Operating Instructions - Zanussi ZTTPTH5 Manual & Safety Instructions

Table top patio heater
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• Connect the power cable to a 220-240V, 13 amp supply
that is located in a safe, dry area.
• The heater must be properly installed before it is used.
• Only operate the heater when it is in the upright position.
• This unit is equipped with three heat settings.
The switches on the heater head are used to control the
heat settings:
Turn on the (•) switch to operate the heater at
Turn on the (••) switch to operate the heater at
Turn on both switches (•&••) to operate the heater
at 2100W (MAX).
Turn all the switches to the off position to turn off
the heater.
• WARNING: Although the table top heater is shower proof,
do not use when raining or in wet conditions.
• WARNING: Always disconnect the power cable from the
electrical supply when the parasol heater is not in use.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents