La Crosse Technology InfraScan IR-101 Instruction Manual

Infrared thermometer.
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IR 101
Infrared Thermometer
Instruction Manual


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    IR 101 InfraScan Infrared Thermometer Instruction Manual...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    General Quick instructions Equipment Supplied Description of Measuring Principle Operation Display and Operator Controls Making a Measurement Minimum and Maximum Temperature Indication Changing the Temperature Units Back Light Measurement Inaccuracies Trouble Shooting Maintenance Changing the Batteries Cleaning Fastening the Infrared Thermometer Technical Information Warranty Information TABLE OF CONTENTS...

  • Page 3: Quick Instructions, Equipment Supplied, Description Of Measuring Principle

    General 1. Quick Instructions Press and hold the operating button for more than 1.5 seconds. The temperature of the surface the lens is aimed at will read on the top of the display. The minimum and maximum temperatures of the current measurement are shown on the bottom of the display.

  • Page 4: Display And Operator Controls, Making A Measurement

    Operation 1. Display and operator controls All of the functions of the measuring unit are controlled and monitored using the operating button (7) and the back lit display. Temperature display - currently measured value b. Hold indicator Temperature display - minimum value d.

  • Page 5: Minimum And Maximum Temperature, Changing The Temperature Units, Back Light, Measurement Inaccuracies

    3. Minimum and maximum temperature indication The minimum and maximum value memories are cleared at the start of a measurement by pressing the operating button. The temperature will be measured and the minimum and maximum temperatures will be determined for as long as the button is pressed.

  • Page 6: Trouble Shooting

    the darker and more matte the surface is, the larger their emissions factor. If the factor is greater the 0.95, the temperature indicated will be greater than the actual temperature of the object being measured. If the factor is less then 0.9, the temperature indicated will be less than the surface temperature.

  • Page 7: Changing The Batteries, Cleaning, Fastening The Infrared Thermometer

    Maintenance 1. Changing the batteries If the battery symbol appears in the display, the batteries must be changed. The four button cells are accessible after opening the battery compartment at the rear of the unit. The used batteries must be removed from the battery holders and replaced by new button cells of the same type.

  • Page 8: Technical Information

    Technical Information 1. Accuracy: The larger of the two values given is applicable in each case. 2. Distance to measuring spot size: The parameter D : S characterizes the size of the measuring spot in proportion to the distance between the object to be measured and the Infrared Thermometer.

  • Page 9

    temperature. A value of less than 1 means that the radiation emitted from the object is not only determined by its own temperature but also by reflections from neighboring bodies or due to the transmission, i.e. the diathermancy, of the object. The emission factor thus has an effect on the result of the measurement.

  • Page 10: Warranty Information

    WARRANTY INFORMATION La Crosse Technology provides a 1-year warranty on this infrared thermometer. Contact La Crosse Technology immediately upon discovery of any defects covered by this warranty. Before sending the infrared thermometer in for repairs, contact La Crosse Technology. The infrared thermometer will be repaired or replaced with the same or similar model.

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