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Navitar VideoMate 6100 User Manual

Navitar videomate 6100: user guide.
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    VideoMates are ideal for use in boardrooms, auditoriums and training rooms, or for AV rental and video production. The VideoMate 6100 is based on a Kodak Ektagraphic slide projector. The unit includes a color balanced illumination system and a high resolution Navitar zoom lens.

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    VideoMate Slide-to-Video Digital Imaging Station...

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    Keep the unit in the original moisture proof package while it warms up. (The goal is to prevent warm, moist air from striking the cold electronic and optical components which will cause damaging condensation). Never operate a cold projector to warm it up.

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    Before starting, review the precautions on page 8. To “Quick Start” the VideoMate 6100, proceed as follows: 1. Unwind the cord under the base of the unit and plug it into a suitable power supply.

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    Before starting, review the precautions on page 8. To install the VideoMate 6100, proceed as follows: 1. Unwind the power cord under the base of the unit and plug it into a suitable power source. 2. Connect the cable to your peripheral equipment (TV monitor, video projector, etc.).

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    Digital Imaging Station box. Digital IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) This digital output is available directly from the projector base. For connection to display devices that accept Fire Wire input, it is not necessary to use the Digital Imaging...

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    Load all slides and replace and lock the top lock ring. 1. Center the tray over the post on the projector. 2. Gently rotate the tray until the #0 slide slot is at the index mark and the tray will drop into position.

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    2. Push the select bar down and the slide should come If the tray is still jammed: 1. While holding the projector post release tab located at the center of the slide tray, grasp the tray on the side opposite the index mark and lift. When the tray is removed, the select bar will release the slide.

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    The entire illumination system is contained in a unit called a lamp module. This module is a drawer type configura- tion, which may be removed from the projector to change the lamp. Unfortunately, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to change the lamp, because it must first be allowed to cool down.

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    3. Press down on the door latch of the lamp module and pull it slowly outward until the module clears the projector. 4. Unclasp the wire bail which holds the lamp in place and push from underneath the lamp to slide the lamp out of the receptacle.

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    The 8-pin receptacle provides access to the circuitry of the projector and allows for additional external control and programming capability. Functions include forward and reverse slide change, sensing of the zero tray position when the shutter is closed and electrical grounding. 8- contact or “DIN-type”...

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    Supply is 25.5 V, 500 mA (1/2 A) maximum. Contact number 8 is common (return) for the remote-control circuit. Contact number 7 is the “hot”...

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    ³ The VideoMate 6100 is pre-programmed at the manufac- turer. Plug and Play is the best setting for viewing, however, the Digital Imaging Station offers many other useful functions. For a complete description of camera functions, see the enclosed Digital Imaging Station CD-ROM.

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    1. Power Switch Turns the unit on/off. 2. Stylus Pen Lightly tap the LCD touch screen with this pen to operate the unit. Controls have been preset at the factory for ease of use. 3. LCD Touch Screen Displays the menu of the application software or the Windows CE.

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    1. Network Port (10 BASE-T) Use the ETHERNET cable to connect to LAN. 2. USB Port Provided for use in the future if required. 3. Printer Port Provided for use in the future if required. 4. S-Video Output Connector Connect to the S-Video input connector of a TV monitor.

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    The following diagram shows an example of the system configuration using the DFSW-77. 1. Multiscan PC Monitor 2. TV Monitor 3. Network (LAN) 4. VideoMate 6100 or Camera 5. Computer 6. Keyboard 7. PC Card 8. PC Card Reader 9. RM-91 Trigger Switch or FS-20 Foot Switch...

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    t n i g i l . t h g " l l a p " e l t " . t t u c t i . t r t t u u l l t i n u l l t i n "...

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    l a t t u l v i t y t i i g i l a t t n I d i l d i l y t i / s l " 2 i g i l a t , s t , t l , t l...

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    For service, repair or return procedures under this war- ranty, contact your distributor, your local Navitar field officer or Navitar direct at (585) 359-4000 or (800) 828- 6778 in the United States. Except as stated herein, Navitar makes no other warran- ties, expressed or implied by law, whether of merchant- ability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise.

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    Ektagraphic and Kodak are both trademarks of the Eastman Kodak Company. VideoMate and Navitar are both trademarks of Navitar, Inc.

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    Navitar, Inc. 200 Commerce Drive Rochester, NY 14623 USA Phone (585) 359-4000 Fax (585) 359-4999 Internet: Email:

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