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Features - NEC MultiSync FE772M User Manual

Nec multisync fe772m: users manual
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ClearFlat™ Shadow Mask CRT: Delivers an outstanding viewing experience with
a virtually flat image, eliminating distortion and reducing glare so that what you
see on-screen is as realistic and lifelike as what you see on your printed output.
The patented ClearFlat CRT also offers a high contrast screen with a fine grille
pitch, delivering crisp, clean text and graphics.
Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective, Anti-Static Coating): Reduces reflection and
glare and increases contrast without sacrificing focus level, clarity or brightness.
Along with the flat square technology CRT, a high contrast screen delivers crisp,
clean text and graphics.
Invar Shadow Mask: Holes in the thin metal sheet behind the glass of the CRT
surface correspond to each phosphor dot on the inner surface of the CRT's
faceplate, allowing the correct electron beam (red, green, blue) to hit the correct
color phosphor for improved focus, brightness and color.
Dual Dynamic Beam Focus: Provides precise, continuous focus adjustments of the
electron beams and optimum image quality, even to the far edges of the screen.
AccuColor ® Control System: Allows you to change the color settings on your
display to match your personal preference.
OSD (On-Screen Display) Controls: Allow you to quickly and easily adjust all
elements of your screen image via simple to use on-screen menus.
ErgoDesign ® Features: Enhance human ergonomics to improve the working en-
vironment, protect the health of the user and save money. Examples include OSD
controls for quick and easy image adjustments, tilt/swivel base for preferred
angle of vision and compliance with MPRII guidelines for lower emissions.
Plug and Play: The Microsoft ® solution with the Windows ® 95/98 operating
system facilitates setup and installation by allowing the monitor to send its capa-
bilities (such as screen size and resolutions supported) directly to your computer,
automatically optimizing display performance.
IPM ® (Intelligent Power Manager) System: Provides innovative power-saving
methods that allow the monitor to shift to a lower power consumption level when
on but not in use, saving two-thirds of your monitor energy costs, reducing emis-
sions and lowering the air conditioning costs of the workplace.
Reduced Magnetic Field ® Technology: Reduces magnetic and alternating electric
field emissions and static electricity, addressing ergonomic concerns regarding
potential risks from extended computer monitor use.
Multiple Frequency Technology: Automatically adjusts monitor to the display
card's scanning frequency, thus displaying the resolution required.
FullScan ® Capability: Allows you to use the entire screen area in most resolu-
tions, significantly expanding image size.



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