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Audio.functions - NEC MultiSync FE772M User Manual

Nec multisync fe772m: users manual
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Side Jacks
Headphone Jack
Microphone Jack
Rear Panel Jacks
Audio In -Sky Blue
Mic Out - Pink
Microphone Operation
Using this jack reduces the length of cable needed to reach the PC's sound card. In order to
use the MIC jack, use a cable (supplied) to plug into the rear of the monitor (MIC OUT) and
into the MIC input jack of your sound card (if available).
A terminal used to connect to the speaker including a built-in amplifier (Amp). Make sure
that the connecting terminal of the PC sound card is checked before connecting. If the Audio
Out of PC sound card has only Speaker Out, reduce the PC volume.
NOTE: If the Audio Out of the PC sound card supports both Speaker Out and Line Out,
convert to Line Out using the card jumper of the program (Refer to the Sound Card
Audio Functions
Automatically mutes the speaker volume
when the headphones are plugged in.
Can be used instead of the built-in
Connects to the *LINE OUT jack of the PC
sound card.
Connects to the microphone jack of the PC
sound card.



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