Troubleshooting And Specifications; Product Disposal - Toshiba VC-CLS1BF User Manual

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Troubleshooting and Specifications

Product Disposal

Except for discarded products, it is strictly prohibited to disassemble the
battery without authorization in order to avoid danger.
It is strictly prohibited to use discarded batteries.
This appliance contains batteries that are only replaceable by service technicians .
When you are going to discard the product, please strictly follow the steps below.
Please run out the battery power before disassembling.
Discharge until there is no operation, use a screwdriver to remove 4 screws and
take out the battery;
Remove the connectors (2) connecting the battery and the cleaner, and use tape
to insulate the connectors.
Battery cover
Battery Recycling
Waste batteries are an important resource. When disposing of the product, do not throw
away the battery at will.
Please handle the battery properly in accordance with government regulations.
To prevent short circuits, be sure to put tape on the metal terminals for insulation.
Do not connect the removed battery to the main unit again. There is a risk of
battery leakage, heat generation, rupture, or fire.
Battery cover


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents