D-Link DHP-W311AV - PowerLine AV 500 Wireless Extender Kit Quick Install Guide

D-Link DHP-W311AV - PowerLine AV 500 Wireless Extender Kit Quick Install Guide

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D-Link DHP-W311AV - PowerLine AV 500 Wireless Extender Kit Quick Install Guide

Package Contents

One PowerLine AV 500 Network Adapter (DHP-308AV)

One PowerLine AV 500 Wireless N Extender (DHP-W310AV)

Two Ethernet Cables

Wi-Fi Configuration Card

Quick Install Guide

If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller.


  • For best results, use in a regular wall outlet without any other devices plugged in. Plugging into a power strip or a surge protector may adversely affect the performance of this product.
  • Avoid using the PowerLine adapters in an electrical outlet that is located near an appliance that uses a lot of power, such as a washer or dryer, refrigerator, microwave, hair dryer, or air conditioning unit.
  • To verify connectivity or if you are having connection problems, plug the adapters in the same room to verify whether your home's electrical wiring is contributing to the issue. The adapters' PowerLine LED indicators will illuminate if the connection is established. Once configured you may place the DHP-308AV Adapter and DHP- W310AV Extender in the locations of your choice.

Hardware Overview

Hardware Overview

1 Power LED 5 10/100 Ethernet Port
2 PowerLine LED 6 Simple Connect/WPS Button
3 Ethernet LED 7 Reset Button
4 Wireless LED 8 On/Off Switch


  1. Plug in the DHP-308AV Adapter and connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable.
    Installation - Step 1
  2. Plug in the DHP-W310AV Adapter in the room that you want additional wireless coverage and/or an Ethernet connection. If the Power LED does not light up, check that the power switch is turned on
    Installation - Step 2
  3. Verify the PowerLine LEDs on both adapters are lit.
    Installation - Step 3
  4. Connect your wireless devices to the DHP-W310AV. Use the Wi-Fi Network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi Password from the Wi-Fi Configuration Card to connect.
    Installation - Step 4
  5. Your installation is completed.


How do I know if my Powerline adapters are connected?
If the PowerLine LED on both adapters are lit, they are connected.

Can I use the Ethernet port on the DHP-W310AV adapter and wireless at the same time?
Yes you can connect an Ethernet device to the Ethernet port and use wireless devices at the same time.

How do I connect my wireless devices to the DHP-W310AV?
Open your wireless network utility that displays available wireless networks. Select the DHP-W310AV and connect (refer to the Wi-Fi Configuration Card included for the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and Wi-Fi Password).

You can also connect using WPS. Press the WPS button on the DHP-W310AV adapter for three seconds and then press the WPS button on your wireless device within 1 minute. Allow up to two minutes to connect. Note that some devices may require you to log in to a utility to start the WPS process.

How do I change the wireless settings on the DHP-W310AV adapter?
You can log in to the web-based utility by opening a web browser and typing http://dlinkap. You may also enter its IP address (default is

At the login screen, type in admin for the user name and leave the password blank. Go to Setup > Wireless Settings to create a new Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password.

Download the user manual from http://support.dlink.com.

Technical Support

Having trouble installing your new product? D-Link's website contains the latest user documentation and software updates for D-Link products. U.S. and Canadian customers can contact D-Link Technical Support through our website.

United States
Internet: http://support.dlink.com

Internet: http://support.dlink.ca

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