700 - 749 (Mode Unchanged)
Drum Map 800 - 849 (Mode Unchanged)
Program 100 - 199 (Selects Program Mode)
Program 200 - 299 (Selects Program Mode)
Program 300 - 399 (Selects Program Mode)
Program 400 - 499 (Selects Program Mode)
Drum Map 500 - 549 (Selects Program Mode)
Drum Map 600 - 649 (Selects Program Mode)
Drum Map 700 - 749 (Selects Program Mode)
Drum Map 800 - 849 (Selects Program Mode)
Referring to the table above, when CC 32 values in the range of 1 to 8
are received, the following Program Change message will select a
Program or Drum Map from the appropriate bank. It is these Bank Select
values which are transmitted whenever a new Program or Drum Map is
selected using the front panel controls (an exception is when the PROG
button is pressed to select Program Mode - see below).
CC 32 values in the range 1 to 8 should always be used when a new
Program is to be assigned to a Performance's Part. They can also be
used when the KS 4 / KS 5 is already operating in Program Mode
(Program Mode will remain selected).
CC 32 values of 33 to 40 are similar to values 1 to 8 in that they select
Programs or Drum Maps. Unlike the 1 to 8 values, they always force the
KS Rack to operate in Program Mode. This means that the machine will
immediately switch to Program Mode even if these messages are
received while Performance Mode is operating. These CC 32 values are
only transmitted by the KS 4 / KS 5 at the time the PROG button is
pressed to select Program Mode.
A Bank select message (CC 32) with a value of 65 selects Performance
Mode. The following Program Change message will then select from
Performances 1 to 100.
If the KS Rack is currently operating in Performance Mode, any Bank
Select and Program Change messages may be received on either any of
the Part's MIDI channels or on the Global MIDI channel.
A Program Change message always immediately follows a Bank Select
Only Program Change values of 000 to 099 are valid. When selecting a
Drum Map, only Program Change values of 000 to 049 are valid. All other
values will be ignored if received.
When a Bank Select Message is received, the Program / Drum Map /
Performance will only change after the accompanying Program Change
message has been received.


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