Electrolux LIBERO POINT Installation And Operating Manual

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Installation and operating manual *
59589GM00- 2021.03
*Original instructions


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  • Page 1 LIBERO POINT Installation and operating manual * 59589GM00- 2021.03 *Original instructions...
  • Page 2 Installation diagram...
  • Page 3 Foreword The installation, use and maintenance manual (hereinafter Manual) provides the user with information necessary for correct and safe use of the machine (or “appliance“). The following must not be considered a long and exacting list of warnings, but rather a set of instructions suitable for improving machine performance in every respect and, above all, preventing injury to persons and animals and damage to property due to im- proper operating procedures.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    I.2.1 Electrical checks ....................... 26 I.2.2 Check of positioning of components ..................26 I.2.3 Precautions ........................26 I.2.4 Maximum contemporaneity (only for Libero Point 3 Phases) ............26 Daily activation of the machine ...................... 26 I.3.1 Extraction phase ....................... 26...
  • Page 5 I.3.2 Automatic extraction ......................26 I.3.3 Filters regeneration ......................26 I.3.4 Change of filters........................ 26 I.3.5 Counter resetting ......................26 I.3.6 Control panel lockout ......................27 Using the refrigerated drawers (if present)..................27 I.4.1 Switching the refrigerated drawers ON................... 27 I.4.2 Drawer temperature selection ....................
  • Page 6: Awarning And Safety Information

    Important instructions or information on the product Read the instructions before using the appliance Clarifications and explanations Type ref: LP..Point 1 and 2 = Product / Brand: Libero Point Point 3 = R – N Function Type: Refrigerator Neutro Point 4 = 2 – 3...
  • Page 7: Personal Protection Equipment

    Point 7 = 0 – 2 Number of three phases Plugs (if present) –3 Zero plugs Two plugs Three plugs Point 8 and 9 = Refrigerant Type (if present) R600a • This appliance is to be intended for commercial and collective use, for example in kitchens of restaurants, canteens, hospitals and in commercial enterprises such as bakeries, butcheries, etc., not for continuous mass production of food.
  • Page 8: General Safety

    Stage Protective Safety Gloves Glasses Safety garments footwear helmet ○ ● ○ ○ — Dismantling ○ ● ○ ○ — Scrapping Key: ● PPE REQUIRED ○ PPE AVAILABLE OR TO BE USED IF NECESSARY — PPE NOT REQUIRED 1. During these operations, gloves must be cut-resistant. Failure to use the personal protection equipment by operators, specialized personnel or users can involve exposure to damage to health (depending on the model).
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    Technical data Materials and fluids used • R600a gas is potentially flammable and explosive! Take every possible precaution to prevent any risk linked to the nature of this gas during any routine and/or extraordinary operation carried out on the appliance. Performance Equivalent sound pressure level <70...
  • Page 10: General Safety Rules

    correct sizing of the switch or plug, refer to the absorbed current specified on the appliance data plate (32A). • If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the Customer Care Service or in any case by specialised personnel, in order to prevent any risk. •...
  • Page 11 Keep any combustible or explosive fluids away from heated appliances, otherwise a fire or explosion may occur. Incorrect cleaning can substantially and irreparably damage the stainless steel surfaces. Do not operate the appliance unsupervised; to prevent injuries such as burns on hot surfaces, use of the product by the public should only be allowed under supervision.
  • Page 12: Product Loading And Unloading

    Residual risks • The machine has several risks that were not completely eliminated from a design standpoint or with the installation of adequate protection devices. Nevertheless, through this manual the Manufacturer has taken steps to inform operators of such risks, carefully indicating the personal protection equipment to be used by them.
  • Page 13: Safety Signs To Be Placed Near The Machine Area

    • Cover or wrap food before placing it in the refrigerator and avoid putting very hot foods or steaming liquids inside. • Do not use mechanical devices or other means to speed up the defrost process, unless recommended by the manufacturer. •...
  • Page 14: Machine Disposal

    • Installation of the appliance and the refrigerant fluid condensing unit must only be carried out by the manufacturer’s service personnel or by specialised personnel. WARNING Keep the ventilation openings in the appliance casing free of any obstructions • Handle the appliance with care in order to avoid damage or danger to people. Use a pallet for handling and positioning.
  • Page 15: Machine Cleaning And Maintenance

    Preventive maintenance • In order to ensure the safety and performance of your equipment, it is recommended that service is undertaken by Electrolux Professional authorised engineers every 12 months, in accordance with Electrolux Professional Service Manuals. Please contact your local Electrolux Professional Service Centre for further details.
  • Page 16: Maintenance Intervals

    Repair and extraordinary maintenance • Repair and extraordinary Maintenance have to be carried out by specialised authorised personnel. The manufacturer declines any liability for any failure or damage caused by the intervention of an unauthorised technician by the Manufacturer and the original manufacturer warranty will be invalidated.
  • Page 17 Maintenance, inspections, checks and Frequency Responsibility cleaning Machine structure Yearly Service • tightening of main bolts (screws, fixing systems, etc.) of machine. Safety signs Yearly Service • check the readability and condition of safety signs. Electrical control panel • check the electrical components installed Yearly Service inside the electrical control panel.
  • Page 18: Bwarranty

    WARRANTY Warranty terms and exclusions Check on Electrolux Professional website the list of authorized customer care. If the purchase of this product includes warranty coverage, warranty is provided in line with local regulations and subject to...
  • Page 19: Ctechnical Data

    NF nominal Charge Rated Pressure IPX0 Electrolux Professional SPA - Viale Treviso, 15 - 33170 Pordenone (Italy) The dataplate gives the product identification and technical data. The meaning of the various information given on it is listed below: F.Mod. Factory description of product Comm.
  • Page 20: How To Interpret The Type Ref (*)

    7 - Number of Three Phases Plugs (if present) IPX0 5 W Cap. L Refrigerant R600a 0,025 kg Zero Plugs Electrolux Professional SPA - Viale Treviso, 15 - 33170 Pordenone (Italy) kW Heating Power MADE IN ITALY Two Plugs Three Plugs 1 –...
  • Page 21: Additional Indications

    The numerical values given on the appliance installation port personnel. diagrams refer to measurements in millimeters and/or inches. Manufacturer Electrolux Professional SpA or any other service centre authorised by Electrolux Easy cleaning Professional SpA. The cupboard line is easy to clean thanks to the rounded...
  • Page 22: Etransport, Handling And Storage

    • operations carried out by non-specialised personnel; The employer, workplace manager or service technician are responsible for identifying and choosing adequate and suitable • unauthorized modifications or operations; personal protection equipment to be worn by operators, in • missing, lack or inadequate maintenance; compliance with regulations in force in the country of use.
  • Page 23: Customer's Responsibilities

    CAUTION 2. The system power supply is arranged and able to take the Before moving the appliance make sure actual current absorption and that it is correctly executed the load bearing capacity of the lifting according to the regulations in force in the country of use. 3.
  • Page 24: Hcontrol Panel

    CONTROL PANEL Descripition of control panel CONTROL PANEL FUNCTIONS DISPLAY BUTTON FUNCTION EXPLANATORY NOTES This button allows the appliance’s acti- ON/OFF 1 — vation/deactivation Multifunction display 2 — This button allows to change the extrac- tion speed (from 1 to 4); then pressing Ventilator button to increase or...
  • Page 25: Iinstruction For The User

    INSTRUCTION FOR THE USER WARNING Introduction Refer to “WARNING and Safety Information“. Front side Rear side (Fig. 1) (Fig. 2) The equipment is suitable for holding cooking appliances, • R — Drawers. placed on the upper support surface, for the management of I.1.1 Zone A —...
  • Page 26: Zone E - Wheels And Air Exhaust

    Only in refrigerated versions, next to the open zones there are I.2.4 Maximum contemporaneity (only for Libero Point the refrigerated drawers suitable for storing food. 3 Phases) The control panel is on the front zone WARNING I.1.5 Zone E - Wheels and air exhaust...
  • Page 27 NOTE! DANGER if only the F2 filter need to be reset, access the Do not store explosive substan- function pressing the button, then press the ces, such pressurised button to go to the second filter. containers with flammable pro- For detailed information about the filters cleaning and pellant in this appliance.
  • Page 28 IMPORTANT At the end of the week’s work, proceed as described in Care of Remove the filters keeping them in vertical the appliance – Daily , then: position: carefully avoid tilting them to prevent oil leaks that pollute the underlying carbon filters Cleaning the refrigerated drawers (see fig.
  • Page 29 CAUTION After carrying out maintenance, make sure the machine is able Respect the requirements for the various to work safely and, in particular, that the protection and safety devices are efficient. routine and extraordinary maintenance operations; non-compliance with instructions can create risks for personnel. Warnings codes Corrective Action Corrective Action...
  • Page 30 • Installation diagram. • Declaration of Conformity...
  • Page 32 Electrolux Professional SPA Viale Treviso 15 33170 Pordenone www.electroluxprofessional.com...

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